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Why does everyone have us taking a DE??

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[QUOTE=diehardskin2982]I can't beleve I'm reading this crap on the forum today... Moss Garbage are u crazy!! No one in the league creates more of a miss match onthe field period he's 6'5' with blazing speed and the best hands in the NFL. He only looks bad right now because TO is hurt and the media has to find another bad guy to keep the story line going. If we were to have Moss as a skin we would be a shoe in for the superbowl. He puts in total effort and is intense about the game. tell me one corner who has been able to stop him there isn't one. He's from west virginia so he's not the sharpest tool in the shed and hey he doesn't know how to cleary speak to the media, but one thing he can do is play. he is the best WR in the history of the game. He numbers are only overshadowed by one player and thats Rice imagine the numbers he will have when he gets to that age. under Gibbs he would learn how to deal with the media and we'll consistently blow out the cowboys which is also good.

If one person could tell me how you can stop an offense with moss and cole as the wr options and portis as your running threat please let me know. I wouldn't how ever get rid of Arrington, I would give up two first rounders though.

to say he is the best wr to ever play in the nfl is retarded and to give up two 1st round picks to get him would be retarded, i wouldn't give a bucket of piss to get him. i'll tell you exactly how a team would beat the redskins if moss was on the team. it would be one of two ways, either moss wouldn't start because he doesn't give 100 % in practice or on the field, therefore gibbs would bench him just like mccants. or moss , with his bad attitude , would get upset that he's not getting the ball thrown to him 15 times a game, he would complain , then others would complain about his complaining , then the next thing you know the redskins are trying to trade him because he's not happy with them and their not happy with him . as far as telling you if there is any corners that can stop him , i'll say the skins corners did a pretty good job of that.
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