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Tony McGee on Chicago

Redskins Locker Room

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on Chicago

Hello All,

I hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for another game today. Sorry for the late post this week....

Overall on the game last week, it was an ugly game. I actually had the chance to be at the game in Chicago last week, and I saw some very positive signs from the defense. I know most people will start with DeAngelo Hall and rightfully so, but some of the biggest positives that I saw were from Albert Hayensworth. That is the type of performance he had with Tennessee that earned him the money that he got from Washington. I was very impressed with the past two games he's played with the Redskins (Philadelphia & Chicago). There's not much to say about DeAngelo Hall. That was a once in a lifetime type of game ,and hats go off to him. Offensively, it was another week of struggles. Torrain is a no nonsense type of a runner and I can see why he's had injuries over his career. He seems to be the type of back who actually looks for contact. While he's very fun to watch, I do worry about his durability long term.

My thoughts on McNabb going deep? I think McNabb is still adjusting to the team he has around him. Quarterbacks and football players in general are creatures of habit. When he was in Philadelphia, he had those plays open more often than not. When the play action fake part of the play is working well, I think McNabb is assuming that a Jeremy Maclin or DeSean Jackson would have been open in the past. The Redskins do not have those types of receivers at this point. I do like how Armstrong has been coming along; but right now I can only consider Santana Moss a deep threat.

The main reason I think the offense is still struggling as individuals get better? I look right at the interior of the line. I think the interior of the line has been pretty poor so far this year. I still cannot understand why Derrick Dockery is not playing more in there. KL has been blown up a number of times, and I know Dockery may not fit Shannahan's "scheme" per say, but I am still very surprised he's not in there. The line still needs a lot of help and will need to be addressed in the offseason again. I am not shocked that the role of Fred Davis has not expanded thusfar. The tight end was always the outlet in Philadelphia for McNabb and I think he's developed such a good relationship with Chris Cooley already that it is hampering Fred Davis's playing time a little bit. I definitely think Fred Davis is more than capable of being a starter in this league, but it just might not be with the Redskins long term.

Looking at this week in Detroit, this is a very important game for the Redskins. If they can get to 5-3 on the season; they'll have a pretty good record going into the bye. In the NFC, they're putting themselves in great position to be in the race down the stretch. If they fall to 4-4 here, they're certainly not out of it in the NFC, but they then fall a couple games behind the Giants who are playing very good football right now. The Skins' need to play a COMPLETE game, which I do not think they've done so far this year. Detroit maybe 1-5, but they could just as easily be 4-2. This is not a team that can be taken lightly and this will be a tough matchup for the Redskins.

Thanks again everyone,
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Re: Tony McGee on Chicago

Thanks Tony as always great insight
#21 Never Forget
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