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Redskins vs Bucs GameDay Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-13-2010, 09:28 PM   #601
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Re: Redskins vs Bucs GameDay Thread

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
Little grabs and holds happen on most plays in the NFL, but Rak seems to get these totally blatant clothesline holds way too often. The ref behind the line was looking down field? Why? It's his job to watch the line play, isn't it?? Rak does need to start speaking up a la Bruce Smith style. Get in the ref's ear the first time it happens during a game.
That's exactly what the f i'm sayin. I watched the game today since I recorded it at home, and the announcers said something to the effect of: Because Donald Penn lifted his arm up after he held Orakpo, the officials dismissed it. Now it's bs either way because he lifted his arm up once Freeman had the ball out of his hands, but I'm pretty sick and tired of this. And yes, the next step is for Orakpo to start letting his voice get heard on the subject, because it's obvious that just staying silent and doing his job isn't doing the trick.

I'm not going to sit here and say that that cost us the game because god knows we didn't play that well in the second half, but that is a major play that never should've been counted because of the holding. And the backfield refs need to start focusing on the offensive line because it's not their gd job to watch the ball soar down the field, it's their job to watch for penalties around the offensive line.
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Re: Redskins vs Bucs GameDay Thread

This team, and everything about this team sucks balls!

I hate to be the guy to say stuff like that, but I find it somewhat therapeutic because my heart hurts so much when this team plays like this. This is not the type of football I grew-up watching. I have taught my kids to love this team, just like we all do here at this site, but for too long this team has not resembled the team that I was so proud of back in their hey day. I feel like I have cursed my kids with this team by having them swear their loyalty and allegiance to this team.

A couple of weeks ago I told my kids that they are free to choose another team if they like, and I apologize for having taught them that Redskins are the only team that they can support.

Well, for some reason they are still supporting those sorry POS's. Why I don't know. Maybe they are taking that whole loyalty thing to a higher level. But, I don't know how much longer they will blindly be behind the Redskins, since the Redskins have done nothing to inspire hope.

I want to thank the mods for allowing us fans to continue to vent about how woefully pathetic our team is by not closing this thread.

Maybe one day this team will deserve our fandom and wild support. I firmly believe that there are no finer fans than us Skins fans. But, as of now this current crop of class 9 clowns do not deserve such adulation and support from us. So with that said, I say: F THIS TEAM!!!
Put'n bodies in motion, cuz I got the notion.
Fresh for 88' you suckaz.
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