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Brad Childress Fired

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Brad Childress Fired

Minnesota Vikings scouting report, courtesy of many different game breakdowns:

This game: a really nice chance for our pass rush unit to make a comeback tour. This offensive line of the Vikings is TERRIBLE. Even by Redskins OL standards.

Adrian Peterson is a complete player for the first time in his career. No fumbles yet this year. Chad Greenway is a tight end killer. Jared Allen no longer has elite pass rushing skills -- he will be the weakest rusher Trent Williams will have faced in his career.

Getting Sidney Rice back could be huge for Favre. Favre's biggest problem was that the Minnesota WRs were horrible, which really makes for a disaster scenario for a gun-slinger like Favre. If Rice gets deep to free up Harvin, Favre can still play a little bit. You need to beat the Minnesota WRs up at the line to fully enjoy the effects of the Brett Favre farewell tour. In this way, Peterson is a major problem, because he hasn't been the focal point of their offense, despite being their best player. You can lose track of him if you don't remember he's there before every play.

Minnesota's secondary is horrible. Their defensive line is deep and talented, but has underachieved all year. Percy Harvin is a really good special teamer, but outside of him those units are weak as well.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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Re: Brad Childress Fired

I think the Skins play well and win, but I do worry about the Vikes having a Cowboys-like response to Chilly's firing. From what I've read in the past day, all the players for the most part are saying all the right things - "we respect Childress, blah blah blah." But I think everyone knows he lost that locker room weeks ago.

Leslie Frazier has been a head-coach in waiting for a while now (I think he's interviewed for HC jobs like 7 or 8 times). They could really get a spark from him. Sidney Rice is back to go with Percy and AP, and we'll be without half of our secondary again. These guys aren't VY and Nate Washington.

For some reason I have a good feeling about this game for us (doesn't happen often and I have no idea why I feel that way this week), but if Frazier can get this team to play up to it's talent level, we could be in trouble.
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Re: Brad Childress Fired

Last season's run in the playoffs got Chilly a contract extension from Zygi Wilf. It seems as if Chilly will pocket $6.6M as the buyout for the remainder of his contract - - in addition to the 10 "game checks" he earned for this year. [Note: Coaches are not always paid by the games they are under the employ of the team; that's why I put that in quotation marks...]

Not bad work - - - if you can get it.
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