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Video of every throw by Vince Young last season

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Video of every throw by Vince Young last season

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
I think the interest is there, I put the likelihood of him being here though at less than 50% (maybe like 40%)

Especially as the lockout continues
Honestly thats my last complaint. No matter if we had picked a QB in the draft or look for a FA, they will have to learn the offense. Although McNabb didn't do too bad he still had some issue's with it and got benched. So whoever we bring in will take time to learn all the ins and outs of this offensive scheme. Fortunately or unfortunately Grossman and Beck will have the best understanding of the scheme over anyone we bring in. Heck even McNabb will have a better understanding of the scheme after being in it another offseason, but thats a whole nother story.

I'm not advocating keeping McNabb, heck I didn't think he would be a good fit to begin with, but if I had my drothers I'd keep McNabb and skip VY.

The only reason I can see to bring someone else in is if they are going to be 10x better then what we already have and I'm not so sure VY is that QB. Grossman will know the system better and with a better OL should cut down on the interceptions. Beck has been in the system a full year now and will have a better understanding of the system then VY. So the only reason to bring in VY is if he is our future franchise QB. and that is where I don't see VY heading.

Do they need another QB? yes. Another vet? no. Bring in another young QB to see what they offer and keep the vets we already have in Grossman and Beck. Besides, wasn't Beck the QB MS was looking to draft but Miami beat him to pulling the trigger? So Beck must be the right guy right? Next year draft a top ranked QB and groom him. Then the OL and WR's will be on much better a page.
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Re: Video of every throw by Vince Young last season

Originally Posted by Longtimefan View Post
Without a doubt you've taken into consideration how catastrophic it would be for this organization [after the debacle of the McNabb experiment] to bring in yet another veteran QB that we know going in has the potential to become a disaster.

So, maybe the real question becomes...do we really want VY/or we don't want Beck or Grossman?
Your last part is the question. MS has touted that Beck was his type of QB and was looking to draft him had it not been for Miami taking him first. Now whether Beck has lived up to or not lived up to expectations is the key. But I kinda get the feeling they are not impressed with Grossman, which is fine, but he really didn't do to bad for having such a horrible OL protecting him. Build up the OL this yr, give him some offensive weapons, and lets see if he can hold the fort until the team drafts the next franchise QB, that is unless Beck is it. I just don't see VY as being the guy. The only thing I see VY doing right is rolling out and or scrambling if he has too. But this town is hard on QB's. Not as hard as Philli but DC will boo in a heart beat.
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