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6th Annual Donís Prediction League

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: 6th Annual Donís Prediction League

Originally Posted by mlmpetert View Post
Yeah there is no chance we do worse than last year. I would be completely shocked if we donít go at least 8-8. I think our division is completely up for grabs.

Almost every person expects us to do bad solely because of the reX-factor; Donís Crystal Ball, espn, fox and cbs (pft just makes funny comments). I donít think Rex is a amazing qb by any stretch but Ive said this before and I honestly believe it; we have a better QB situation then at least 10 other teams. I also think that with the offense we are running our QB is marginally less important than the importance QBs usually command.

Rex will have this to deal with:

The best offensive line we have had since the opening day of 2007 when Jon Jensen broke his leg against Miami
And probably have the best o-line in the division
The best WR line up we have had in YEARS
2 very good receiving and blocking tight ends
His second year in the same system
A potentially very dangerous backfieldÖ.. Im not sold on Hightower not fumbling, Torrian staying healthy and Helu is just a rookie (also any RB not named Portis makes me worried with back field block assignments). However I am sold on what Mike Shanahan is able to do when it comes to running the ball.
A team that doesnt have any big ego guys and is young and hungry to prove themselves and win. This shouldnt have to be mentioned but unfortunately its a dramatic change from years past for us.

We have a lot of young and new players to our schemes which is our biggest question mark in my opinion. Our defense is another big one, I honestly donít expect it to be better than 20th in the league. But for everyone to point to Rex as the thing thatís gonna sink us is just crazy to me considering he is in such a good position to succeed.
I didn't pointed Rex being the reason for u guys not to succeed I said that shanahan wants rex to be a guy that controls the game don't screw up and let the running game and defense win the game. The problem is that this isn't a top 10 defense and Rex will screw up and you don't have the team to overcome those screwups.
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