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2005 Free Agent pool???

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Old 12-25-2004, 01:12 PM   #1
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2005 Free Agent pool???

Does anyone know where we I could find a list of the upcoming free agents for next season? I am curious as to who is on the market and who may be wearing the burgandy and gold next season.

I personally want to see our core stay in tact, but maybe get some help on the offensive line, special teams and possibly another good WR to play opposite Coles, move Gardner to the slot where I think he could be more successful and maybe push him to work on his inconsistent hands.
Redskins fan lost in Texas for 20 years. Need a ride to D.C.
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Don't expect any big signings we don't have the cap space. We need to have a real solid draft.
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With the possibility of restructured contracts as well as a few players (maybe morton, samuels, or barrow) being cut, i wouldn't be surprised if snyder goes after a FA or 2./..
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we'll have plenty of money. We always do, havent you realized that? Samuels will restructure, Brunell will too. Barrow MIGHT but I doubt it.

But we have a good solid team, other than a center, perhaps a sackmaster on the dline, Id say we are pretty solid.
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Doesn't much matter, Barrow barely makes any money
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There's a list for ya!
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Defensive Linemen (91)
DE Bryant McNeal Denver Broncos ERFA
DE Charles Alston Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
DE Demetrin Veal Baltimore Ravens ERFA
DE Eric Taylor Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
DE Felip Claybrookes Cleveland Browns ERFA
DE Robert Pollard San Diego Chargers ERFA
DE Ron Warner Washington Redskins ERFA
DE, Shawn Johnson Tennessee Titans ERFA
DL Buck Rasmussen New England Patriots ERFA
DT Ethan Kelley New England Patriots ERFA
DT Grant Bowman Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
DT Howard Green New Orleans Saints ERFA
DT Jacques Cesaire San Diego Chargers ERFA
DT Jermaine Brooks Dallas Cowboys ERFA
DT Jon Bradley Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
DT Jordan Carstens Carolina Panthers ERFA
DT Kendrick Allen New York Giants ERFA
DT Montique Sharpe Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
DT Nick Eason Cleveland Browns ERFA
DT Omari Johnson Carolina Panthers ERFA
DT Shaun Smith New Orleans Saints ERFA
DT Terrance Martin Cincinnati Bengals ERFA
DT Tony Brown San Francisco 49ers ERFA
DE Aaron Kampman Green Bay Packers RFA
DE Brett Keisel Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
DE Carlos Hall Tennessee Titans RFA
DE Demetric Evans Washington Redskins RFA
DE Raheem Brock Indianapolis Colts RFA
DE Rocky Calmus, Tennessee Titans RFA
DL Jarvis Green New England Patriots RFA
DL- Ross Kolodziej Arizona Cardinals RFA
DT Dario Romero Miami Dolphins RFA
DT Dequnicy Scott San Diego Chargers RFA
DT Dorsett Davis Denver Broncos RFA
DT Eric Downing San Diego Chargers RFA
DT Langston Walker Oakland Raiders RFA
DT Matt Zielinski Baltimore Ravens RFA
DT Rocky Bernard Seattle Seahawks RFA
DT Tron Lafavor Carolina Panthers RFA
DE Adalius Thomas Baltimore Ravens UFA
DE Anton Palepoi Denver Broncos UFA
DE Bobby Hamilton Oakland Raiders UFA
DE Brandon Mitchell Seattle Seahawks UFA
DE Bryan Robinson Miami Dolphins UFA
DE Bryce Fisher St. Louis Rams UFA
DE Chike Okeafor Seattle Seahawks UFA
DE Darren Howard New Orleans Saints UFA
DE Erik Flowers St. Louis Rams UFA
DE John Abraham New York Jets UFA
DE Karon Riley Atlanta Falcons UFA
DE Kavika Pittman Carolina Panthers UFA
DE Kemp Rasmussen Carolina Panthers UFA
DE- Kyle Vanden Bosch Arizona Cardinals UFA
DE Lance Legree New York Giants UFA
DE Marco Coleman Denver Broncos UFA
DE Marques Douglass Baltimore Ravens UFA
DE Reggie Hayward Denver Broncos UFA
DE Rodney Bailey New England Patriots UFA
DE Tony Bryant New Orleans Saints UFA
DE Tyrone Rogers Cleveland Browns UFA
DE, Hugh Douglas Philadelphia Eagles UFA
DE, Jason Gildon Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
DE, Lionel Barnes Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
DE, Rob Meier Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
DE,Corey Sears Houston Texans UFA
DE,Derrick Burgess Philadelphia Eagles UFA
DL Carl Powell Cincinnati Bengals UFA
DT Alan Harper New York Jets UFA
DT Chartric Darby Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
DT Chris Hovan Minnesota Vikings UFA
DT Cullen Jenkins Green Bay Packers UFA
DT James Reed New York Jets UFA
DT Jason Ferguson New York Jets UFA
DT Joe Salave'a Washington Redskins UFA
DT Josh Evans New York Jets UFA
DT Kelvin Pritchett Detroit Lions UFA
DT Kendrick Clancy Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
DT Luther Ellis Denver Broncos UFA
DT Marcus Bell Detroit Lions UFA
DT Monsanto Pope Denver Broncos UFA
DT Pat Williams Buffalo Bills UFA
DT Shaun Rogers Detroit Lions UFA
DT Tony Williams Cincinnati Bengals UFA
DT Willie Blade Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
DT, Corey Simon Philadelphia Eagles UFA
DT, Seth Payne Houston Texans UFA
DT,Junior Ioane Houston Texans UFA

Punters (10) and Kickers (9)
K Lawrence Tynes Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
P Derrick Frost Cleveland Browns ERFA
P Matt McBriar Dallas Cowboys ERFA
K Jeff Reed Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
P Dave Zastudil Baltimore Ravens RFA
K Adam Vinatieri New England Patriots UFA
K Gary Andersen Tennessee Titans UFA
K Jay Feely Atlanta Falcons UFA
K Morten Andersen, Minnesota Vikings UFA
K Steve Christie New York Giants UFA
K Todd Peterson San Francisco 49ers UFA
K Wade Richey Baltimore Ravens UFA
P Bryan Barker Green Bay Packers UFA
P Kyle Richardson Cincinnati Bengals UFA
P Micah Knorr Denver Broncos UFA
P Nick Harris Detroit Lions UFA
P Sean Landeta St. Louis Rams UFA
P Toby Gowin New York Jets UFA
P Tom Rouen Seattle Seahawks UFA

Linebackers (80)
LB Brett Pierce Dallas Cowboys ERFA
LB Chris Clemons, Cleveland Browns ERFA
LB Dedrick Roper Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
LB Eric Alexander New England Patriots ERFA
LB James Maxwell New York Giants ERFA
LB Jeremy Loyd St. Louis Rams ERFA
LB Josh Stamer Buffalo Bills ERFA
LB Justin Kurpeikia New England Patriots ERFA
LB Max Yates Minnesota Vikings ERFA
LB Ray Wells San Francisco 49ers ERFA
LB Ryan Fowler Dallas Cowboys ERFA
LB Scott Shanle Dallas Cowboys ERFA
LB Sean Tufts Carolina Panthers ERFA
LB Stephen Cooper San Diego Chargers ERFA
LB, TJ Halloway New York Giants ERFA
OLB Kalen Thorton Dallas Cowboys ERFA
LB Antonio Pierce Washington Redskins RFA
LB Bart Scott Baltimore Ravens RFA
LB Ben Taylor Cleveland Browns RFA
LB James Allen New Orleans Saints RFA
LB Justin Ena Tennessee Titans RFA
LB Kevin Bentley Cleveland Browns RFA
LB Larry Foote Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
LB Lemar Marshall Washington Redskins RFA
LB Marcus Wilkins Cincinnati Bengals RFA
LB Paris Lenon Green Bay Packers RFA
LB Quinton Caver Kansas City Chiefs RFA
LB Roger Knight New Orleans Saints RFA
LB Scott Fujita Kansas City Chiefs RFA
LB Tim Johnson Oakland Raiders RFA
LB Tony Gilbert Jacksonville Jaguars RFA
LB Trev Faulk St. Louis Rams RFA
LB, Troy Evans Houston Texans RFA
MLB Brad Kassell Tennessee Titans RFA
MLB Gary Brackett Indianapolis Colts RFA
MLB Rob Morris Indianapolis Colts RFA
MLB Vinny Ciurciu Carolina Panthers RFA
OLB Saleem Rasheed San Francisco 49ers RFA
ILB Wali Rainer Detroit Lions UFA
LB Artie Ulmer Atlanta Falcons UFA
LB Barry Gardner Cleveland Browns UFA
LB Brandon Moore San Francisco 49ers UFA
LB Brian Allen Carolina Panthers UFA
LB Don Davis New England Patriots UFA
LB Donnie Spragan Denver Broncos UFA
LB Edgerton Hartwell Baltimore Ravens UFA
LB Eric Johnson Atlanta Falcons UFA
LB Eric Westmoreland Cleveland Browns UFA
LB Frank Chamberlin Cincinnati Bengals UFA
LB Hannibal Navies Green Bay Packers UFA
LB Jamie Duncan Atlanta Falcons UFA
LB Jason Glenn New York Jets UFA
LB Jeremiah Trotter Philadelphia Eagles UFA
LB Kendrell Bell Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
LB Kenyatta Wright New York Jets UFA
LB Marcus Bell Houston Texans UFA
LB Matt Stewart Atlanta Falcons UFA
LB Morlon Greenwood Miami Dolphins UFA
LB Nate Webster Cincinnati Bengals UFA
LB Nick Rogers Green Bay Packers UFA
LB- Ronald McKinnon Arizona Cardinals UFA
LB Sedrick Hodge New Orleans Saints UFA
LB T. J. Slaughter Baltimore Ravens UFA
LB Tommy Polley St. Louis Rams UFA
LB Torrance Marshall Green Bay Packers UFA
LB Warrick Holdman Cleveland Browns UFA
LB Zeke Moreno San Diego Chargers UFA
LB, DaShon Polk Houston Texans UFA
LB, Keith Adams Philadelphia Eagles UFA
MLB Keith Burns Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
MLB Orlando Huff Seattle Seahawks UFA
OLB Chris Claiborne Minnesota Vikings UFA
OLB David Thornton Indianapolis Colts UFA
OLB Donte Curry Detroit Lions UFA
OLB Jessie Armstead Carolina Panthers UFA
OLB Jim Nelson Indianapolis Colts UFA
OLB Keith Newman Minnesota Vikings UFA
OLB Mark Fields Carolina Panthers UFA
OLB Ryan Nece Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
OLB Will Witherspoon Carolina Panthers UFA

Long Snappers (9)
LS Bryan Pittman Houston Texans ERFA
LS Jon Dorenbos Buffalo Bills ERFA
LS Chris Massey St. Louis Rams RFA
LS- Nathan Hodel Arizona Cardinals RFA
LS, Ken Amato Tennessee Titans RFA
LS Ethan Albright Washington Redskins UFA
LS Jody Littleton Detroit Lions UFA
LS Joey Mases Baltimore Ravens UFA
LS Kevin Houser New Orleans Saints UFA

Centers (14)
C Alonzo Ephraim Philadelphia Eagles ERFA
C Brandon Newton Minnesota Vikings ERFA
C Scott Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
C Scott Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
C Thatcher Szalay Cincinnati Bengals ERFA
C David Brandt San Diego Chargers RFA
C Justin Hartwig Tennessee Titans RFA
C Brock Guttierez San Francisco 49ers UFA
C Casey Rabach Baltimore Ravens UFA
C Chris Conaty Minnesota Vikings UFA
C Dominic Raiola Detroit Lions UFA
C Jerry Fontenot Cincinnati Bengals UFA
C Rich Braham Cincinnati Bengals UFA
C Robbie Tobeck Seattle Seahawks UFA

Offensive Line (98)
C/G Gene Mruczkowski New England Patriots ERFA
G Ben Noll Dallas Cowboys ERFA
G Billy Yates New England Patriots ERFA
G Blaine Saipaia St. Louis Rams ERFA
G Brandon Moore New York Jets ERFA
G Chris Dielman San Diego Chargers ERFA
G Eric Wilson Miami Dolphins ERFA
LT Brian Rimpf Baltimore Ravens ERFA
OG Anthony Herrera Minnesota Vikings ERFA
OG Dave Kadela Carolina Panthers ERFA
OG Wayne Lucier New York Giants ERFA
OL Jonathan Ingram Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
OL Matt Miller Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
OL Steve Edwards Chicago ERFA
OL-Jeremy Bridges Arizona Cardinals ERFA
OT Bo Lacy Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
OT Brad Lekkerkerker Oakland Raiders ERFA
OT Greg Walker New York Giants ERFA
OT Kirk Chambers Cleveland Browns ERFA
OT Lewis Dawson Cleveland Browns ERFA
OT Scott Tercero St. Louis Rams ERFA
T Anthony Davis Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
T Carlos Joseph San Diego Chargers ERFA
T Reese Hicks San Diego Chargers ERFA
C/G Seth McKinney Miami Dolphins RFA
G Dave Yovanovits New York Jets RFA
G Jonathan Goodwin New York Jets RFA
G Martin Bibla Atlanta Falcons RFA
G Melvin Fowler Cleveland Browns RFA
G Michael Moore Atlanta Falcons RFA
G Mike Pucillo Buffalo Bills RFA
G Milford Brown Houston Texans RFA
G Rick DeMulling Indianapolis Colts RFA
G Stephen Neal New England Patriots RFA
G Terence Metcalf Chicago RFA
G Tyson Walter Dallas Cowboys RFA
OG Chad Beasley Cleveland Browns RFA
OG Eric Heittman San Francisco 49ers RFA
OG Maake Kemoeatu Baltimore Ravens RFA
OG Tutan Reyes Carolina Panthers RFA
OL Kevin Barry Green Bay Packers RFA
OT Adam Haayer Minnesota Vikings RFA
OT Damion Cook Baltimore Ravens RFA
OT Ian Allen Philadelphia Eagles RFA
OT Joaquin Gonzalez Cleveland Browns RFA
OT Joe Wong Oakland Raiders RFA
OT Kevin Shaffer Atlanta Falcons RFA
OT Kyle Kosier San Francisco 49ers RFA
OT Victor Rogers Detroit Lions RFA
T Brandon Gorin New England Patriots RFA
T Ryan Diem Indianapolis Colts RFA
T Tom Ashworth New England Patriots RFA
G Bob Hallen San Diego Chargers UFA
G Chris Dishman St. Louis Rams UFA
G Cosey Coleman Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
G Darnell Alford St. Louis Rams UFA
G Joe Andruzzi New England Patriots UFA
G Marco Rivera Green Bay Packers UFA
G Matt Lehr Dallas Cowboys UFA
G Roberto Garza Atlanta Falcons UFA
G Steve Herndon Atlanta Falcons UFA
G Tom Nutten St. Louis Rams UFA
G Tupe Peko Indianapolis Colts UFA
G Tyrone Hopson Detroit Lions UFA
G, Mike Compton Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
OG Ben Hamilton Denver Broncos UFA
OG Carlisle Cooper Denver Broncos UFA
OG Chris Gray Seattle Seahawks UFA
OG David Dixon Minnesota Vikings UFA
OG Floyd Womack Seattle Seahawks UFA
OG Paul Zukauskas Cleveland Browns UFA
OG Rich Tylski Carolina Panthers UFA
OG Rob Murphy San Francisco 49ers UFA
OG Ron Stone Oakland Raiders UFA
OL Aaron Gibson Chicago UFA
OL- Cameron Spikes Arizona Cardinals UFA
OL Ray Brown Washington Redskins UFA
OT Barrett Brooks Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
OT Brandon Winey New York Giants UFA
OT Chad Slaughter Oakland Raiders UFA
OT Ethan Brooks Baltimore Ravens UFA
OT Jonas Jennings Buffalo Bills UFA
OT Marcus Price Buffalo Bills UFA
OT Oliver Ross OT Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
OT Orlando Pace St. Louis Rams UFA
OT Walter Jones Seattle Seahawks UFA
RG Bennie Anderson Baltimore Ravens UFA
RT Kareem McKenzie New York Jets UFA
RT Matt Willig Carolina Panthers UFA
RT Mike Houghton Carolina Panthers UFA
RT Stockar McDougle Detroit Lions UFA
T Adrian Klemm New England Patriots UFA
T Jermane Mayberry Philadelphia Eagles UFA
T Jerome Davis San Francisco 49ers UFA
T Marcus Spears Houston Texans UFA
T Tra Thomas Philadelphia Eagles UFA
T Victor Riley New Orleans Saints UFA
T, Bob Whitfield Jacksonville Jaguars UFA

Quarterbacks (32)
QB Bradlee Van Pelt Denver Broncos ERFA
QB David Rivers Oakland Raiders ERFA
QB Josh Harris Baltimore Ravens ERFA
QB Matt Mauck Denver Broncos ERFA
QB Rod Rutherford Carolina Panthers ERFA
QB Shaun Hill Minnesota Vikings ERFA
QB Tim Hasselbec Washington Redskins ERFA
QB Craig Nall Green Bay Packers RFA
QB- Josh McCown Arizona Cardinals RFA
QB Brock Huard Seattle Seahawks UFA
QB Charlie Batch Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
QB Damon Huard Kansas City Chiefs UFA
QB Doug Johnson Tennessee Titans UFA
QB Doug Pederson Green Bay Packers UFA
QB Drew Brees San Diego Chargers UFA
QB Gus Frerotte Minnesota Vikings UFA
QB Jason Garrett Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
QB Jesse Palmer New York Giants UFA
QB Jim Miller New England Patriots UFA
QB Kelly Holcomb Cleveland Browns UFA
QB Kordell Stewart Baltimore Ravens UFA
QB Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks UFA
QB Mike McMahon Detroit Lions UFA
QB Mike Quinn Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
QB Rick Mirer Detroit Lions UFA
QB Sage Rosenfels Miami Dolphins UFA
QB Shane Matthews Buffalo Bills UFA
QB Todd Collins Kansas City Chiefs UFA
QB Tony Banks Houston Texans UFA
QB Ty Detmer Atlanta Falcons UFA
QB Vinny Testaverde Dallas Cowboys UFA
QB, Jeff Blake Philadelphia Eagles UFA

Fullbacks (15)
FB Corey McIntyre Cleveland Browns ERFA
FB Lousaka Polite Dallas Cowboys ERFA
FB J. R. Niklos Oakland Raiders RFA
FB Joey Goodspeed St. Louis Rams RFA
FB,Jarrod Baxter Houston Texans RFA
FB Greg Comella Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
FB Heath Evans Seattle Seahawks UFA
FB Jameel Cook Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
FB Jim Finn New York Giants UFA
FB Jon Ritchie Philadelphia Eagles UFA
FB Mike Sellers Washington Redskins UFA
FB Patrick Pass New England Patriots UFA
FB Rock Cartwright Washington Redskins UFA
FB Stanley Pritchett Atlanta Falcons UFA
FB, Moran Norris Houston Texans UFA

Running Backs (60)
RB Arlen Harris St. Louis Rams ERFA
RB B. J. Sams Baltimore Ravens ERFA
RB Butchie Wallace Minnesota Vikings ERFA
RB Calvin Murray San Diego Chargers ERFA
RB Cecil Sapp Denver Broncos ERFA
RB Dante Brown Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
RB DeJuan Green Oakland Raiders ERFA
RB Eric Bickerstaff Dallas Cowboys ERFA
RB Ian Smart Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
RB Jarret Payton Tennessee Titans ERFA
RB Jason Anderson Houston Texans ERFA
RB Joey Harris Carolina Panthers ERFA
RB John Simon Washington Redskins ERFA
RB Kaylon Kincade Dallas Cowboys ERFA
RB Kory Chapman New England Patriots ERFA
RB Omar Easy Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
RB Reshard Lee Dallas Cowboys ERFA
RB Ronnie Cruz Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
RB Santonio Beard Denver Broncos ERFA
RB Sultan McCullough Carolina Panthers ERFA
RB Adrian Peterson Chicago RFA
RB Brian Westbrook Philadelphia Eagles RFA
RB Edgerrin James Indianapolis Colts RFA
RB Jesse Chatman San Diego Chargers RFA
RB Joe Burns Buffalo Bills RFA
RB Leonard Henry Miami Dolphins RFA
RB Najeh Davenport Green Bay Packers RFA
RB Nick Maddox Carolina Panthers RFA
RB Tony Fisher Green Bay Packers RFA
RB Verron Haynes Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
RB, Jonathan Wells Houston Texans RFA
RB Amos Zereoue Oakland Raiders UFA
RB Anthony Thomas Chicago UFA
RB Brandon Bennett Carolina Panthers UFA
RB Chester Taylor Baltimore Ravens UFA
RB Correll Buckhalter Philadelphia Eagles UFA
RB Derrick Blaylock Kansas City Chiefs UFA
RB Dominic Rhodes Indianapolis Colts UFA
RB Eddie George Dallas Cowboys UFA
RB- Emmitt Smith Arizona Cardinals UFA
RB Fred McAfee New Orleans Saints UFA
RB Garrison Hearst Denver Broncos UFA
RB J. R. Redmon Oakland Raiders UFA
RB Jamal White Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
RB James Mungro Indianapolis Colts UFA
RB Kenny Watson Cincinnati Bengals UFA
RB Ki-Jana Carter New Orleans Saints UFA
RB Kris Briggs Denver Broncos UFA
RB Lamont Jordan New York Jets UFA
RB Michael Cloud New York Giants UFA
RB Rabih Abdullah New England Patriots UFA
RB Rod Smart Carolina Panthers UFA
RB Ron Dayne New York Giants UFA
RB Rudi Johnson Cincinnati Bengals UFA
RB Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks UFA
RB Terry Jackson San Francisco 49ers UFA
RB Travis Minor Miami Dolphins UFA
RB, Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
RB, Dorsey Levens Philadelphia Eagles UFA
RB/KR Leon Johnson San Diego Chargers UFA

Defensive Backs (134)
CB Brandon Haw San Diego Chargers ERFA
CB Calvin Carlyle Baltimore Ravens ERFA
CB Christian Morton Cleveland Browns ERFA
CB Dwight Anderson St. Louis Rams ERFA
CB- Dyshod Carter Arizona Cardinals ERFA
CB Frank Walker New York Giants ERFA
CB Jeff Sanchez Dallas Cowboys ERFA
CB Lance Frazier Dallas Cowboys ERFA
CB Lenny Williams Dallas Cowboys ERFA
CB Roderick Hood Philadelphia Eagles ERFA
CB Ronyell Whitaker Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
CB Vontez Duff Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
CB Zach Norton Baltimore Ravens ERFA
CB/S Dewaine Carpenter San Francisco 49ers ERFA
DB Eddie Johnson Carolina Panthers ERFA
DB Oliver Celestin Minnesota Vikings ERFA
S Andre Lott Washington Redskins ERFA
S Anthony Mitchell Cincinnati Bengals ERFA
S Curry Burns New York Giants ERFA
S Hanik Milligan San Diego Chargers ERFA
S Keith Davis Dallas Cowboys ERFA
S Keyon Nash Oakland Raiders ERFA
S Quintin Mikell Philadelphia Eagles ERFA
S Rob Butler San Diego Chargers ERFA
S Scott Connot Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
S Scott Farley New England Patriots ERFA
S Shaunard Harts Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
S Steve Cargile Dallas Cowboys ERFA
S Travis Robinson Atlanta Falcons ERFA
CB Andre Goodman Detroit Lions RFA
CB Chris Cash Detroit Lions RFA
CB Donald Strickland Indianapolis Colts RFA
CB Earthwind Moreland New England Patriots RFA
CB Fred Smoot Washington Redskins RFA
CB Jimmy Williams San Francisco 49ers RFA
CB Joseph Jefferson Indianapolis Colts RFA
CB Kevin Thomas Buffalo Bills RFA
CB Kris Richard Seattle Seahawks RFA
CB Mike Echols Indianapolis Colts RFA
CB Nick Harper Indianapolis Colts RFA
CB Pete Hunter Dallas Cowboys RFA
CB Rashad Bauman Cincinnati Bengals RFA
CB Reggie Myles Cincinnati Bengals RFA
CB Rhett Nelson Minnesota Vikings RFA
CB,Demarcus Faggins Houston Texans RFA
DB Todd Franz Washington Redskins RFA
FS Chris Hope Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
FS Idrees Bashir Indianapolis Colts RFA
FS Lamont Thompson Tennessee Titans RFA
FS Quentin Harris Arizona Cardinals RFA
FS Will Demps Baltimore Ravens RFA
S Chad Williams Baltimore Ravens RFA
S Jack Brewer New York Giants RFA
S Kevin McCadam Atlanta Falcons RFA
S Mel Mitchell New Orleans Saints RFA
S Pat Dennis Washington Redskins RFA
S Terreal Bierria Seattle Seahawks RFA
SS Bobby Gray Chicago RFA
SS Chris Young Denver Broncos RFA
SS Cory Bird Indianapolis Colts RFA
SS Marques Anderson Oakland Raiders RFA
SS Nick Sorensen Jacksonville Jaguars RFA
CB Aaron Beasley Atlanta Falcons UFA
CB Andre Dyson Tennessee Titans UFA
CB Anthony Henry Cleveland Browns UFA
CB Brian Williams Minnesota Vikings UFA
CB Corey Ivy Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
CB Dale Carter Baltimore Ravens UFA
CB Danion Sidney Detroit Lions UFA
CB Dante Wesley Carolina Panthers UFA
CB Deion Sanders Baltimore Ravens UFA
CB Derek Ross Minnesota Vikings UFA
CB Gary Baxter Baltimore Ravens UFA
CB Jason Bell Houston Texans UFA
CB Jason Craft New Orleans Saints UFA
CB Jason Horton Green Bay Packers UFA
CB Jason Simmons Houston Texans UFA
CB Jimmy Wyrick Miami Dolphins UFA
CB Ken Lucas Seattle Seahawks UFA
CB Kenny Wright Houston Texans UFA
CB Kevin Mathis Atlanta Falcons UFA
CB Lewis Sanders Cleveland Browns UFA
CB Raymond Walls Baltimore Ravens UFA
CB- Renaldo Hill Arizona Cardinals UFA
CB- Robert Tate Arizona Cardinals UFA
CB Terrell Buckley New York Jets UFA
CB Todd McMillon Chicago UFA
CB Tyrone Williams Dallas Cowboys UFA
CB William Hampton Carolina Panthers UFA
CB Willie Williams Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
CB, Clarence Love Oakland Raiders UFA
CB, Kiwaukee Thomas Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
CB/RS Allen Rossum Atlanta Falcons UFA
DB Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders UFA
DB David Terrell Oakland Raiders UFA
DB Jarrod Cooper Oakland Raiders UFA
DB- Michael Stone Arizona Cardinals UFA
DB Monty Montgomery New Orleans Saints UFA
FS Brian Russell Minnesota Vikings UFA
FS Damien Richardson Carolina Panthers UFA
FS- Ifeanyi Ohalete Arizona Cardinals UFA
FS Izell Reese Buffalo Bills UFA
FS Jerry Wilson San Diego Chargers UFA
FS John Howell Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
FS Ronnie Heard San Francisco 49ers UFA
FS Sam Brandon Denver Broncos UFA
FS Tavares Tillman Carolina Panthers UFA
FS Tyrone Carter Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
FS, Deke Cooper Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
FS, Marlon McCree Houston Texans UFA
S Aeneas Williams St. Louis Rams UFA
S Bhawoh Jue Green Bay Packers UFA
S Curtis Fuller Green Bay Packers UFA
S Jason Doering Washington Redskins UFA
S Jay Bellamy New Orleans Saints UFA
S Je'Rod Cherry New England Patriots UFA
S Justin Lucas St. Louis Rams UFA
S Keion Carpenter Atlanta Falcons UFA
S Lynn Scott Dallas Cowboys UFA
S Rich Coady St. Louis Rams UFA
S Sammy Knight Miami Dolphins UFA
S Scott McGarrahan Tennessee Titans UFA
S Shawn Wooden Miami Dolphins UFA
S Steve Gleason New Orleans Saints UFA
S Tony Dixon Dallas Cowboys UFA
S Travis Robinson Atlanta Falcons UFA
S Zack Bronson St. Louis Rams UFA
SS- Adrian Wilson Arizona Cardinals UFA
SS Ainsley Battles Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
SS Bracy Walker Detroit Lions UFA
SS Donovan Darius Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
SS Dwight Smith Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
SS Kenoy Kennedy Denver Broncos UFA
SS Willie Offord Minnesota Vikings UFA

Tight Ends (42)
TE Aaron Golliday Kansas City Chiefs ERFA
TE Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers ERFA
TE Brock Edwards San Diego Chargers ERFA
TE Casey Fitzsimmons Detroit Lions ERFA
TE Daniel Wilcox Baltimore Ravens ERFA
TE Dwayne Blakely Atlanta Falcons ERFA
TE- Lorenzo Diamond Arizona Cardinals ERFA
TE Nate Lawrie Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
TE Sean Ryan Dallas Cowboys ERFA
TE Brian Jones Jacksonville Jaguars RFA
TE Chris Baker New York Jets RFA
TE Darnell Dinkins Baltimore Ravens RFA
TE John Gilmore Chicago RFA
TE John Owens Chicago RFA
TE Justin Peele San Diego Chargers RFA
TE Keith Heinrich Cleveland Browns RFA
TE Ryan Hannam Seattle Seahawks RFA
TE Terry Jones Baltimore Ravens RFA
TE Will Heller Tampa Bay Buccaneers RFA
TE,Matt Murphy Houston Texans RFA
TE Anthony Becht New York Jets UFA
TE Ben Steele Green Bay Packers UFA
TE Brian Kozlowski Washington Redskins UFA
TE Bubba Franks Green Bay Packers UFA
TE Cam Cleeland St. Louis Rams UFA
TE Dave Moore Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
TE David Martin Green Bay Packers UFA
TE Ed Perry Miami Dolphins UFA
TE- Freddie Jones Arizona Cardinals UFA
TE Itula Mili Seattle Seahawks UFA
TE Jeb Putzier Denver Broncos UFA
TE Jermaine Wiggins Minnesota Vikings UFA
TE Ken Dilger Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
TE Kendall Gammon Kansas City Chiefs UFA
TE Kevin Ware San Francisco 49ers UFA
TE Lamont Hall New Orleans Saints UFA
TE Matt Cushing Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
TE Mike Leach Denver Broncos UFA
TE Patrick Hape Denver Broncos UFA
TE Rickey Dudley Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
TE Ryan Neufeld Buffalo Bills UFA
TE Stephen Alexander Detroit Lions UFA

Wide Recievers (60)
WR Aaron Hosack Minnesota Vikings ERFA
WR Antoine Burns Carolina Panthers ERFA
WR Cedric James New England Patriots ERFA
WR CJ Jones Cleveland Browns ERFA
WR DeAndrew Rubin Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
WR Derek McCoy Tampa Bay Buccaneers ERFA
WR Derrick Ward New York Giants ERFA
WR JJ Moses Houston Texans ERFA
WR Kendall Newson Miami Dolphins ERFA
WR LaShaun Walker Oakland Raiders ERFA
WR Malcolm Floyd San Diego Chargers ERFA
WR Mike Furrey St. Louis Rams ERFA
WR Quinnie Shaw San Diego Chargers ERFA
WR- Reggie Newhouse Arizona Cardinals ERFA
WR Romar Crenshaw Denver Broncos ERFA
WR Ronald Curry Oakland Raiders ERFA
WR Ryan Hoag Minnesota Vikings ERFA
WR Sean Morey Pittsburgh Steelers ERFA
WR Talman Gardner New Orleans Saints ERFA
WR Tom Crowder Dallas Cowboys ERFA
WR Willie Ponder New York Giants ERFA
WR, Lane Danielson Tennessee Titans ERFA
WR, Todd DeVoe Tennessee Titans ERFA
WR/KR Wes Welker Miami Dolphins ERFA
WR Andra Davis Cleveland Browns RFA
WR Cedrick Wilson San Francisco 49ers RFA
WR Cortez Hankton Jacksonville Jaguars RFA
WR David Givens New England Patriots RFA
WR Eddie Drummond Detroit Lions RFA
WR Edell Shepherd Tampa Bay Buccaneers RFA
WR Freddie Milons Baltimore Ravens RFA
WR Kevin Kasper New England Patriots RFA
WR Lee Mays Pittsburgh Steelers RFA
WR- Nathan Poole Arizona Cardinals RFA
WR Alex Bannister Seattle Seahawks UFA
WR Andre King Cleveland Browns UFA
WR Bobby Shaw San Diego Chargers UFA
WR Charles Lee Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
WR Corey Bradford Houston Texans UFA
WR Curtis Conway San Francisco 49ers UFA
WR Dane Looker St. Louis Rams UFA
WR David Patten New England Patriots UFA
WR Dedric Ward Dallas Cowboys UFA
WR Drew Haddad Buffalo Bills UFA
WR Eddie Berlin Tennessee Titans UFA
WR Frank Murphy Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
WR James Thrash, Washington Redskins UFA
WR Jerry Porter Oakland Raiders UFA
WR Joey Galloway Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
WR Karl Hankton Carolina Panthers UFA
WR Kelly Campbell Minnesota Vikings UFA
WR Kelvin Kight Green Bay Packers UFA
WR Micah Ross Carolina Panthers UFA
WR Plaxico Burress Pittsburgh Steelers UFA
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh Cincinnati Bengals UFA
WR Tai Streets Detroit Lions UFA
WR Tim Brown Tampa Bay Buccaneers UFA
WR Travis Taylor Baltimore Ravens UFA
WR Troy Walters Indianapolis Colts UFA
WR, Troy Edwards Jacksonville Jaguars UFA
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Here are the guys I'd look at.

Aaron Kampman
Adalius Thomas
Carlos Hall
Darren Howard
John Abraham

Pat Williams
Chris Hovan (who has ability but has had a poor season=lower asking price)

Ryan Diem (if we dump Samuels)

Brian Russell

WR (if we get rid of Gardner)
Kelly Campell
Plaxico Burress
Joey Porter
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They won't ante up for Burress. I also think they might be interested to see what they have in Jacobs and McCants, so it just doesn't make sense to sign an expensive guy at WR.

As for the list of DEs, I think the only ones with pass rush ability are Carlos Hall and Darren Howard. Abraham, of course, is also a top-notch end, but I don't know if they can afford to bid for him. Who knows.

I think center is one of the areas on the line where we could certainly use more depth but I don't know if any of these FA's are going to provide it. I don't think there is much blue-chip talent among the FA centers on this list.

At tackle, if Samuels does not restructure and is cut, they may make a run for Walter Jones. I have a feeling Tra Thomas and Orlando Pace are going to be too cost-prohibitive. Even Jones is going to command a high salary, but that is the premium you pay for top-notch tackles. Renegotiating with Samuels just seems to be the most viable option to me.

I think what will be particularly interesting, is if they go after a veteran running back to handle short-yardage situations - a la Gerald Riggs in the 80s.

There are some guys available who may fit the bill - Anthony Thomas, Correll Buckhalter, Lamont Jordan, and Dorsey Levens.
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LaMont Jordan is young and ready to take C-Mart's place, the Jets won't part with him. I'd like to see the A Train in DC. I like him as an all around back!

What about a TE? I think we're a bit thin there. Mainly for blocking, but another person defenses have to think about.
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Damn, the center list is a bit thin, Justin Hartwig would be worth making a run at.
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Man, seeing Eddie George in a Skins jersey sure would be sweet.
"It's not about what you've done, but what's been done for you."
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Originally Posted by cpayne5
Man, seeing Eddie George in a Skins jersey sure would be sweet.
Are you serious? We don't need any ex-cowboys on our roster.
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Originally Posted by Redskins_P
Are you serious? We don't need any ex-cowboys on our roster.
What do you think? :tongue

"It's not about what you've done, but what's been done for you."
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Fight for old DC!
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Originally Posted by cpayne5
What do you think? :tongue

LOL. Thank God.
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