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You're the GM, map out your offseason plan

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Old 12-28-2004, 11:07 AM   #1
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You're the GM, map out your offseason plan

Imagine for a moment you're the GM of the Skins working with Gibbs and the staff. What is your offseason plan? What changes do you make to the roster and/or staff? What do you not change about the roster/staff. Try to keep your plan logical, cutting or trading half the team isn't a reality. Also try to keep the cap in mind when you're laying out your plan.

Here's mine:

I start off by pushing hard to re-sign Smoot and Pierce to long-term deals. These two guys are without a doubt my top priority as the offseason kicks off.

Next I restructure Samuels to give us much needed cap relief. I don't think Samuels has much leverage with us, the past 2 seasons he's been very average and he's not going to get top dollar from anyone else. I expect we'll be able to re-work his deal.

Some key guys I look to bring back with minimum deals: Joe Salave'a, Lemar Marshall, Ray Brown (as a backup), Todd Franz.

Guys on the bubble that I'd look to deal away or cut because of cap and/or performance reasons: Rod Gardner (last year of his deal, won't be a huge cap hit), Chad Morton, Corey Raymer, Darnernian McCants, Jermaine Haley, Lennie Friedman, Mike Sellers, Renaldo Wynn, Rock Cartwright, Brian Kozlowski.

In the draft I look to come away with one of the top WR's available. Of course a lot depends on where we pick, trading down to pick up a 2nd rounder is also a strong consideration I would make. With the later round picks I look for offensive and defensive lineman to develop.

In free agency I'm looking for a starting center, possibly some depth at WR and RB, and defensive line help. I don't think it's necessary to go after a big name pass rusher. In fact the only place I'd be looking to spend some serious money is at the center position. I'm also looking for a TE who can catch AND block. Cooley is firmly entrenched as the h-back, but having a TE who's a double threat would help add another dimension to the offense. Royal doesn't seem to be that guy to me.

With the staff I make no changes unless someone leaves, which seems unlikely. Williams and Blache seem committed to returning to finish what they started. Offensively I give Gibbs whatever he needs. If he thinks he could benefit by bringing in a consultant or coordinator, that's what I would do. If not that's fine with me, I trust he's going to be burning some serious midnight oil all winter and spring upgrading the system and making any necessary adjustments.

Alright there's my plan, fire away guys.

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My first concern is to bring back the defense in tact. Try to lock up Lott, Franz, Smoot, Harris, Marshall, Pierce. Make sure they're all back with slight extentions. Smoot/Pierce give more to. Keep this whole unit in tact, but maybe substitute in some more depth at defensive back (maybe Williams can find a mid-round DB who would be great as another blitzer.) Restructure Wynns contract, and figure out about Daniels health. If we can do that maybe draft a mid-round DE, otherwise go for a high motor, high energy, affordable DE in the offseason. If cap room allows, go for one anyways!

On offense, add a real big play receiver and help to the offensive line. Give Taylor Jacobs a legitimate shot at catching some balls this year and seeing what he can do. Restructure Samuels or trade him away. Keep Thomas, Dockery, Samuels, and Jansen. I feel even Dockery has made some good plays this year, and if he can workout his problems during the offseason could certainly be good enough for another year. I also would like a large TE, maybe even an O lineman coming out who's a dominating blocker, with moderate speed but great hands. Someone who can rollout to make a clutch first down catch. Not exactly a stat-monster, but certainly a safety valve. Sign any center you can get your hands on.

The draft, there are still a lot of scenarios left, but I'll assume we trade no picks and fix said cap issues with Samuels, Wynn, and get a center via free agency.
1: WR
2: N/A
3: DE
4: DB for Williams
5: that Oline/Tend hybrid
6+: Look for projects. Dline, Oline, anyone the coaching staff feels they could mould.
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Old 12-28-2004, 12:30 PM   #3
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No one is safe and too much money has been spent already! This team is way over paid for the number of wins produced.

More answers are needed on OL than on D, and TE, and WR are areas requiring change. Whether we have what we need, or have to go and get someone, only cousin vinnie, LDS, and HOF Coach Gibbs can answer. I defer to their combined superior wisdom. Well, maybe not cousin vinnie!

I did not want Brunnell or Portis, and I think we should not have gotten rid of Marty-ball quite so quickly. We got 'em anyway, so now we've got to figure out a way to work-around.
'37, '42, '83, '88, '92. Championship!
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Old 12-28-2004, 12:36 PM   #4
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* Sign Smoot and Pierce
* Ask Brunell to take a pay cut (we really don't have any leverage with this one)
* Seek a starting-quality center
* Assess the situation with the two rookie Olinemen and maybe cut Samuels if he won't restructure.
* Look (either draft or FA) for a bruising full back type that can both block and bash it in.
* CB depth
* Resign Ethan Albright. We all know what a bad snap can do to you.
* Make sure Coles get healthy this offseason!!!
* Cut Gardner (or maybe get a low pick in a trade).

Cut: Rock, Kozlowski, & Friedman for starters.

In the draft, I trade down to pick up some picks. I'd look for a center, athletic Olinemen, versatile offensive and defensive players (ie make plays on special teams routinely as well as contribute to another unit), WRs who aren't 'elite' but know how to find the open space, hard hitting DBs, and a pass rushing DE (in the ND Kalu mold).

Those aren't necessarily in gotta have order. I don't really have an order of positions. I'd rank the players 1...n and take them in that order as they are available.
"It's not about what you've done, but what's been done for you."
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Old 12-28-2004, 12:37 PM   #5
Thank You, Sean.
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I will agree with you bckrow about Marty. I think that team was on the right track when he was fired, but whats done is done. We have Brunell (which Sucks), we have Portis (which dosent suck).

My offseason plan, is no plan at all. Keep what we have, and get a few very low profile guys to come in. Get a new center, someone who can start NOW! Maybe draft one late to try to mold them, but get a FA Center who can at least hold his own and not be killed. Ramsey see's Raymer in his face more than he does Coles.

I'm all for getting a pass-rusher. I wouldnt mind getting one in the first round, although I htink we should use that on a WR. I dont know if there are any FA's besides J. Abraham that are any good, but I think we should pass on him. I say we blow our third rounder on a DE, or maybe even trade to get a second rounder so we can move up.

Samuels Needs to be restructred, but we cant get rid of him. We cant have another gaping hole there. We should draft a gaurd, incase Dockery dosent pan out. M. Wilson looked good at tackle the one game he played, so maybe there is somewhere on the offesnive line for him.

We really dont have a ton of holes on this team... in my world I want to see these done, and I'll be happy if this happens...

Samuels Restructures, Perice, Smoot resigned.
All the "little people" on the defense (Salav'e, ect ) resigned
A new Center
Draft Mike Williams
Better defensive end, possibly cut Wynn ( his number is huge ).
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Old 12-28-2004, 01:22 PM   #6
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1) Offensive Line- Biggest area of need- New Guard, Center and backup Tackle. We need to draft or sign new talent to develop. Bugel is great at developing young guys, but it takes time. So start now before we are forced again to choose between a 42 y.o. guard and a fat loser like Kenyatta Jones.

2) TE- we need a big bruiser/short yardage run blocker that can run and catch. Cooley is a great start, but more of an H-back, not a killer blocker.

3) WR - keep Coles and Gardner, the others are disposable. Jacobs is running out of time. I have to disagree with getting rid of Gardner. Let him play out his contract, when used correctly and our QB's are not missing the side of a barn or throwing to the other team, Gardner has proved he is better than Jacob, McCants & co. Draft and develop a great physical rookie, not a soft/dud like Jacobs. Jacobs up to now has proven to be one-dimensional, outside speed receiver. He does not posses all the tools to be a #2 reciever in the NFL.

4) DT/DE - Need to start to develop a young guy and give him time to become great as a back up, than throw him in.

5) Let defense coach Williams sign anyone he thinks he needs (with in reason). He proved he knows what he is doing. Remember this last offseason when some on TWP were questioning the large number of LB's and CB's signed? Well with all the injuries we had at LB he proved it was needed.
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Old 12-28-2004, 01:29 PM   #7
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I think there are some personnel issues that need to be addressed, but I don't think we need to go overboard in this area.

It is honestly very minute details that are resulting in large consequences for the offense. Drastic personnel changes are never the way to go.

I'm going to go out on a limb and be the only person who thinks we really need to AVOID drafting Mike Williams if he is available. Mike Williams is NOT a deep threat type receiver - he is more in the Anquan Boldin / Larry Fitzgerald mold, of a large intermediate-route threat.

I think we need to use a first-round pick on a defensive-end, and if that means trading down and acquiring more picks, then this is the route to go. I think we should also use a high pick to find an interior lineman.

One of the things our defense was lacking this year was the ability to generate a pass-rush with the front-four (although Griffin has done this somewhat - and Chris Clemons has seemed to be a promising fit). Having an end who can get to the quarterback will have a tremendous effect on the rest of the defense.

On the offensive side of the ball, I think the group just needs an off-season to get their heads straight and let all the lessons from this season sink-in. By acquiring someone on the outside who can move the safeties a few years back, and acquiring someone who can consistenly pick up short yardage, I think you'll see a HUGE difference in the efficiency of the offense next year.

The most important things in the off-season:

1. Don't panic.
2. Re-sign UFAs
3. Sign a receiver with jets and a short-yardage back.
4. Draft a defensive end and an interior lineman.
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Old 12-28-2004, 01:40 PM   #8
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Originally Posted by Mattyk72
In the draft I look to come away with one of the top WR's available. Of course a lot depends on where we pick, trading down to pick up a 2nd rounder is also a strong consideration I would make. With the later round picks I look for offensive and defensive lineman to develop.
Matty, this is the only point where I disagree.

I think Coles is best on the 10-15 yard crossing routes, ins, and hook patterns. This is the area where Mike Williams will probably excel.

Braylon Edwards might have more deep speed, but I still think we should look at trading down and picking up a pass rusher.

A guy like Craphonso Thorpe or Terrence Murphy will be able to be a real threat on the fly patterns, coming out of the slot, and will open up those crossing routes for Coles.

At RB, I think we should look at a guy like Kay-Jay Harris with our 4th round pick.

Come to think of it, the ideal situation would be to trade down from our #1 slot and pick up a 3rd rounder?

Then, we could go:

1st rounder: DE (Erasmus James or Mathias Kiwanuka)
3rd rounder: C (Ben Wilkerson or Vince Carter)
3rd rounder: WR (Craphonso Thorpe or Terrence Murphy)
4th rounder: RB (Kay-Jay Harris)
6th rounder: OL/DL/LB project
7th rounder: OL/DL/LB project
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Old 12-28-2004, 01:46 PM   #9
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Matty - I just realized you did say you thought we might want to consider moving down to the 2nd rd. for a receiver - which is basically what I just reiterated.

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Old 12-28-2004, 02:18 PM   #10
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Im Not Completely Against Trading Gardener,samuels Etc... Just For Draft Picks.
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Take everything below with a pinch of salt, and do correct me mercilessly if I've made errors.

Here's something that baffles me. Why doesn't Gibbs' playbook feature any creative route running for the WRs? Brandon Stokely doesn't exactly have blazing speed, but how many times have you seen him catch TDs completely untouched, with no DBs within 10 yards of him? Surely his speed is not what's causing the separation. The separation is only attributable to creative route running, or Peyton being a shifty-yed mofo and conning the DBs, or both.

How ironic is it that Martyball in San Diego is looking much more exciting than Gibbs ball?

I'd seriously consider obtaining potentially 4 1st round picks in the draft - the # 5 pick from sucking this year, and three more if we trade Samuels, Ramsey & Gardner. I'd use the # 5 to sign Erasmus Jones, DE from Wisconsin, give one to the Colts as part of a trade for Dwight Freeney, and use the remaining two to trade up and nab Mike Williams.

1. Demote Don Breaux to offensive consultant (since Gibbs won't fire him). Bugel stays out of play calling, and focuses on teaching the O-line how to zone block for Portis. We don't need two conservative play callers calling the offensive shots. Gibbs needs to have a creative play caller to complement his predictable conservative style. Any suggestions for creative offensive coords with decent experience other than Martz or Fassel?

2. Not sure if we need both Byner and Breaux.

3. Hijack a good Left tackle and Center from the Steelers/Denver/Colts/Chiefs, like we did with the Jets in 2003.

Samuels is gone, and Dockery, Jansen & Thomas are the only linemen that stay. Any suggestions for linemen we can lure away from Denver/Steelers/Chiefs/Colts?

4. Resign Smoot and Pierce and keep the secondary intact. Barrow is gone.

5. Retain all defensive coaches (especially Blache). Daniels & Wynn are gone.

6. Rod Gardner traded for a pick. With our 1st round pick, we take Mike Williams. I keep Mccants purely for his red zone value, and keep Jacobs & Thrash as well. With Williams, even though there is no blazing speed, you can lob the ball in his general direction and guarantee he will win the 1 on 1 matchup like Moss, or a Todd Heap.

Regarding TEs/ H-backs, Kozlowski is gone.

8. Ideally, I'd also want to trade Ramsey to the Dolphins for their 1st round pick, and somehow end up signing Drew Brees. He may not have Ramsey's cannon, but he sees the field better and can throw with anticipation. As for him learning the nuances of Gibbs offense, it doesn't seem like its too complicated an offense to master.

9. Special teams - we fire Danny Smith and bring in a Gary Zauner (Ravens) or the like. As much as I hate Sellers for his boneheaded penalties, he is worth keeping for the blocks and tackles he makes on special teams - not to mention a decent replacement at H-back, should Cooley be injured.

Chad Morton is gone, and Antonio Brown gets a serious re-evaluation - his fumble was costly, but he did show some blazing speed on his first punt return.

This is what the skins of 2005 should ideally look like:

QB: Brees (1st String), Hasselback (2nd string), Brunell (3rd string), assuming Gibbs won't let Brunell go.

RB: Portis, Betts

H-back/TE: Cooley, Sellars, Royal

WRs: Coles, Mike Williams, Jacobs, Thrash, Mccants

O-line: Jansen, Thomas, Replacement Center, Dockery, Replacement LT (unless Wilson/Molinaro show tremedous improvement).

D-line: Erasmus Jones, Griffin, Salave'A, Freeney (cap permitting) with Warner & Evans as back ups - else, Warner starts.

Linebackers: Washington, Pierce, Lavar with Campbell, Clemons & Lemar as back ups.

DBs: Springs, Smoot, Harris - and a serious re-evaluation of Jimoh (at this point, he might be more valuable for us than drafting a 5th or 6th round DB.)

Safety: Taylor and Bowen, with Franz & Lott as back-ups.

Cap space: Saved from the release of Barrow, Daniels, Wynn, Samuels, Raymer, Gardner with Smoot and Pierce being signed to Cap-friendly deals. And then hope for the TV deal to be regotiated in 2006 to save us from hell.
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#1 & 2 - Resign Smoot & Pierce

#3 - restructure Samuels, Wynn, and Brunell


Morton, Kozlowski, Gardner (or trade), McCants, Cartwright, Friedman, Haley, Jimoh


Warner, Salave'a, Boschetti, Clemons, Marshall, Clark, Lott, Franz, Sellars

When Free agency starts, we should pick up some o-line help (center, guard, tackle). Big, bruising short yardage back. A veteran TE that is more versatile than Koz. Another WR.


WR (Mike Williams)

Pass rushing DE

DB (safety or CB)

O-lineman (if we still have enough picks)
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You guys forgot about going out and finding a YOUNGER offensive mind, to be possibly the Offensive coordinator. Gibbs unless he makes some big changes to our scheme (and I think he will) system is way of of date.
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First priorities should be:
Power RB

Second priorities:
WR (I think we would do better stealing one from another team like we did with Coles then to draft one)

With Jansen back and Wilson/Molinero with a year under thier belt, a center should improve the line.
Keep Barrow, the guy is a monster when healthy and won't hurt the cap.

Ditch Koz, Rock (sorry, I love him but not at his current weight), Friedman, Mcants, Morton, and a DE.
Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. A. Einstien
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Originally Posted by skins009
You guys forgot about going out and finding a YOUNGER offensive mind, to be possibly the Offensive coordinator. Gibbs unless he makes some big changes to our scheme (and I think he will) system is way of of date.
I mentioned that in my post....this guy would replace Don Breaux...but who? Would be cool to have a Martz or Fassel, but those guys won't be here for any more than 1 yr, till they get lured away by a head coaching position somewhere else.
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