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just another question or you guys 2 cents

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Originally Posted by CRT3
Wyn ~ Samuels ~ Cartwright ~ Kozlowski ~ Possibly Gardner

Wyn and Samuels present future Cap issues and you might as well offload now and take the hit. The real question is how much money are the willing to spend on Pierce and if so will they let Barrow go?
I have a feeling you are going to see Pierce get around a 5 million dollar signing bonus. maybe a 5 year contract worth 15 million or so, with a 5 million dollar bonus.

As for Smoot, I think he will get something that resembles Spring's contract - probably in the neighborhood of a 10-12 million dollar signing bonus over 6-7 years.
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Originally Posted by jrocx69


just a guess, samuels and daniels might cost us later down the road, but i dont think gibbs is a big fan of samuels nor anyone else, and daniels seemed way to injury proan to keep on the roster. but i hope we dont cut barrow, he is a tackling machine and maybe this was a fluke year for him.
Daniels' salary isn't too cost prohibitive next year, and considering we may cut Wynn, I'd say that there is a good chance we are going to see him back next year. Remember - he isn't that old and he has typically been a healthy player in his career. Also, I'm sure the cap hit they would take if they cut him next year is a consideration. With stiffs like Barrow and Brunell who are basically going to insure dead cap room at some point, I have a feeling that someone like Daniels may stick around.
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Basically, I look at the situation like this:

If we cut Samuels, we will save 9.6 million on our 2005 cap, and take a 2.9 million dollar hit on the 2006 cap.

If we cut Wynn, we will save 4.1 on the 2005 cap, and take a 1.2 million hit on the 2005 cap.

If we cut Barrow, we will save about 2.2 next year and take a 1.7 hit in 2006.

And if we cut Gardiner after June, we will save 2.1 and take no cap hit in 2006.

Basically, by cutting these four players, we can save about 18 million dollars on next year's cap, and carry between 5-6 million in dead cap room in 2006 - which isn't so bad and this is good considering that 2006 is when the top 10 salaries all will escalate quite a bit.

Considering the cap will be around 85 million or so, and that we are currently looking at about 70 million in salaries for 2005, these cuts would take us down to about 52 million dollars - almost 33 million below the cap!!!!

I think this would allow us to go out and replace Samuels with a player at half his salary, bring in a solid center, re-sign Pierce and Smoot, possibly sign a quality defensive end to replace Wynn, and renegotiate several contracts to help us in 2006.
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