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Will Philly Choke Again This Year

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Old 12-13-2004, 07:12 PM   #16
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Yes the Eagles beat us twice but realistically the Eagles should beat us twice we are comming off a major change in coaching mentality, we were 5-11 last year, we are ranked in the lower parts of the NFL in terms of offence and we are 4 and 9 BUT we were one bone head play away from winning last night....

What I saw last night is the way to beat the Eagles this year is the same way to beat them last year - beat up their recievers and contain the running game on D and keep your D off the field as much as anything. Green Bay nearly won in the playoffs last year had they played that way all game but bizzarley gave up on the run even though they were getting nearly 6 yards per carry and put the ball in Farves hands to throw away. Carolina did use the same philosophy and whoooped them in the Championship game.

Don't get me wrong the Eagles are the best team in the NFC (probably) but it is starting to remind me of the 17 years of NFC dominance in the Super bowl no matter how good the AFC team looked in regular season come to the big game they were just overpowered. I can see the same thing happening ith the Eagles....
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Old 12-14-2004, 11:48 PM   #17
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Who can beat Philly in the NFC?

Atlanta - defense can get to McNabb, and put pressure on TO and keep him out of the endzone.

Carolina - if they can stay on a roll and get in the playoffs, I think they matchup well against Philly because they are built like Washington.

And we weren't just a boneheaded play from winning, you have to remember that pass interference call early in the 1st that gave Philly a TD. That one should have been a 3-and-out. Take that away and we win. But bad referee calls have made a difference in several games this season along with single bad plays. We could be a .500 team if we were playing better mentally early on.
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Old 12-15-2004, 09:15 AM   #18
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I think Philly is susceptable to a choke at the Linc to a team that, offensively, has a strong running game and, defensively, plays disciplined team D with a line that can force McNabb to stay in and throw from the pocket (if they can keep him in the pocket AND pressure him all the better). Other than consistently running the ball all game, this is essentially what the Skins did Sunday night.

Someone earlier said that Philly is winning the tight games - I am not sure this is true b/c I don't think Philly has been in any "tight" games. In the NFC, they won games by an average of 10 points. Have they, in any game other than the Skins', won only through a final scoring drive or when required to make a last stop.

For example -In the Skins game, but for an ill-advised pass the Skins at least goto overtime on their last real drive. Even after this stop, Philly's O couldn't make the one first down required to run down the clock and end the game. After an excellent punt, their D squelched the Skins last gasp. How many games have they had this kind of an ending? Philly's almost blew it at the end against what was 4-8 team that has only scored over 20 points once all season.

Don't get me wrong - Philly is a very very good team. You don't rack up the numbers they do without doing something right. BUT - I don't think they have been particularly challenged either.

If team goes to the Linc that can slow them down, score early, AND keep it close for 3 quarters, Philly may get nervous and start thinking "here we go again". I just don't know if their are any NFC teams that can do that to them.

The only two NFC teams I think possible of stopping Philly may be Carolina and Atlanta. I have not seen Carolina play this year since they have begun winning (the only team that, I think, is built in a manner that specifically matches up against Philly's O). As for Atlanta, I really don't know too much about them and have not seen them play. It appears that they may have team similar to Carolina - Strong running game, solid defense. I do know, however, that Atlanta has been blown out a couple of times by teams with a good passing game and that Philly would likely copy TBay's defense to stop Vick.

Regardless, my hope is that Philly loses at the Linc b/c of a last minute pass that McNabb inaccurately throws in Owens direction who, rather than attempt the spectacular grab, short arms it b/c of the oncoming safety. Ahhhh - I can dream.
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Old 12-15-2004, 10:44 AM   #19
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Anybody is beatable come playoff time.

I just find it funny that some people seem to be so quick to dismiss a 12-1 team.
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Old 12-15-2004, 05:12 PM   #20
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Matty, you're willing to use Gibbs old track record, why don't you use the Eagles? Which means another loss come NFC championship time.
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