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ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

Man is a fool, PERIOD.

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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
He also picked WSH to finish around 5-11 if I remember right, and had Dallas going 12-4 and winning the SB..

He got carried to his only SB win, look at his career stats. I'm not saying the guy was a complete Bum because he was the 6th overall pick, but his stats aren't impressive.
Career NFL statistics as of 2007 Pass attempts 3,172 Pass completions 1,759 Percentage 55.5 TD-INT 113-129 Passing yards 20,518 QB Rating 70.2
When the best thing you can say about a QB is that he is good ball manager, then it's pretty safe to call him a BUM. The only reason he is wearing an SB ring is because of the Raven's Defense and ST.
...skins fan since 72 and still breathin'!
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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
Skins move to number 11. I don't care about that but what's really intriguing is what this guy thinks.
You got me.... you devil you. Here I was all excited to hear "what this guy thinks" and basically all it was was beeeeeeeeee Cowboys eeeeeeeeeep.
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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

I hope that everyone in the NFL thinks the way that Dilfer does. Being under the radar is the best place to be.
Bruce Allen when in charge alone: 4-12 (.250)
Bruce Allen's overall Redskins record : 28-52 (.350)
Vinny Cerrato's record when in charge alone: 52-65 (.444)
Vinny's overall Redskins record: 62-82 (.430)
We won more with Vinny
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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

The Cowboy lovers never cease to amaze me.

While it's silly to write them off right now, we've seen nothing from them so far to indicate they're the type of team that some people insist that they are (or can be).

Brutal schedule the rest of the way too, I just don't see where/how they're going to get things turned around:

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Re: ESPN Week 6 Power Ranking

Randy Moss will win the game for Minny. Revenge>>>>struggles learning the playbook.
Analysis using datasets (aka stats) is an attempt at reverse-engineering a player's "goodness".

Virtuosity remembered, douchebaggery forgotten.

The ideal character profile shoved down modern Western men and women's throats is Don Juan.
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