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Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 11-16-2010, 09:40 PM   #181
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Lol at the non-exercise fee.
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Finally a positive article about the contract:

A closer look at Donovan McNabb's contract - NFC East Blog - ESPN
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Old 11-17-2010, 01:00 AM   #183
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Happy with this move and the terms of the deal. We still need a QB for the future but this is perfect for right now.

Now on to the 40 other holes on the team...
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Old 11-17-2010, 01:34 AM   #184
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post

Harbaugh is the best coach available, forget Cowher, Gruden, etc. Yes, the talk around here is Harbaugh would be hired over those others. Trust me, he is the real deal, has 15 years NFL experience as QB, his dad was a coach, his brother coaches the Ravens. I wish we would hired him and cleaned house.
I've come to the realization that you were correct way back when you were calling for Harbaugh. With a strong GM like Allen (although we know what Allen MS was a package deal more or less) we could have truly go on rebuilding mode.
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Just did a number crunch

I know we suck..OK..great
Did you know that McNabb is #2 in the NFL,with passes of 40+ yards or more this season? (with 9) Only behind Kyle orton who has 10.

Did you know that Mcnabb has been sacked 24 times this season? Only Jay Cutler has been sacked more this season 29 times.

I guess my point is...Although he's not the most accurate QB we've had,he is exceptional at hitting the big play. We have got to give him a little more time in the pocket. We have got to block better for him and he will get it done for us!!

BIG deal? Great ace...that don't mean anything...those are just meaningless stats...
McNabb had 17 plays of 40+ yards for the season (On pace for about the same)
That was tied for 1st in a 3-way tie with Romo and Rodgers
McNabb was also sacked a total of 35 times all season (He's on pace for 2010 to be sacked 45 times this season)

In case your wondering?
Jason Campbell had 8 passes of 40+ yards or more last season for us...(less than half of what Mcnabb provides)
He was sacked 43 times last season. (still less than what McNabb is on pace for this season 2010)

McNabb had 11 passes for 40+ yards. (I think Mcnabb was injured part of this season as well)
Only behind Rodgers,Brees (16)
Warner & Rivers (12)
and tied here with Romo with 11. (so tied for 5th to be specific)
He was sacked 23 times that season

Jason Campbell had 3 passes of 40+ yards or more that season.
He was sacked 38 times that season.

Again..Mcnabb had 10 passes for 40+ yards or more
Good enough for 4th that season and only behind Favre,Brady & Romo.

McNabb was also sacked 44 times that season.
3rd most in the League and only behind Kitna (51) and Big ben (47)

Jason Campbell had 4 passes of 40+ yards that season
He was also only sacked 21 times that season

In 2006..mcnabb had 14 40+ yards or more
In 2005 he only had 6 40+ yards or more (I believe he was injured that season)
In 2004 he had a remarkable 20 passes 40+ yards or more

So you see,this guy is a big play QB. He's not going to be a 70% completion Qb...never has been.

He's a big play QB who throws the ball WAYYY down the field.

We need O-line to give him the time and WR's who can catch those...
Then we'll be fine
The 1991 Redskins team,is the greatest team of all time. Their average margin of victory is the greatest of all Superbowl winning teams! HTTR!!
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
As of right now, Harbaugh isn't interested in the Niners job if it became available

I'd probably take Christian Ponder in the 2nd round if he was there
Christian Ponder is a great QB and he will be a great addition to any NFL team. I could only hope that he comes here...
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Old 11-18-2010, 03:34 PM   #187
Uncle Phil
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Well Carolina will likely have a new coach next year, so unless Clausen impresses the new regime he won't be there for long.

Panthers pick Brian St. Pierre to start at quarterback | National Football Post
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Re: Redskins and McNabb Agree to Contract Extension

WOW. Has Pike started or just relieved? If so, St. Pierre is the 4th starting QB this season.

Also, DeAngelo Williams was just IR'd (argh for fantasy), Stewart is still consussing and another RB is hurt. Goodson is their 4th RB and starting.

They're a mess. Great coach and still worse than the 2009 Skins!
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