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Old 12-14-2004, 04:10 PM   #1
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Best Impressions

Chris Cooley has been impressive this year! I feel he's only going to get better! Fred Smoot...I used to think he was all mouth, but stepping out from under Champ Bailey's shadow, he's backed up his words! Shawn Springs...didn't know what to expect from him, but he's put on a pretty solid performance this year! C. Griffin...I hope this guy is back next year playing at the same level! A. Pierce....has done an excellent job in relief of Barrow! Sean Springs....as long as this guy stays out of trouble off the field, he's going to be the secondary's version of LT!

Finally, the coaching staff. They have been under fire from the media and from their own "fans", but they are starting to figure things out and the team has not stopped fighting each and every game and whatever the record, this team believes in its coaches! Certainly Gregg Williams has done more than what we expected him to and my hats off to Joe Gibbs for persuing Williams and luring him to Washington.

Guys that I think we need to hold on to besides the above mentioned:

Ladell Betts. Many don't like him, and I dont' know if he did much against the Eagles (didnt' get to watch the game), but in the last few weeks, he's starting to look like a perfect fit for the Redskins' running attack and a good change of pace back when Clinton Portis goes out for a breather.

L. Coles: He's been banged up the last couple of years, but I think if he can get healed up, he can provide alot for us in the years to come...but his health is a deciding factor.

Thomas: Came back much ealier than expected from his injury and has been playing well on the line.

Tupa: I know I've read all this crap about how Tupa hasn't been doing alot of directional punts, but overall, he's been doing a good job punting and I hope we won't have to use him much next year!

Portis: This should go without saying..even though we've had to alter things a bit to make him fit, but he's explosive and I think he is even deadlier when he's NOT the lone back!

Ramsey: Overall, he's played well since he has gotten the starting nod. I dont' know if he's going to be a "franchise" QB or not, but hey...apparently that is no problem for Gibbs since he has won SBs with 3 different QBs.

Guys that I wouldn't cry over being let go:

Rod Gardner: He was tough in his rookie season and I thought he could easily be playing at the level as TO right now, but I just don't find it too impressive when a receiver is nicknames 50/50! This year, he hasn't even lived up to the 50! He's got the size and the skills, and possibly with a little more concentration, he could be the receiver like we had hoped he'd be after his rookie season...but I think we need a good solid veteran at WR! Someone who has been in the league for awhile, but still has enough gas left in the tank.

Robert Royal: Doesn't really catch alot...we need a tight end with some good hands.

What we need next year:

I solid full back to compliment Portis and Betts...hey even if we had to get rid of Betts to get him, someone with the size of Bettis that can plow you over!
Veteran Wide Receiver: Someone who can mentor the younger receivers we have on the team and help develop guys like Taylor Jacobs and D. McCants...and possibly L. Coles as well.
Jumbo Package and healthy linemen: We need Jon Jansen to be back 100% next year and I would like to see a jumbo package brought in to solidfy touchdown runs in the end zone (where we have been having trouble punching it in sometimes), and also getting those hard earned 1st downs on third and short!
We also need our defensive stars healthy and back with us next season...so hopefully we can continue to dominate on defense!

That's my take on things and my opinion. Other than guys who are second and third stringers that may never develop, I couldn't think of many guys that should be cut after this season...and didn't really think of many more areas to fill for next season. Just a few tweaks here and there and I think we can make a run for the playoffs next year.
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Old 12-14-2004, 08:23 PM   #2
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Chris Cooley has far surpassed nearly everyones expectations. I really wanted to see us trade up and get Ben Troupe, but it looks like Cooley was the right fit. I think we had a great draft this year and made great decesions with our 4 picks!

Shawn Springs has always been one of the most physically gifted CBs, and has played great for us. Just hope he can stay healthy, unlike in Seattle!

I think Pierce did a great job, that MLB is his position and I think Barrow needs to be given to whoever will take his contract (ugh.) Pierce is someone I don't think we can lose at any cost, he's played great in the system, seems to know the system very well, and is younger than Barrow with a lot less wear and tear!

I like the "fans" in quotation marks. God forbid someone say something bad about the coaching staff? Right? I guess you also think people aren't "Americans" if they say George Bush has done some horrible things for this country. Though he's done some good (none of which I can think of) there's still bad, and saying that makes me unamerican.

Betts also seems to have the injury bug every year. That's been his knock since he was drafted. A good runner, and definitely good enough for our backup until we have a draft pick to blow on a project at some point.

Thomas and Tupa are two unsung heroes of this team. Tom Tupa has been great and should be this years MVP. Thomas has played hard and may be our most athletic lineman. Coming back from an injury early during a losing season is rare, as long as he doesn't reaggrivate it, that's what I like to see!

As you said, Rod Gardner has all the attributes needed to be a great receiver. He can probably outrun, outjump, or body up whoever he goes against. He has a size thats hard to defend. I think he needs some concentration. The trick is throw balls far away from him, he seems to only drop the easiest of passes!

I'd like to see Royal get some playtime. He's not much of a blocker but made some really good catches last year. Curious what he can do as another offensive weapon, mainly in 2TE sets.
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Old 12-16-2004, 01:11 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by Daseal
I like the "fans" in quotation marks. God forbid someone say something bad about the coaching staff? Right?

All of us will blame a coach or player from time to time, but some of the comments I've seen here about Joe Gibbs and his coaching staff are rather disturbing coming from supposedly Redskins fans. What gets me are the comments about how the game has changed so much and that Gibbs' system is a system of yesterday. Now, don't get me wrong, this assumption has not been supported by everyone here who happen to be in their early 20's and younger, but mostly the ones who do support this are too young to honestly remember watching the Redskins under Joe Gibbs the first time...or watching any football in those days. Most of us who are practically 30 and over will say that some aspects of the game has changed...more of the player and money aspect...but most of us see the game played rather similar to how it was in the 70's and 80's...at least I can vouch for the 80's...and its pretty much the same game with a few rule changes. Sure, some will suggest that players are faster and stronger, but if that's true for other teams' players, its going to be true for our players as well. Now, if Gibbs AND his system fail miserably this go around and he quits, then and only then will I concede that he didn't have it anymore, but I'll continue to trust what Gibbs is doing for our team. That isn't following something or someone like a blind sheep....that is being a true fan who loves his team and supports it.
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Old 12-16-2004, 01:31 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by skinsguy
Sean Springs....as long as this guy stays out of trouble off the field, he's going to be the secondary's version of LT!
thats sean taylor
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Old 12-16-2004, 11:14 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by aehs77
thats sean taylor
Thats what I meant...
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