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Report: Trent Williams and Fred Davis Facing Suspension

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Report: Trent Williams and Fred Davis Facing Suspension

Originally Posted by DynamiteRave View Post
I know I'm just focusing on one portion of your statement, but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around that. And I respect your desire for us to Suck for Luck, but as a fan, I can't stand seeing my team losing even if it does mean getting an all-star player next season. And as someone who used to play team sports, I can't just give up even if we were a bad team.

I just can't root for or respect a team of quitters.
Ah sure you can i've been doing it for years, its really fun!!! Find me Sunday and ill show you how to do it!!
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Re: Report: Trent Williams and Fred Davis Facing Suspension

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I respectfully offer that you have missed my point. The point never was that Suck for Luck is exactly like being a soldier. The point was that "cowardly" and "rational" are not logical opposites.

Wanting Luck is not cowardly. We all would like to have Luck. However, leaving your team to suffer, even hoping that your team suffers, is cowardly.

But since you don't like the word "coward," please feel free to use DynamiteRave's term instead: rooting for your team to lose is the path of a "quitter."
No, I don't see the point in bring up dead soldiers or how they have anything to do with a horrible football team. Maybe you've never seen a dead soldier, but it's kind of offensive to me. You're entitled to your opinion, but realizing your team sucks isn't cowardly, it's realistic.

I'm not rooting for them to fail, but I'm not really seeing too many wins in the future. If you'd like to play the blind optimist, because, that's like, really brave, I'll do $20 a game for the rest of the season, taking them for a loss every time.

And how is anyone "leaving their team to suffer" ? are the redskins losing because we're not cheering hard enough, or because a butterfly posted on a message board about them not being good enough? and, as you know, the media's coverage is also hugely responsible for wins and losses...
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This thread is going nowhere
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