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One of our coaches doesn't want Smoot back?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 01-03-2005, 12:35 AM   #16
Thank You, Sean.
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Originally Posted by Bozzy
Maybe this guy doesn't want Smoot back because he'll demand too much money...Hell we don't need Smoot, we have Greg Williams who can make a great player out of anybody. Look at Walt Harris. And that Wilds guy.

Thats the thing. I freaking love Fred Smoot, he was gonna be my next jesrey purchase, the whole 9 yards. However, if he does want too much money, I feel we can get the production out of the guys we have right now and maybe a low profile FA. I dont think we have to break the bank on someone or waste our pick on Rolle. I would hate to lose smoot, but I dont think its somthing that will kill our team personell wise. I do think his leadership would be missed.
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Old 01-03-2005, 01:53 AM   #17
Uncle Phil
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Originally Posted by Mattyk72
If Smoot is indeed seeking Bailey money then he can walk.

Springs type money is more than fair.
Usually though, you ask for more than you expect right? You ask for Bailey money expecting to get Springs money instead of asking for Springs money and getting stuck with Jimoh money (for example)
You're So Vain...You Probably Think This Sig Is About You
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Old 01-03-2005, 02:22 AM   #18
Mr. Brightside
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what im really concerned about is if we lose smoot, and dont replace him, will Ade Jimoh be nickle back over Wilds?!!?!?!?!?!! if so, smoot is worth 100 million!!
"I don't care what nobody say I'm a be me, stay hood stay real, cause I'm out here grindin'" -Joe Gibbs
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Old 01-03-2005, 02:27 AM   #19
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Just wondering, but what is so bad with Jimoh? I mean the guy plays for us pretty good, and if he didn't dont you think that Williams would have let him go by now? Also, I may be wrong, but isnt Jimoh only a 2nd year player? If so the guy is young, and he still has not got cut or sent to the practice squade(SP). So either the guy is able to play or Williams must like keeping him around to challange the other DB's when Jimoh is on the field...
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Old 01-03-2005, 03:50 AM   #20
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I honestly think Smoot will stay. Atleast a year. This season he's played his guts out more than ever before. As a fan I thank him wholeheartedly. I would also like to thank most of the underrated overachieving defense. Greg Williams makes Ray Rhodes look like a high school coach as he can plug almost anyone into his scheme. (Champ for Portis? I still think it was a good idea) Shawn Springs has played above and beyond all of my expectations. No name DL was great with whatever group this season. Pierce for running the D better than Lavar could've. Sean Taylor brutal rookie and nonstop every play. Matt Bowen's early efforts before his injury great blitzes. Smoot throwing his ailing shoulder into anything he could. Thanks to the defense for having pride in being a Redskin. Also special thanks to LC, Thrash, Ramsey, Betts, Cooley, Samuels, Thomas, Ray Brown and etc. All of those who gave it all. Money doesn't matter if you get a SB ring. Think about how much Joe Thiesmann made as a SB QB? 150,000?
As for Len the fatso he's making shzit up as always. Believe the bottom line. And if you've read his bs before you know he probably eats better than he reports.
Looking forward to 2k5 season. Gibbs is back and the players (cept for Gardner and a handful of others) are playing full on on every play. I appreciate that. Portis is a good back but Joe Washington tried much harder. Impressed with Betts today for his effort. GO SKINS!
GO SKINS!!! ^21^
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