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rebuilding or FA frenzy?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: rebuilding or FA frenzy?

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
Bradford did a great job last year but I didn't see him as a guy that necessarily elevated the team or carried them either. They were pretty conservative with him and didn't ask him to do much, smartly so. Could he end up being a star gunslinger that can carry a team? Sure, but last year he was more of a game manager and I'm not saying that as a bad thing. I thought the Rams handled him very well.

He had some chances to make big time plays but you have to remember how horrible his receiving corps was/is. NTM their OLine isn't anything special either, I do agree with your post though.

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Re: rebuilding or FA frenzy?

I think Bradford deserves a wait-and-see. The Rams WR crop was basically all Amendola once Clayton went down. Opposing defenders could "cheat" because they had absolutely no deep threat.
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Re: rebuilding or FA frenzy?

Originally Posted by Daseal View Post
I agree with the youth movement. The best way to get (most) players and positions settled is to let them play. There has to be a certain amount of leadership and mentoring that happens with the vets. Film study, work ethic, smarts, etc should be instilled in the young guns, but give them significant playing time. Design more plays for the young guys, etc.

If given two scenarios:
Scenario A. 2011: 9-7 2012: 9-7
Scenario B. 2011: 5-11 2012: 13-3

Same number of games won over a two year period, but one looks significantly better than the other. Do what we need to do now to get a young base, then grow from there. We've tried this semi-rebuilding bullshit before and it has us where we are now. Lets bust it down, get rid of the mentality around Redskins park and start fresh.
Good post. I think the majority of fans will be patient w/ this FO and Shanahan. There will be those fans who will go on the radio and/blogs and blast us if we lose 10 games this year, but they are the minority. The Skins should get younger and should try to build this thing right. Most fans will realize that it isn't done overnight, it's going to take a few years.
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Re: rebuilding or FA frenzy?

Can we get a better fullback?
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Re: rebuilding or FA frenzy?

Actually, I liked Darrel Young...he has potential.
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