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Looking to the Past and Future...Skins Game Plan for next year!

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-05-2004, 12:26 PM   #1
Camp Scrub
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Looking to the Past and Future...Skins Game Plan for next year!

First of all, let me state than anyone saying that Coach Gibbs should go back to Nascar and so on...really need to get a clue as to what they are talking about. And anyone expecting the Skins to make it to the playoffs this season and who are blaming it on Coach Gibbs has some serious reality issues. Coach Gibbs has been away for football for nearly 12 years prior to his return. That is a long time to be away from the game. I know everyone is saying, "He went 8-8 his first season." Well, yes that is true, but he was in football immediately prior to becoming the Skins Head Coach for the first time..so expecting him to do the same is expecting alot.

The thing I remember the most about the Skins and Gibbs back in those days was his ability to make 2nd half adjustment. I remember countless times where they were down at the half and Gibbs made adjustments in the 2nd half to come back and win. Well this season is the first half for Coach Gibbs and company. This year has been a learning year for Coach Gibbs and the rest of his staff. I realize that many of us hoped for a better season but unfortunately that didn't happen. Regardless of what our record is for the rest of the season is...the only thing I am hoping for is signs of improvement.

Reflection back on this season

The Skins have been in every game this season. Whether or not Gibbs should have stuck with Brunell or not isn't really an issue, he has gone to Ramsey and that is all that matters. Since the games have been close all season...big changes aren't really necessary. Here is my ideas of what needs to be changed:


Without a doubt the offense needs some changes. Pass protection will be the main area we need to focus on. Ramsey has one hell of a strong arm but lacks confidence. The timing of the receivers has also been an issue. When you go from a QB who throws the deep ball without one bit of accuracy or distance to a QB who can throw the ball deep and fairly accurate, the timing of the receivers is going to be out of sync. Once we get Jansen back and Samuels gets healthy (I personally think he has been playing hurt for a while now) part of the protection will be there. We need to find some players in the draft or free agency to improve our O line.

As far as our QB situation goes...we need to stick with Ramsey and find something to do with Brunell. I don't have any idea what to do with Brunell..but releasing him is going to be a mistake due to the cap. And I very seriously doubt he will retire. Hopefully we can convince him to renegotiate his contract.

As far as our WR's go...we just need them to get healthy and get them working with Ramsey more. I think the dropping of balls will become less the more they get used to Ramsey's strong arm.

RB's...Portis and Betts need to stay. I know many people don't like Betts..but in my mind, he is a true Team Player and Skin.

Cooley- Wow..that is all I can say...look for many good things to come from him in the NEAR future.


Ok..now for my defensive opinions.

I really don't see much that can be done on defense that wouldn't hurt us as far as the cap is concerned. The best thing I can say is to definitely keep Arrington, Pierce and Washington. I also liked the new guy they signed from the practice squad (can't remember his name), geesh he is fast. Smoot and Springs definitely need to also stay along with Harris. Hopefully Bowen will be able to return and with Taylor...lookout. Defensively speaking...I really don't see much that needs to be changed..unless we can reduce some of the Cap and use it for the Offense. Maybe we can get a better pass rusher...that would be nice.

Anyways, that is enough said...I know I said alot..but I didn't even touch the surface of what I wanted to say.

In closing, all of you who think Coach Gibbs is washed up needs to give him a chance. HE DESERVES IT and has EARNED IT!!!!!!

Once again...all posts are welcome and read.
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Old 12-05-2004, 12:37 PM   #2
Uncle Phil
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Nice post. I think I'll comment further after the season is entirely over
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Dragontat: I've been critical of Gibbs but I've never said he should go back to Nascar. As I've said many times, my problems don't come with the losses, it's how we lost. How many of those games could we have won with Ramsey, better play calling/clock management, or just a clue. He found zone blocking worked then abandonned it. It's absolutely frustrating to watch the games sometimes. The Pittsburgh game was a huge improvement as far as playcalling IMO. They didn't run as well, but at least we threw something besides a screenpass!

We need to keep our defense together. Maybe get some more DBs since Williams likes to go into dime packages, maybe evaluate Barrow/Daniels and see what we should do about them. For the most part, keep them together! Signing Smoot should be our #1 priority right now.

Offense may need change at WR, but keep this group together!
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Old 12-05-2004, 01:51 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by smootsmack
Nice post. I think I'll comment further after the season is entirely over
I agree.

I'll wait til the dust settles on this season. We'll have plenty of time to talk about next season then.
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Special Teams
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the only thing the D needs is a Pass rush, to help our linebackers and secondary out. Thats why i say we keep our 1st rounder and get the guy from BC. the guy is a freak and very raw which means williams can teach him from the get go and raise him his way.
i think our offense needs to spread the field more and use portis like they did with the bears. does anyone remember the fake handoff and pitch outside to portis.... we never used that play again. we have to spread the field with ramsey more and go deep a few more times a game to MAKE the opponets D weary about it to free up portis with a spread formation
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