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time to play GM

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Old 12-13-2010, 02:32 PM   #76
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Re: time to play GM

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Didn't he retire because of age and health concerns? I think he's done. And besides, I'd like to see what Forester does with decent offensive linemen to work with, I doubt we're going to find a guy who can turn shit into gold.
He retired a week before the start of the season. Also, even if he came back, I remember reading somewhere that he and Shanahan had a falling out when Shanny wouldn't give Gibbs' son a job.
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Re: time to play GM

Draft Mallett or Locker and begin rebuilding with that. Upgrade both offensive and defensive lines and draft our number 1 receiver and running back next year. Free safety in round two.
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Re: time to play GM

Originally Posted by cdskins26 View Post
Draft Mallett or Locker and begin rebuilding with that. Upgrade both offensive and defensive lines and draft our number 1 receiver and running back next year. Free safety in round two.
I actually think you could leave the secondary alone for the time being. Pittsburgh doesn't have a great defensive backfield outside of Troy Polamalu. The rest of their DBs aren't exactly shut-down types.

They get away with it because the front seven is dynamite. That's where we need to concentrate. Get some pressure up front (without having to blitz) and our DBs will be okay.
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Re: time to play GM

Front seven definitely needs more attention at this point than the secondary.
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Re: time to play GM

We need a NT and a DE, though I'm not sure either will be found with our pick in the first round. Maybe DE
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Re: time to play GM

all we really need is: j/k


1 starting caliber guard (im starting to believe lichensteiger can be a kendal type player)
1 starting center
1 legit wide receiver (im talking top 20 at his position talent here, so it may be hard outside of gambling on v jax)

this assumes we re-sign j brown (who i can see being unwilling to negotiate w/ since he wanted LT money a year ago and had to endure a drama and losing filled season with skins). but if we do re-sign brown we have our bookend tackles and lich as a guard.

i believe we can get by with lichensteiger as our weakest link on starting O line.

i think we can get by and maybe excel with our current RBs corp under shanny's run scheme.

we need a legit no 1 receiver thoo. this is going to become a potent passing attack with mcnabbs big pass ability and kyle's attack passing scheme.


2 starting caliber DL, 1 being a legit NT
2 starting caliber LBs

this assumes we resign rogers and rocky. i believe we have too many defensive players starting who are depth chart level talent. this would move guys like carriker, carter, alexander, ma'ake, PD, blades to their proper depth chart level.

i was a kareem moore hoper, but i think he has shown he is depth chart at best as well. but i think we can get by with a rotation of moore, doughty and horton to compliment landry for one more year.

our resources:

a high 1st and 2nd round picks = 1 starting caliber OL and 1 starting caliber DL/LB

receivers i view as hard to predict and draft and wouldnt mind shelling out money for a FA at this position vs drafting a guy high then having to wait 2-3 years until we know what we have. i dont think this offense can sit idle for that long and i think a legit no 1 receiver is necessary for this offense to be where we need it to be.

that would leave us to have to sign a starting caliber FA linebacker and d lineman as well.

not bad, def do able. would require us signing atleast 3 starting caliber players then drafting 2 this offseason. then we would have to hope to not get hit by injury bug to bad during the season.
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Re: time to play GM

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
We need a NT and a DE, though I'm not sure either will be found with our pick in the first round. Maybe DE
When Jarmon came out of Kentucky they were saying he's about 6'3, 278 as I recall. If that was correct he's got pretty good size for a pass rushing DE, not the Osi or Freeney 250 lb. type.

I was a little surprised they tried to move him to OLB, it looked like they were trying all the guys on the roster they thought might be able to play OLB in the 3-4. I wonder if he can gain that weight back & hold up as a 3-4 DE. The kid is talented & it would be great to see that 3rd round pick put to good use.
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Re: time to play GM

OK, if I am the GM, I bring all of the Skins' scouts and pro personnel people and staffers who do stuff like that into a room and give them this briefing:

1. This Redskins' team will have to change over the next several years in dramatic ways. We will NOT be looking for a band-aid for a team that needs abdominal surgery. We will have to address problems via the draft and via free agency; there is no single solution; this is not going to be completely fixed in one year.

2. We have 5 draft picks this year. Under no circumstances will we think about trading up in the draft - - thereby reducing our picks this year or next. In fact, the only draft pick trades I will even listen to involve trading down if it brings us extra choices - - particularly in Rounds 2 - 4. THEREFORE, no one should put forth any ideas about drafitng the top player in the draft; we will not have the #1 pick and there is no point in anyone fantasizing about getting it.

3. Here is a critical thing to keep in mind going into the 2011 draft. We must be CERTAIN that everyone we draft and everyone we sign is committed to football excellence and to good citizenship. This is more important now than in other years because - - there is a possibility of a work stoppage that will reduce the Redskins' ability to hold off-season training programs and OTAs and maybe even minicamp. Training camp may be shortened too. We must not draft a lineman whose playing weight is 300 pounds and find him reporting to camp at 360 pounds. Remember, we might not be in a position to supervise his workouts for a long period of time. So, character and work ethic and all that stuff is not just boiler plate this year; it is crucial. Don't even bring up a name of a guy if there is a reason to believe he will be a problem child unless under supervision 24/7.

4. I am going through the team by position to give you an idea what we need to find. College scouts need to focus on our late round picks because we need to get three guys who make the team AND who contribute out of those three late round picks. In the past, the Redskins have kept draft picks on the squad just to make the drafting strategy look better than it was. That is not going to happen any more. If we don't find contributors in the 5th - 7th rounds - - and other teams do - - then we will find new scouts. Oh, and scouts who find us undrafted free agents who make contributions to the team will be getting bonuses. Just saying...

5. We will NOT be drafting a QB in 2011. We do not have the best tandem of QBs in the league, but we do have 3 QBs who have had starts in the league. That will suffice for the 2011 season while we work to fix other parts of the team.

6. We need an addition at running back. We need someone with speed out of the backfield who is a threat to break one any time he gets the ball. AND this RB has to be able to catch the football and then run with it. We need RBs who are coachable because most college RBs have no idea how to block in an NFL system - - and we saw the results of bad blocking in 2010. Find us speed, durability and coachability in the RB position. If you really think we have to spend our 2nd round pick to get this, you will have to make the case very strongly; out predilection would be to get this in Round 5 or 6.

7. We need help at WR. We will be looking to free agency to fill this need so this is a challenge for the pro personnel folks more than the college scouts. Don't just focus on the guys who get Pro Bowl votes; find us WRs who can get open, catch the ball when it hits them in the hands and block downfield. Look at the Pats' WRs; then look at the Bengals' WRs. Which team has more "publicity and notariety"? Which team has "better WRs"? College scouts, check out the really small schools for a guy we might bring in as an undrafted free agent here and put on the practice squad...

8. We do NOT need any tight ends. Please do not bring us any suggestions for acquiring any new tight ends - - unless and until we trade one of our current tight ends for a draft pick or two... Even then, we would probably wait until late to take a replacement.

9. We need more help on the OL than we can fix in one off-season unless we get lucky and have an off-season like in the early 80s where we got Mark May, Russ Grimm and Joe Jacoby in one year. That never happened before and hasn't happened since, so I would not count on that. But we want to take an offensive lineman in Round 1. The preference is for a RT who can start next year OR a center who can start next year. Again, coachability and work ethic are critically important to this pick. This player CANNOT miss. We will add to the OL with free agency AND we could spend another draft pick on an offensive lineman if the value is there. A late round offensive lineman who can play in the next year or two would be manna from Heaven.

10. We need more help on the DL than we can fix in one off-season. Every position on the DL needs an upgrade. Our plan is to use the second round pick on the DL. College scouts, you have to find us a guy who can step in and play next year on the DL who will be available then. We don't care if he plays NT or DE; we need help everywhere. We could also consider taking another DL in those late rounds depending on the value picks you guys find for us.

11. Our linebacking situation is not perfect but it is not something that has the same level of immediate need as other parts of the team. More than likely, this is a pro personnel area for focus.

12. Our cornerbacks are OK. We will need to find a back-up but we can probably do that on the fly as other teams cut corner backs from their camps. We will need those scouting reports handy to make decisions on which guys to contact as cuts are announced.

13. We need help at safety. We have two of them and we need at least one more. We have two safeties who hit people; we need one who can cover someone down the middle of the field. Focus your attention on safeties who can cover and tackle reliably; we do not need another "big hitter" who sometimes misses and gives up a TD about 75% of the times that he misses.

14. We will NOT draft a punter or a placekicker but we want to have both in camp next year for evaluation and review.

15. Let me reiterate the importance of coachability and character and work ethic for this year. We may be facing a shortened preparation cycle for the season; we need guys who will show up in shape, ready to work and ready to learn our system. It does not matter how much physical talent the guy has if he is out of shape, grousing about something he doesn't like, facing criminal charges or is unable/unwilling to learn our system. Can anyone here spell Haynesworth?

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