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Anyone Getting Hassled with Tailgating?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Anyone Getting Hassled with Tailgating?

Originally Posted by redskins5044 View Post
I have a question since most of you in thread were prob at the game. Was there alot of Packers fan? I just noticed watching it on TV that when there RB Kuhn got the ball, i thought i could here a Kuhnnnnnnnnnnnnn chant.
I noticed that too, it was very audible.


Just looked up to see if he was a local D.C. area guy...well he is for me. Went to the school district where I live now and Shippensburg University, a "local" college.
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Re: Anyone Getting Hassled with Tailgating?

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
Well, most of the time the opposing team fans start their chant is when we want it to be quiet, ie our offense is in the redzone. So overriding their chant still negates "home field advantage". I can't get too worked up over it, (except dallas fans who i hate), like this past Sunday I was sitting next to Packers fans, and when our team started winning, guess what, they quieted down. Amazing how that works.

Also, they paid their money, and they root for their team as hard as we do the Skins, why ruin their experience if our team can't do it?
Well the GO PACK GO chant started during their offense, while we were on defense, but I believe it was either during a commercial break or between a play so we were naturally quiet.

Has nothing to do with ruining their expierence. A) It shouldn't be happening period, we should be making noise all game and B) Our fans need to show up to games.

I understand that sometimes things do come up, but I think ours fans just care more about money than supporting the team sometimes. I know a guy who only goes to the NFC East games and sells the rest. I don't understand that. If he lived far away and could only make a couple games then sure, but he lives right near Fedex. People like him ruin people's chances of getting season tickets who want to be there every game.

I remember arguing with someone on ES once because they had been complaining about the amount of Steelers fans in Fedex, but guess what, they sold their damn tickets to Steeler fans as well. Some of our fans, as much as I hate to say it, are just complete morons.

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