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Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Redskins Locker Room

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Thank You, Sean.
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Rams Questions for Tony McGee

I'll have the Dallas questions up hopefully tonight. Didnt talk to tony until last night... post Rams ones here!
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Quietly Dominating the East
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re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Greetings Tony it is great to be a Skins fan!! IT IS Awesome to be 3-1 and in....Command of the East (cough...cough). Great nonetheless.
We have displayed some disturbing trends as well. If you are the Coach, what are your top three priorities/actions on the bye week?
Thank you and....HTTR
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

The team is 3-1 leading and the division heading into the bye week. Do you think there is any consideration at this point to bench Rex for Beck? If so why, and if not what do you think it would take for this coaching staff to consider switching quarterbacks? Some fans are calling for Beck against the Eagles. In my opinion Rex hasn't been great, but he hasn't been bad enough to consider a switch. Thanks.
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Tony McGee:

As a defensive player what is your take on the defenseless receiver rule? After seeing the cowboy's Ball flagged for his hit on Moss last week, and then flags on Riley and Paul in today's win what do you think defensive players can do to avoid being flagged and likely fined by the NFL? In your experience of playing at the speed the NFL demands do you think its possible for Riley or Perry to have made adjustments to have not drawn flags? Also do you have access to the full language of the defenseless receiver rule and if so can you please share the details with us?

Thanks very much for you time! HTTR!!!
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Is it now time to give up on Banks?
'Any NFL team will win with RG3. Imagine how exciting it will be watching him do it.'
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Tony McGee,

What are your overall thoughts regarding our defensive? It seems the parts we added over the offseason, along with being in the system for year two, really has made a difference. Also, do you think we are giving our D too much praise too soon? We still have some tough offenses to face down the road.
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Is it time for Beck to step in and replace Rex?
“Nobody’s going to be handed a job; not my standpoint, and I know Jay feels that way and I know Bruce feels the same way. You have to earn it. That’s what the NFL is about. Prove to me that you deserve to be on the field,’ and that’s the way it has to be in the NFL.”- McC
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Mr. McGee. Thank you for the way you played as a Redskin. Can you give us your thoughts on some of the young players on this team? Who do you like and what do you see in them? Who is the jury still out on and what do they need to work on? Do you think we did too much passing toward the end of the last two games?
"I'm buying what Scott McCloughan is selling. Count me IN! HTTR!!!"
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Uncle Phil
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Who is your favorite defensive player in the NFL to watch? Not necessarily who's the best, but who's the most exciting.

Is Kyle Shanahan trying too hard to impress?

If you could pick the musical act for the Super Bowl halftime show, who would it be?

Kerrigan's switch from college DE to NFL 3-4 linebacker with such a short offseason and the success he's had in it...Huge accomplishment, or not that hard to do?
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Fire Bruce NOW
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Re: Rams Questions for Tony McGee

Dear Mr. Mcgee, Thank you again for taking our questions!

Who should start at running back?
Bruce Allen when in charge alone: 4-12 (.250)
Bruce Allen's overall Redskins record : 28-52 (.350)
Vinny Cerrato's record when in charge alone: 52-65 (.444)
Vinny's overall Redskins record: 62-82 (.430)
We won more with Vinny
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