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looking way into the future, 2012 draft

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looking way into the future, 2012 draft

I just briefly checked over 5 2012 draft analyst sites, and I gotta say, things are looking very good for the skins. I want to preface with what I'm about to say with I know it is very early, things change, players don't come out, and we also don't know where we are going to draft, but at the same what I saw is still encouraging for the time being.
I'd say that from a drafting perspective, the positions we need to look at are WR, ILB, and QB. I tried to average all the sites I looked at out and it seems like there will be about 4 first round WRs, 3 first round ILBs (and at least one 4-3 olb that we might be able to convert), and 3 first round QBs. On top of that, I'd say corner and interior line would be our next priorities, with DL being a possibility also. It looked like there will be 4 first round corners, two first round guards, and 5 first round 3-4 DL. By my count, that's 10 players we could target, and 11 picks after that would contribute to our team (we'd probably just pick best player available.

If you don't care about why I think these positions are important, stop reading now.

WR-obviously we don't have any bonefide studs, but we do have ok depth. Moss is aging, gaffney is aging, Hankerson is too early to write off as being a number 1, but his zero catches isn't encouraging, and I think next year we will lose cooley. This is a draft pick for the future and the present.

ILB-Fletcher's contract is up and he is a million years old. Rocky's numbers look good, but I don't believe in him, and I don't think the skins FO does either. Our backups haven't done anything to show that they can fill in adequately as starters.

QB-Rex is doing fine now, but he is 31, and who knows how long he will keep up his good job.

CB-Hall, Wilson, Buchanon and possibly Barnes we have. Hall isn't a very technical cover man, he is an athlete and a gambler. He plays extremely hard/wrecklessly and I think this will impact his body quicker than it should. I don't think he will change his style of gambling or going for the big plays, but I think his athletic ability will dwindle soon and his playmaking ability will go with it as his knack for giving up big plays won't. Wilson hasn't done anything to impress me so far, and he's hurt all the time (plus he only has a 3 year deal). Barnes/Westbrook/others I don't think we can rely on to be starters down the road. Buchanon is in his last year with the skins imo.

DL- We are actually pretty good here imo with Jenkins, Coefield, Bowen, and Carriker if we re-sign him, but Jenkins might not recover well from his acl, and Carriker might not re-sign. But even if they do, it is always good to have depth/rotation players at DL. There seem to be about 5 players in the first that could play DL for us. If we don't like anyone at our target positions, and we really like someone at DL, I could see us taking one.

Interior linemen- Our interior line isn't too poor, but it could be better for sure. I honestly don't see shanny drafting any interior linemen, but I view it as a need so I put it there as a last resort option because I think he will take it over safety (laron and otagwe), OT (Williams, Brown), RB (hightower and Helu), TE (davis) and OLB (orakpo/kerrigan). I'd say if there is no DL we like at our spot, and we really like a guard, we'll take him. I think the battle between the 3 positions we might take but aren't a priority will come down to whatever player we are in love with the most (with CB having the slight edge over the other 2 due to shanny's past of not drafting interior o-linemen high, and our DL already being solid)
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Re: looking way into the future, 2012 draft

I agree with just about everything you said. I think if we cant get landry jones or Luck (i know dreaming and i dont like barkley), we should pick up a QB in the second round and either go Corner or WR in the first round. We arent going to be bad enough to get a justin blackmon, but im really really hopeful we can come out of the first round with a alshon jeffries or michael floyd. Havent watched jeffries this year, but floyd is exactly what we need, big strong physical wideout with good hands and body control. Something we have been missing in DC for a while. But I hear Jeffery is the elite player out of the two because where floyd lacks the downfield speed jeffery doesnt. 6'3 230 and 4.4 speed would be awesome to have on our squad, and a big outside threat like that i think would extend moss' productiveness for an even longer time then he would without one, it would allow him to strictly play the slot and run his option routes all the time which he does best. And in the mock drafts i have seen it has us getting Jeffery at 21! haha

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Re: looking way into the future, 2012 draft

Originally Posted by JoLo View Post
floyd is exactly what we need, big strong physical wideout with good hands and body control. Something we have been missing in DC for a while.
I love Floyd, would rather have him than any other WR in college right now. He is a Vjax clone.
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Re: looking way into the future, 2012 draft

We already have, for whatever reason, an active 2012 draft. No need to have another one.
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