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Why Brandon Banks needs to be used on the Offense

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Why Brandon Banks needs to be used on the Offense

Originally Posted by DynamiteRave View Post
Unforunately I feel Banks might go the way of Rock Cartwright; ST specialist only.

I always wanted to see Rock more in the RB position but his carries during his tenure with the Skins were rather limited.
he was serviceable, but nothing special. I think he's still in the league in oakland. he a competent 3rd RB/ST player and not much else.
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Re: Why Brandon Banks needs to be used on the Offense

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
I think he does need to be used more, but in what capacity is the question. I think he's perfect for the screens, slants, and to be used as a RB to get to the edge or when running wide.

I think the issue with him not seeing the field as a WR is he's small and probably not getting off the jam well enough. I guess they could use him in motion and force defenses to try and keep up with him.
im not sure he could run any route besides a straight up go route trying to go over the top but now that you say it, i could see him being effective maybe real effective on screens. now that moss is out and most of our wr screens went to him, i could see banks doing well with that route.

but slants, comebacks, out routes, putting him in motion is not an option imo. but who knows, if he does and completes strictly go routes and screens for a few games, he could set up a team down the road for some successful other passing plays that they didnt plan/anticipate.

i entered this thread thinking no way, "all banks could do is run deep and we have AA to do that" but i like the idea of giving him some limited looks at go routes and screens for a few games. i could def see him being a slippery bastard on some well executed screens on some 3rd and 5-8 yd plays.
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