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Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Redskins Locker Room

View Poll Results: Grade Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point
A 6 3.92%
B 68 44.44%
C 51 33.33%
D 24 15.69%
F 4 2.61%
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Old 11-07-2010, 06:18 PM   #46
Uncle Phil
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

What sort of 8 game miracles were people hoping for exactly, particularly with the OL?
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Old 11-07-2010, 07:31 PM   #47
Impact Rookie
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
I guess I'm 1 of the only 2 who gave him an A. I felt Shanahan and Co. Has done a rather good job with what they were left with. On top of that the HC does not have his type of OL, he's making due with what he has. Then there is the change of the whole defensive scheme for which yet again we don't have all the right pieces.

I feel if the team came out and used the term "rebuild" ther would have been a lowered expectation and we all would be pleasantly suppressed right now mid season being 4-4. Instead they mentioned making a run at the play offs and people expected 9-7 and are criticizing and scrutinizing everything to include how he manages the team. I for a second time am excited about how he's managing the players, enough with the player type coaches.
I was actually the other person to rate A, though we do have three people now on the Shanahan Express.

What I perceive as the biggest problem with the redskins the past 10+ years has been the constant switching of coaches and seemingly knee-jerk reactions. I want a coach to finally have a good three years at Redskins Park before people start asking for his head and grading him C, D or F.

I have said this before, but the redskins lack talent at a lot of positions. Joey Galloway is evidence enough to see this. Shanahan has been able to use what he has and found immense talent in no-name people to make us at least competitive every Sunday.

So we sit at 4-4. But, now we have a coach who isn't afraid to make a decision, won't suck up to players, seems to put the people out there that want to work for it, and is great at finding talent.

When i watch other football games, I've seen Qb's that have 4 or 5 full seconds to find an open receiver, and it's funny to see their drives stall, or no one can get open, or all these problems they have. After watching how some good/elite teams play offense, I don't even know how McNabb has time to complete a pass.

He's made some interesting decisions, I'll give him that, but with only 8 games to see results, I'm not going to say the were bad. I want to see a full body of work, such as 48 games. Wouldn't that be nice?
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Old 11-07-2010, 09:37 PM   #48
Special Teams
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
I give Shanahan a B, because he's already at the halfway point and the team is clearly improved from last years squad. The only thing I question about him/don't like what he does is his arrogance. I liked what he did with Haynesworth to an extent, but after a while, it just got to the point where he was looking like a smartass towards AH, especially when we needed him for the Colts game, and AH wanted to play after his brothers death, but Shanahan felt he didn't have enough practice, my question to shanahan is did it even matter, being that we only played the game with one down DL for most the game?

I would have also put in a claim for Randy Moss.

I would have been playing with the 4-3 a little bit, to utilize your teams strengthens and show the other team different looks, since the 3-4 has had its growing pains for sure.

I would have never lied to the media constantly saying that McNabb wasn't conditioned enough and doesn't know the 2 minute offense enough. I would have just said Donovan wasn't doing well, so I decided to take him out.
Well someone else got to Moss first, so that's really a moot point.

As far as the 4-3, we've been playing it more than just a little bit...

There may be a lot more to the McNabb story than we know. Do I think he should have been pulled with 2 minutes to go? Absolutely not. There's just no way MS was giving the real reason, so he made up some cockamamie reasons... Does he really care what the media (or we) think? Probably not.

We should all remember that Shanahan is what we were asking for in the dark days of years past. Someone with great football creds, willing to kick ass and take names. He's doing it his way and his way seems way better than whatever came before him. Excluding JGII, of course.

Let's give the man a provisional B+ and show some patience. It's gonna be a 3 year process if we do it right...

HTTR since '66
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Old 11-07-2010, 09:51 PM   #49
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

I gave him a B.

Ive never been a huge Shanahan fan, and really wanted Gruden. But with what hes done with the team since the season has started has pretty much been what weve all wanted.

The one really dumb move hes made so far wasa benching McNabb with 2 mins to go, im completely cool with McNabb being bench but not with 2 mins to go for a guy who hasnt really played in almost 2 years.

Also im not crazy about cutting Devin Thomas, he seemed like he was playing hard every time he was on the field (for teams) and i could care less if he had dreams of become a actor or model. Maybe he was messing up in practice. I trust that it wasnt just personal with Shanahan, or at least i hope it wasnt.
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Old 11-07-2010, 10:32 PM   #50
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Originally Posted by SCRedskinsFan View Post
Well someone else got to Moss first, so that's really a moot point.
Not really. We were ahead of the Titans in the waiver order. It's not like beat us to him. We passed on him.
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Old 11-08-2010, 10:47 AM   #51
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

I gave him a B. Solid job overall, my one major gripe was his handling of this McNabb situation. The more he talked about it, the worse it got. If he would have just come out from the start and said 'McNabb was struggling so I went to Grossman looking for a spark', I think this wouldn't have gotten so out of control. Instead he just kept adding fuel to the fire.

Not sure if he's just not a great communicator, funny because normally his style is very Belichick like in that he doesn't offer up much of anything. Or maybe this was all to give McNabb a public kick in the pants since private ones haven't worked, regardless of what his plan was right now it just looks bad. If McNabb heats up and the team wins 9-10 games it probably goes away. If not it's only going to fester the rest of the way and end in a one and done for #5.
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Old 11-08-2010, 10:55 AM   #52
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Yeah, my guess is either the team as a whole or McNabb has to play lights out the rest of the way for this to considered a "misunderstanding" between the two parties.

The media won't let this rest just because the Skins had a bye week and with every dirt ball McNabb throws, the fan base will continue to grow impatient. But it wouldn't be D.C. if there wasn't a quarterback controversy.
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Old 11-08-2010, 11:19 AM   #53
Special Teams
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

As questionable as Coach mike has been I rank and grade Kyle lower. I'm starting to worry the reins will be passed to him. I dont think he is that productive in the absence of a Schaub/AJohnson. Tough shoes to fill but no one has been able to define why McNabb is struggling b/c the OL only as of late are at fault.
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Old 11-08-2010, 11:24 AM   #54
Mann Up HOF!
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

A "C" is an average grade.

4-4 is an average record.

Therefore MS gets a "C."
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Old 11-08-2010, 11:43 AM   #55
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

So far he gets a B+ in my book.. He was charged with more important tasks than just winning ballgames when he was hired and from all accounts, it's been an overwhelming success. He was brought in to instill an overall culture change-from the top down in the organization and he has done it. Accountability is now present where it was missing before. Discipline is obviously more prevalent than it was in year prior. As it's been said many times over, it's clear the grown-ups are in charge now.

The Trent Williams draft pick looks like a winner, bringing in Torrain, bringing up Armstrong, moving Landry to SS, promoting Banks from the PS all seem like positive moves for the team short and long term. While I didn't care for the way he handled the McNabb situation, I think he handled Haynesworth like no other coach could/would have, he made the right call in retrospect on Devin Thomas so he has enough credit for me to give him a pass on McNabb with an eye open to how it turns out the rest of the way.

As for our record, we're just about (if not sightly ahead) where I expected us to be at the break. I figured we'd lose to Indy, GB, Houston and Philly and beat Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit. Shows how much I know! I think we won games (Green Bay, Dallas) that we would have found a way to lose in years prior. We were inches from also winning the Houston game and a healthy RB away from probably winning the Detroit game as well. To be sitting at 4-4 with a new offense, new defense and the number of injuries we've had is a testament to Shanahan's program.
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Old 11-08-2010, 11:56 AM   #56
The Starter
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
This is what Jake Plummer had to say about Shanahan:

"It just seemed like every game I could have completed these four more passes or these five more shots here and it would have been perfect. And that just wasn't my personality... But Shanahan wanted perfection and he wore a lot of us down there."
Isn't this what everyone should want? I would never hire someone who didn't want to do his job to perfection and I expect nothing less from myself. Praise, praise poke. We can always do better and should strive to do so.
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Old 11-08-2010, 12:32 PM   #57
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

Plummer seems to be a little thin skinned
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Old 11-08-2010, 12:41 PM   #58
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

I also give MS a B.

Alot of callers and posters talk about how he did nothing to upgrade the o line and it doesnt matter who you put back there if you dont have an o line.

these people, atleast the ones i hear who have time to sit around and call in on radio shows during the day, are so damn unrealistic and impatient.

he drafted trent with the 1st and took a gamble with a former pro-bowler who was coming off an injury that i dont think anyone had a real concrete answer to his recovery time. if our o line depth wasnt so bad i dont think Shanny and Allen make the move for brown but given the cards they were holding i think they felt like they had to take some kind of calculated risk/gamble.

also while it was hard to let go of guys like rock, betts, etc it was something that had to be done to make room for some younger hungry guys like torain and williams. if we had kept rock and betts, i dont think torain or williams takes a snap yet this year.

I am also impressed with the way the FO is watching and playing the avail players out there during the season. Shanny constantly talks aobut always looking to upgrade talent and im gald they put in alot of work finding some diamond in the rough. Banks, torain particularly.

Shanny has the personality to seemingly keep the DS in the owners box too.
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Old 11-09-2010, 12:48 AM   #59
Registered User
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

I gave Shanny a D, which I realize is a little harsh but after a guy wins the big one (twice) and takes time away from the game I think the grading scale should get a little tougher.

- Don't pretend Shanny took over a franchise w/o any talent or promise. He took over a FO (namely from the owner IMO) that was in shambles and an embarrassment. Roster wise, he got a sub-par offense but a very, very good defense. Shanny decided to blow up the defense. It doesn't make sense for 2 huge reasons. First, we were arguably a player or two away from an elite defense. Build around phat Al and an emerging dominant DL, get Landry to SS and add the best FS available. Maybe upgrade a LB spot. Presto! We're a dominant, well-oiled defensive machine (think the Giants right now). Instead by changing to the 3-4 we missed out on the opportunity to take the defense to the next level immediately. But maybe a bigger issue is the opportunity cost of focusing on the defense when the offense needed/needs so much help.

- Shanny neglected the offense. TO is still one of the best WR in the game. We have a pitiful WR corp and could have grabbed him. Silly not to. Our oline is still a disaster. The interior of the line is among the worst in football and that's all on Shanny. He kept Rabach, and our guards either seem not to fit his scheme or just don't have the talent.

- IMHO Shanny has bungled the two major personnel issues to emerge since he got here: Albert and now McNabb. It's just a matter of pride and ego...hard to think of anyone with a bigger ego than our current HC. His way or the highway...He's always right...etc etc.

- Our QB situation still isn't solid. Won't surprise me a bit if we're searching for a new solution during the off-season.

All that said...I love the fact that we're more fun to watch now! My expectations for W-L are right about where the team is, but I enjoy what I see on gameday
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Old 11-09-2010, 07:14 AM   #60
Impact Rookie
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Re: Analyzing Mike Shanahan at the Midway Point

I gave him a B. He has done exactly what I expected him to do. He has coached well. In my mind, our offense is almost talentless, and our defense has quite a few holes (d-line), but we have competed in every single game so far. We might not be the best team, but think about how we were last year, and how much better we are now. He has also made some poor personnel moves trading for McNabb and Brown. That's high 2nd 3rd 4th picks that were pissed away so we could be mediocre in the present. That is the formula that got us into the mess that we are in today, and is ridiculous to continue. Since 2005, when I started following football in-depth, I have noticed that Shanahan has consistently made poor trades and poor free-agent signings. I cannot think of one that has worked out the way that he has hoped, but can think of many busts.
So in summary, a good coach, but has poor personnel decisions that will screw us over in the future.
On a side note, I like how he handled Haynesworth, but I don't like the direction the McNabb situation is turning.
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