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ESPN Insider: Kellen Winslow likely a Redskin

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Old 03-17-2004, 08:34 AM   #16
skinsfanthru&thru's Avatar
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plus these next 2-3 years will finally be the first team in I can't remember how long, that we'll have the same defensive cord. for more than one year so that in itself should back our defense stronger if not a lot this year, atleast quite a bit next year. I'd be as happy as anyone else on here if we won the superbowl but the past couple years have taught me to be, as the old ball coach said I believe, "cautiously optimistic."

as long as we :smashfrea dallas and phili(atleast once) to a pulp I'll be happy
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Old 03-17-2004, 08:52 AM   #17
Thank You, Sean.
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I too, am having a hard time deciding who I want when dealing with Winslow and Taylor. Theres two perfectly good ways too look at this, were stronger on offense, so draft on defense. Or, we can make our offense even more awsome than it already looks to be, and that too will take pressure off our defense. GOing into the season, either way, I'm going to be more optomistic about our offense, and less about our defense. However, I think with smarter coaching we will have, and upgraded players ( say what you want about our pickups, they are still upgrades), our defense will/should be able to keep us into every game and our offense should be able to take over the majority of games for us. So either way, as long as I hear " From the University of Miami" I will be a happy man. ( not that I wouldnt be happy with a DL/trade down, but that dosent really look to be an option anymore)
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Old 03-17-2004, 10:23 AM   #18
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I know I have said this before, but look at last years KC Chiefs and Indy Colts. They both have the most feared offenses in the NFL and average defenses. They were both soundly beaten in the playoffs. KC was embarrassed.
Carolina and Patriots had great defense's and their offense's did not "scare" anyone.
Hell, we beat the Patriots last regular season, when they had key injuries to their defense.
Neither the Patriots or the Panthers have a "scary, all pro" tight end. However both have good secondary's and safetys.
The best TE in football Tony Gonzalez, got beat bad in the first round of playoffs. The second best, TE Jeremy Shockey did not even make the playoffs. TE position is overrated. You can win with a rookie 5th round draft choice, like the Panthers didi last year.
Defense Wins Championships!
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Old 03-17-2004, 10:27 AM   #19
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Age: 41
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Right now I think the D needs more work than the O, specifically the D line. Perhaps the FO has their eyes on a potential June 1 cut? Or trading down on draft day could be in the works.

Either way I'd have a hard time arueging against Taylor or Winslow being selected at #5. Both are very worthy of that pick and would be impact players right away.
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Old 03-17-2004, 01:57 PM   #20
Propane and propane accessories
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Before the offseason began, it was clear they needed to upgrade both at TE and at safety (as well as a number of other areas, of course: d-line, QB, RB, etc...). They've added Rasby. They've kept Chamberlin so far, and They've got Royal. They made no move at all in FA to get a safety, though they've gone after loads of CBs. Further, they seem to be stressing LBs and secondary over the d-line at the moment. All this points to Taylor for me.

The main wild card is that Gibbs has a personal relationship with Winslow Sr., and he certainly knows how to use a great TE (like when he was coordinator in SD under Coryell). If it was anyone but Gibbs, I'd say Taylor, but it's Gibbs, thank goodness, and if he wants another weapon, give it to him, and finish the D next year.

So, like everyone else, I have no friggin idea! :cheeky-sm
Hail from Houston!
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Old 03-17-2004, 02:05 PM   #21
The Starter
joethiesmanfan's Avatar
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I agree with you totally. Gibbs getting winslow's son should be magical we'll finish the d we need another CB in my opinion bobby Taylor is better than Shawn Springs. i wuold rather have him on T.O. than Springs. what do yall think?
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Old 03-17-2004, 02:15 PM   #22
Franchise Player
Sheriff Gonna Getcha's Avatar
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I'm having trouble deciding whether to take Taylor or Winslow too.

Winslow will probably be better than his dad and Taylor will be like Ronnie Lott. Winslow would make our offense so explosive while Taylor would put fear into opposing offenses. Winslow is a immature, idiot, but he's young. Taylor doesn't have any character flaws that I am aware of. Taylor would be an upgrade over Ohalete, but Winslow is a much bigger upgrade when you consider he'd replace Flemister. Safeties and tight ends don't cost much. Safties and tight ends are better bets to succeed than wideouts or quarterbacks. Safety and tight end are not really essential positions to have marquee players at, but in Gibbs' system I guess the TE is more important than the S.

I'm not sure we can go wrong at #5.

PS Gibbs' declaration that the 'Skins won't trade down barring an irresistible offer is simply to increase our pick's market value. Why in the world would he say, "we desperately want to trade down so someone offer us a crappy deal because we'll take anything"?
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Old 03-17-2004, 02:33 PM   #23
Impact Rookie
SkinsRock's Avatar
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Location: Crofton, MD
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I wouldn't be upset with any of the three probable scenarios...

a. draft Taylor at #5
b. draft Winslow at #5
c. trade down 5-10 spots and draft a D-lineman

That said, I agree that defense should be the focus. We have plenty of weapons on offense already, so even as great as he may be, Winslow would be more of a luxury. We need help on the D-line, but Taylor would be an immediate impact player, so either b or c would be best for the Skins IMO.

Our D last year wasn't good, but it wasn't that bad either (yeah, it was ranked 25th, but I remember a lot of people saying that wasn't the true test of how good they are when they were in the top ten the year before). Just like Gibbs is a HUGE upgrade over Spurrier on the offensive side, Williams will make the D better just because of his experience and knowledge of how to succeed at the NFL level. If he thinks we can get by without a true pass rushing DE, but strong LB's and secondary, who are we to argue?
Just my ...
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Old 03-17-2004, 02:34 PM   #24
Special Teams
AnonEmouse's Avatar
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Agreed RF. My question is, is there a TE or S likely to be free after June 1st that will sway us either way?

If we went after Lynch, I'd say we were going to draft Winslow, but with no discernible effort to get a FA safety, I am left wondering. Roll on draft day!
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Old 03-17-2004, 08:24 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by SkinsRock
If he thinks we can get by without a true pass rushing DE, but strong LB's and secondary, who are we to argue?
Agree 100%. Excellent statement.
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Old 03-18-2004, 03:38 PM   #26
skinsfanthru&thru's Avatar
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Age: 34
Posts: 3,720
does anyone have any idea what the difference would be in contracts and signing bonuses that would be needed to sign either taylor or winslow? r they vastly different or somewhat similar and what type of #'s r we talking about?
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