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Tony McGee on the Eagles Monday Night Game

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on the Eagles Monday Night Game

Hello Everyone-

I hope everyone is having a good week.

The game last Monday against the Philadelphia Eagles pretty much speaks for itself. Looking at one of the main questions form this week, "How does this happen after a bye week"? All I can really say is that this team was not prepared to play the Eagles on Monday. There was so much talk about McNabb and his new contract; that it may have become a distraction over the course of the week.

Very quickly, I do think that the McNabb contract is a good move for the Redskins. I know many people are complaining that he should not get money that is comparable to Tom Brady, but the contract is set up in such a way that the money is really only guaranteed for this year. The Redskins do not have any better option looking into the next two years. Finally, I do not think you can judge Donnavan on this season so far. If Tom Brady was on this team, they would not be any better with the offensive line that they have right now. Overall, this is a move the Redskins had to make; and this helps buy them some time going into the future.

Back to the game Monday, I have never been a part of something that was that bad during my career and I don't know that there is anything to be learned from a game like that. Philadelphia is not a team they overlooked, I just thought they were completely under-prepared and I'm not sure why. On offense, it was much of the same, and they actually put up the most points they have this season, albeit against a relaxed defense towards the end of the game. The defense has not stopped anyone all season, but they did a good job keeping people out of the end-zone until now. You have to give Michael Vick and the Eagles the credit for moving the ball and getting the ball into the end zone. A loss is a loss, and it was embarrassing. The only positive I can really pull out of that game, is that the team never stopped playing. I did see effort from the team throughout the entire game, which is encouraging at least.

I'm not sure why Cooley and Davis have been involved more. Kyle Shannahan has not had them in the game together as much as they talked about in the pre-season, and there doesn't seem to be any indication that it will change. I will say this, that since his concussion, Cooley seems to have dropped a few more passes than he has in the past. He is usually very sure handed, so this is something I've been keeping an eye on. It could perhaps mean more time for Fred Davis if it continues.

This week, the Redskins need to put together a good effort. I think Albert Haynesworth is imperative in this game. I thought for the majority of the last few games, he has been very good for the Redskins. I know people will look to that one play in Washington, but he said he heard a whistle. Weather that is true or false, overall I think he's been playing good football lately and can help wreak havoc. Also, one of the biggest problems the Redskins had last week defensively, was just not making the play. The biggest problem was once they got to Micheal Vick, they let him get away and did not stay in their lanes. Vince Young is a quarterback that can do very similar things, so the defensive line is going to be the key to this game for me, with the task of stopping Chris Johnson and Vince Young. The Titans are a team who have been slumping recently as well, so this is likley a must win both ways if the Redskins or Titans want to keep their hopes alive.

Thanks again all!
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