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Championship Weekend Games Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Championship Weekend Games Thread

Originally Posted by skinsguy View Post
Heart of a Champion: The 40 Toughest Players in NFL History | Bleacher Report

Don Meredith, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys (1960-1968)

“Meredith was really tough. He got beat up so bad in his early years. His last game, up in Cleveland, he came out of the hospital to play with a broken rib, a punctured lung, and pneumonia. I saw Meredith's nose broken so bad that it spread all over his face. Looked like a raccoon.” —Bob Lilly

Jack Youngblood, Defensive End, Los Angeles Rams (1971-1984)

Youngblood played the final three games of the 1979 NFL playoffs, including the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers, with a heavily-taped broken leg. He was called the “John Wayne of Football” by John Madden.

Walt Garrison, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys (1966-1974)

In a playoff game in 1970, Garrison broke three ribs in the first quarter and continued playing after he was carried off the field. He rushed for over 100 yards, caught several passes, and helped the Cowboys continue their path to the Super Bowl. Garrison has also played through a separated shoulder, a severely broken nose and a broken collarbone. Teammate Charlie Waters recalls the time that Garrison accidentally cut his thumb with a knife so that it was dangling from his hand. Garrison wrapped his thumb in tape and played the next day, rushing for over 100 yards.

Jim Marshall, Defensive End, Minnesota Vikings (1960-1979)

Could someone please explain to me why Jim Marshall is not in the Hall of Fame? As a 248-pound defensive end, he played in 282 consecutive games. Every game. For 19 straight seasons. He maintained his streak despite pneumonia, an ulcer, and a shotgun wound to the side. Marshall earned his fame as a member of the Purple People Eaters of the early 1970s.

I'm sure you get the point!
I think the play now pay later has been well documented and is quite unfortunate for the old players. That being said Cutler's "handlers" may have used risk assessment to determine that financially it is not worth it for further injury to occur. I don't know the extent of his injury but MCLs can be tricky. The re-tearnig of scar tissue or an unhealed tear might end a career.

On a lighter side did any one read Sam Huff's quote as the 40th toughest athlete? It was like listening to his gameday broadcasts
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Re: Championship Weekend Games Thread

Originally Posted by SirClintonPortis View Post
Stick to proving one principle, which is whether a player is tough enough. It's obvious you're trying to making Madden's statement "irrelevant" with respect to the principle of player toughness.
Stop telling me what I should and should not prove. It's a forum board and I will post to prove as many principles as I see fit kid. Got it?
"Fire Up That Diesel!"
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Re: Championship Weekend Games Thread

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says he was bothered by toughness questions - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
A revolution is coming and it will be televised.
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Re: Championship Weekend Games Thread

As well he should have been bothered by it!
Lafayette, we're here.

HTTR. You wern't a bunch of losers on 10-27-14.
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