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Prediction: Cowboys Sign Drew Brees

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-07-2004, 02:25 PM   #16
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I am betting Brees stays right where he is. His teammates want him to stay and so does he. SD is 20M under the cap - Franchise Brees for a year at 9M and SD still has 11M towards the cap. Plus, your not tying up longterm money in 2 QB's, Rivers gets another year to be clipboard manager and gets a full training camp. If Brees then goes out and duplicates 2004 in the 2005 season, sign him long term or franchise again for one more year before handing Rivers the keys.

As for Dallas, I am thinking that the Hasselback scenario makes sense as Seattle may be doing some housecleaning after the season.
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Originally Posted by skinsfanthru&thru
I agree that one of their 1st rounder has a strong chance of going toward bringing in a veteran qb but I thought they only had the one extra 1st rounder from buffalo?

Whoa, my mistake. I don't know why I thought 3. I stand by the point though. They will seek to trade one for a vet.
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Originally Posted by Big C
id say if he doesnt stay in SD, he might go to the Cardinals. Denny Green is serious about winning, and will bring in some big name free agents. Cardinals with brees, boldin, and fitz...solid passing attack right there
I could see that happening. It would be the end of Drew Brees career. But that dosn't mean it won't happen.
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