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Tony McGee on the Giants Game

Redskins Locker Room

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on the Giants Game

Hello everyone,

It seems like groundhog day around here, as its more of the same each year. I don't have a whole lot to say on the Giants game, but for the first time it appeared that they might have quit in the football game. The Redskins were run on, McNabb was harassed, he made poor decisions,but he cannot throw and catch the ball. The Redskins had a number of big drops that really
were drive changing drops. The Redskins cannot run the football very well right now, I am not sure why they didn't call up Larry Johnson or Willie Parker with all the injuries they had at the running back position. In the NFC East especially, you have to be able to run the football like the Giants did, and that's why the Redskins are where they are in the division.

Look at the Hayensworth situation, I never had anything like this during my career. I think both sides have handled this situation very poorly. It will be good to have the distraction out of the locker room for the Redskins, but Haynesworth was an absolute force on the field. I know Mike Shannahan wanted to make sure that the players knew there was a new sheriff in town, and you saw guys like Portis adapt to that and do things they did not do in the past. For whatever reason, Haynesworth refused to adapt to what the Redskins tried to do, and eventually he would find
his way out. I wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins just keep him at home through the off-season. I know most players wont say it publicly, but I think a lot of players are disheartened by whats happened with this situation, because Haynesworth is such a good player when he wants to be.

Without the playoff push this season, the last four games for Washington will be all about evaluation. Despite many older guys playing key roles, the Redskins do have some young talent on the team that they
need to evaluate by the end of the year. They need to look at the players they're going to replace and if they have any players on the team now who can make a serious impact in the future. I think going into the draft, priorities go Offensive Line, then a play making wide receiver.

Looking to Tampa, I think this is actually a good match up for the Redskins.It will be interesting to see how the Redskins respond now that Hayensworth is no longer on the team. The Redskins home record has been pretty poor this year, and Tampa is coming off two tough emotional losses. This just feels like the type of game that the Redskins would win. I'm not basing that on talent or anything other than a gut feeling. In terms of on the field, they need to stop the run, and force Josh Freeman to beat them. Freeman is a very underrated young quarterback, but the Redskins need to force the Buccaneers to the air. The return of Ryan Torrain should help boost the rushing attack for Washington, but it will still come down to the offensive line creating holes and protecting.

Thats all this week, it certainly feels like it's much of the same over with this team, but I do think that Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan deserve a couple years to assemble players before we really can judge them.

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Re: Tony McGee on the Giants Game

Thank you tony!
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
“God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.” – Joe Gibbs
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