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Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

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Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

The Warpath has lined up an interview with Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen. Please post your questions for him here.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen


1) How much more awesome are the 'Skins than the Cowboys.
2) Why do the Cowboys stink so bad?
3) How are you fitting in Haslett's D and is there anything in particular you enjoy about this scheme over the schemes you used in Dallas?
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

What differences are there in the culture between the Redskins and Cowboys.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

1.) How does it feel to be cleansed of Cowboyitis?

2.) After a pretty stellar start, what do you think the defense could do better as a unit?
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Does this defense have the talent to be the best you've played on? Where do you see the most need for improvement? BTW...I've noticed whenever you sack a QB or tackle a RB it looks as though you completely engulf him. Awesome!
Defense wins championships. Bring it!

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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Is there a difference in the mentality and professionalism of the Redskins vs. that of the Cowboys?

Also as one of the rare players who have played directly for the Cowboys and then for the Redskins from what you have seen is there much difference between the management style of Dan Snyder vs. Jerry Jones?

And since nobody has asked this yet, and since this is the most important question of all, what is your favorite kind of pie?

Thanks for doing this for us and keep working hard, because we've noticed it paying off on the field. It's very refreshing to have players that want to work hard and play key spots for our defensive line. And finally, I hope your son is doing better and better since he got released from the hospital a few weeks ago.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

1) You see Trent Williams in practice/drills every day. What does he need to do to take himself to a Pro Bowl level?

2) There have been some breakdowns in the secondary, how are the guys back there doing in improving their on-field communication and playing within Haslett's schemes?

3) We've started to see some cut blocking in the Zone Blocking scheme, the O obviously won't cut in practice, but will we see more throughout the year? I think it's important to put the fear of the cut blocks into the opposing DL's head, your thoughts?

4) Please compare/contrast D. Ware and Rak.

5) Why were you and Barry Cofield calling fake snap counts against the Cowboys? J/K. Have you ever seen anything softer done by an opposing O-lineman, complaining about fake snap counts....C'mon man?

We're glad your here and although the front 3 doesn't get many stats in the 3-4, you, BC, AC and the rest of the DL have been instrumental in improving our D this year. Thanks and appreciate your time for the Q & A. HTTR.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

How is your son? Fond wishes of good health for him.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
How is your son? Fond wishes of good health for him.
I second this one, I humbly propose that this be the very first question asked of Stephen.
God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.
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Uncle Phil
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

1. What most appealed to you when the Redskins courted you?

2. What "unheralded" defensive player most surprised you on the Redskins when you first saw them in training camp?

3. What is your favorite type of pie?
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
I second this one, I humbly propose that this be the very first question asked of Stephen.
I'm on board with that. I guess ultimately that will be up to the mod who has the Bowen connection, but I think it would be a very thoughtful way to begin the Warpath's relationship with Stephen.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Who did you grow up rooting for? NFL.com profile says he was born in Holly Ridge, NC.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Hey Stephen first off thanks for all your hard work out there! The defense looks better each week IMO, but I wonder about your perspective: do you feel the group is still gelling together? Where is the defense on the 3-4 learning curve? And finally, what do you think of the all out blitz calls (no safety help) on 3rd down?
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Hi Stephen,

What was it like to play against the Redskins in the past? How do you feel the Redskins you played against with Dallas match up to the guys you face in practice?
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Re: Warpath fan Q&A with Stephen Bowen

Was it weird having a female in the locker room? Did Romo at least have her own bathroom? Thanks Stephen
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