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2011 NFL Uniform Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: 2011 NFL Uniform Thread

per wikipedia:


Fans of the National Football League will note the Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington :Redskins, and Green Bay Packers as having gold as a color. The gold they use, however, is a distinctly more yellow color (akin to the non-metallic web color version) than the traditional "old gold" used by the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, and Saint Louis Rams. In both cases, the color is referred to as "gold", with the yellow shade sometimes referred to as "athletic gold" when distinguishing it from the metallic shades."

and our pants last year were pretty close to the color called gold you see here

Category:Shades of yellow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Re: 2011 NFL Uniform Thread

^ LOL, I love the fact it's showing all the shades of yellow.

All I'm saying is if they are going to say their colors are burgundy and gold don't blow smoke up my butt and give me yellow. Unfortunately I base my color off of the old crayons in my crayola box.

So having said that I'd lime to see the metalic gold used instead with both striping and maybe even a jersey with burgundy pants.
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Re: 2011 NFL Uniform Thread

Originally Posted by Monkeydad View Post
The Bears' Lance Briggs is saying he's going to wear some red/white/blue shoes and gloves that he got from Reebok on 09/11 and doesn't care if he's going to be fined...which he likely will.

I hope there is a big backlash against the league if they try to fine him. Better yet, I hope as many players as possible get these shoes and gloves.

If the teams have to wear hot pink for a month EVERY season, but can't show some patriotism on a VERY IMPORTANT, SOLEMN date...ridiculous.

I support Briggs in this 100%. Now just stop whining about your contract again and stop asking for trades.

NFL lets players wear Sept. 11 cleats, gloves - NFL - SI.com

League is going to let it ride
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Re: 2011 NFL Uniform Thread

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
Not to be a tard but you've confused me. I thought the sole reason you never saw the burgundy jersey at home was because "most" teams do wear their white uni's at home. The Skins did the same thing, they wore their white jersey's at home with the burgundy pants.

Personally I liked the "yellow" pants and wish they would use something more closer to the pewter color "gold" vs. the yellow or mustard gold. However I could be content with just about anything as long as they are winning. I would like to see a crayola "gold" used as the base for the helmet and burgundy and white stripes with either a burgundy arrow or the current logo used. I know the arrow design would look too much like Florida for some of you folks, but I'm not a college fan so I could care less. I also could substitute the white with black. Remember white was not in the original colors (burgundy and gold), Gibbs added and used the white jerseys which caught on because they were winning.
Well, since most teams don't wear white jerseys at home, except for Dallas, and some of the warmer climate teams early in the season, Miami, San Diego -- visiting teams are forced to wear their white jerseys away. So, since under Gibbs and Norv Turner the Redskins always wore white jerseys at home, they also wore white jerseys away unless they were in Dallas, and occasionally, Philly. As a result, we rarely saw the burgundy jersey/white pants combo.

As for the mustard vs. yellow vs. gold debate -- all I know is, the gold pants from the 2002 throwback unis were far different from last year's throwback "gold" pants. The '02 pants were more metallic colored -- I preferred those. A good comparison is Green Bay's yellow pants to St. Louis's metallic gold. Go back and look at pics from the Packer's game at Washington last year ... they look practically identical.
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Re: 2011 NFL Uniform Thread

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
It's not the team calling it gold, that's the actual color. The color is "officially" GOLD! If you feel better calling it mustard, go ahead.

You do realize there are different varieties of every color. There's not just one red, one green, one black, one gold, etc.
Yes, plenty of teams (HS and College) also use Athletic Gold like us. The official color sheet calls it simply "Gold", but it's often called athletic gold by many uniform suppliers.

Harrow Sports :: Midweight Practice Jersey

Grambling wears ALL gold sometimes.

I hope we can put this silly debate to rest. We're not mustard, yellow or anything OTHER THAN GOLD. Ironic that the guy putting up the biggest stink about it has the gold helmet as his avatar.

Anyways, so glad to see B&G on the field again this season. We looked awesome, aside from our play.

Worst look of Week 1 was the Rams' monochrome blue. Yuck. Bad look with all blue and horrible striping on the pants that doesn't go with anything else on the rest of the uniform.

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