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A pass 1st offense weekly lament

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Re: A pass 1st offense weekly lament

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
It's going to change almost every game. Teams will crowd the LOS to stop the run then we will start with the pass first. Teams that decide to sit back and stop the pass will open up the run for us.

One opens up the other.
I'm not sure if you're responding to my post.
Its tough to tell because you didn't quote, so if you're not responding to my post then disregard this post.
But, I'm pointing out very specific instances that clearly show and abandonment of the run.

But, generally speaking I agree with your post above.
But, lets say that the idea in your post is completely true.
You would be running an offense that allows the defense to dictate how you run your offense.
And imo that's not how good offenses with a true identity execute their offense.

Kyle has proven to be a pass first OC and there's nothing wrong with that.
Kyle has faith in his passing offense and with good reason.
Kyle has lead one of the top passing offenses in the league in Houston.
And despite the lack of talent at QB, OL and WR Kyle's passing offense's here have been better then its individual pieces enough to produce a middle of the pack passing offense.
Even though Kyle forgets about the run at times; most games Kyle does a good job of using the scheme/playcalling to get receivers opens.

Imo the focus during this offseason speaks to Kyle's philosophy as an OC.
We put ourselves in position to draft RGIII and added Garcon and Morgan to lead the WR corps.
If Kyle wants to win with the passing game then imo he's making the right moves to create a dynamic passing offense.
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Old 03-27-2012, 10:30 PM   #47
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Re: A pass 1st offense weekly lament

When Kyle was splitting playcalling duties with Kubiak the Texans had a respectable rushing attack the split was about 55/45 pass/run.

-2009 With full reign over the playcalling
Kyle sat at about 58/42 pass/run.

Kyle was 63/37 pass/run.
For comparison purposes, Kubiak's Texans remained at 58/42 despite having a dramatically improved rushing attack.

Kyle's ratio again: 60/40 pass/run
591 passing attempts (top 5 in the NFL more then every team except Detroit, New Orleans, New England and Atlanta)
300 rushing attempts (bottom 10 in the NFL ahead of only Green Bay, Buffalo, Arizona, Indy, Tennessee, Detroit and Tampa)

Texans 46 pass/53.8 run

Reconcilement of the Shanahan's offenses through the numbers and outcomes

Mike's pass/run ratio for his career is: 51.8% run vs 48.16% pass.
And actually that number is skewed because it wrongly includes the 2008 season where Jeremy Bates was the playcaller.
That season marked a clear depature from Mike's normal pass/run ratio with a 61.57% pass rate which was 4.12 percentage points higher then Mike's highest pass heavy season.

Kyle's 3 years, 2 here and w/ 1 with Houston, are right around 60/40

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