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Redemption Week!!

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 10-16-2011, 01:25 AM   #166
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Re: Redemption Week!!

can't wait for kickoff ... this is def one the biggest early season games in a long time ... with the impact to knock philly down to 1-5 and to move to 4-1 is so huge ... I have confidence and not just kool aid confidence in this team ... the D & the Shannys have been working this one over for 2 weeks ... that crowd better be rocking it's ass off .. see you all Nov.6th as I'll be flying back for some fed ex action vs the 49ers.
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Old 10-16-2011, 07:32 AM   #167
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Re: Redemption Week!!

Biggest game in the last 3 years. im glad its a 1 kickoff, id start breaking sh*t if i had to wait to 4 for this
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Old 10-16-2011, 07:48 AM   #168
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Re: Redemption Week!!

WWOOOOTTT WOOOOOT! i bowled a respectable 162 last night..sry had to mention that. not the greatest score but considering there was a whole familyt of this girls birthday that came down fron PA with their own bowling balls figured id mention.

ANYWAYS we are gonna stomp these lil bastards, man, ive made the past about 5 years or so philly games at fed ex wish i didnt have to go to this wedding and would be heading south instead of north.

i love philly fans. ive drank and smoked in this eagles decked out winnebago where they have "giant slayers" and "cowboys killerz" decorated on the sides. anybody going to games im sure has seen it.

there real cool dudes, probably entering their 30s now, they get pretty crazy. me and my friend who is literally 6'4 and 400 lbs decided to trade smoke for beers with the fter a skins win and decided to leave after they started getting real mad about 2 hours after the game ...well one guy really and we def bigger and badder than they were but props still to them for repping
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Old 10-16-2011, 08:03 AM   #169
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Re: Redemption Week!!

quick story, im sure this is in the skins eagles game threads from years back. we are getting absolutely stomped, me and my aofementioned very large friend leave with afew mins to go and full beers in our hands. ushers at exit gate say we cant leave with full beers so we proceeed to nurse them at the exit gate as we absolutley rip n curse every philly fan leavin the game. i mean rippin into em. finally my large irissh friend gets this girl to call him some indigant irish name, hes curses here like in a style that would make his dead irish pappy rpoud, problem is she is with 2 of they biggest ****s ive ever seen. i mean these guys were close 7 foot and not the fat **** types either. real athletic looking and looking to beat some ass.

so i step up next to my buddy and join the shit talk fest scared out of me beejessus knowing im the only guy not freakish big. so one of them towers of a philly fan spits on my boy and that gives me the in, i throw my beer down at his feet and spit back on him! cops come over and break it up, we had another altercation farther along in the parking lot but it didnt amount to much but man . . . .so happy they started to spit and not thrown down.

anyways, love philly fans at fed ex. really do. ive gone to every eagles game at home for the past so many years and just love em. so take it easy on em. they love a good game ribbing, they can give and take it so no need to just shit talk em.

ps - sorry gotta call out the gay ass skins fans in bmore. im going to get m coffee now with a skisn hoodie. every time without fail there will be some dude in non skins gear wearing some ****ing under armour parka who will go out of his way to say "cool jersey man" or "go skins". . . .how bout you rep your colors and not be a scared bitch? there are alot of skins fans who do wear their sit bt dang if every time i dont get some closet skins fan saying something. wear your colors man!

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Old 10-16-2011, 08:33 AM   #170
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It's game day biatches! HTTR!
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Old 10-16-2011, 08:39 AM   #171
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Re: Redemption Week!!

OTM is easily one of my favorite posters lol
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Old 10-16-2011, 08:54 AM   #172
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Re: Redemption Week!!

wow, talk about the world coming full circle.

just went up to my local and friendly royal farms for a cofee hash brown n croisant breakfast sandwihich. literally 9 people in ther, 6 of them are rocking full skins gear.

lol im in a white tee jeans n an OS hat i woke up in and I THE AHOLE SAYING NICE JERSEY MAN and explain how my friends cheap and i gotta go to a sunday wedding . . .

on top of that, im pumpin gas and an suv pulls up . .. skins decal in the corner back window, single lady pops out with a skins hoogie long sleeve thing going on . . .

to be fair the 6 were loading up to go to the game, but dang just as i talk some shit i end up being the one in nonskins gear at my local so baltimre royal farms. man the world is weird.and humbling.

not ones person wearing any ravens gear. woowww man. awesome i could made it awesomer but honestly i sleep on the couch in the basement and didnt even feel like going upstairs for my skins hoodie even thogh i thought about it.

skins fans repping in so baltimoree!!! woot wooot! ps - im doing that whole dvr, dont tell me the score till i get home tonight at 8 om thing so expect me being drunk about 10 pm acting like the game just finished.
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Old 10-16-2011, 09:18 AM   #173
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Originally Posted by tryfuhl View Post
OTM is easily one of my favorite posters lol
Haha yeah
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Old 10-16-2011, 03:59 PM   #174
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Games not over but it might as well be unless a miracle happens
Theres no redemption here.This game has went pretty much how I expected and predicted.Philly stacked the box to stop the run and force grossman to beat us,worked to perfection.Vick played under control with 1 int that was tipped

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