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Redskins v. Dolphins Gameday Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskins v. Dolphins Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again. We have a very good chance at getting Andrew Luck, without having the first overall pick

I can easily see the 2004 draft all over again.
Bill Polian probably cares about his reputation and his job. He probably wants to be the GM who is a "genius" who made the Colts a champion for a quarter century. He probably wants a few more Super Bowl rings as well. I'm sure he realizes that his empire is treacherously near destruction with Manning's career in jeopardy. He knows he needs another QB, and Luck is that man. Good luck trying to get the #1 pick if the Colts have it.

Unless Luck has a huge bitchfest similar to Eli's and screams "I wanna play for Washington", there is no way he comes here. That Colts are so bad, I don't see them winning another game, so we can't draft Luck for ourselves.
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Re: Redskins v. Dolphins Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Why is it that the Colts would be satisfied with Barkley or Jones but we would be so dissatisfied with them that we would want to trade up? Do we have much more discerning taste than the Colts?

I blame this for thoughts like that.

"So let me get this straight. We have the event of the year on TV with millions watching around the world... and people want a punt, pass, and kick competition to be the halftime entertainment?? Folks, don't quit your day jobs."- Matty
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Re: Redskins v. Dolphins Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by Hail to the Redskins View Post
Umm... Andy Dalton???

If you "know" QBs sooo well like the Shanahans... you pick a guy who by the way had 2 TDs in the first half just today vs the Steelers D with one good WR ... who is a rookie! and playing for a Coordinator in his first year as well!!

You had Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Dalton to choose from and you get NOTHING...

2011 could be the best QB draft since '83 and we got none of them.

Hell... Matt Moore is better than what we have.
We didn't have the #1 or the #8 pick, so how do you figure we had a chance at Newton or Locker? Gabbert's looking less than ordinary right now, and Ponder only a bit better. And Dalton was taken before our pick in the second round.

Are you suggesting we should have rolled the dice, and put all of our chips in a massive trade to grab one of those guys?
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Re: Redskins v. Dolphins Gameday Thread

Redskins quarterback will be a week-to-week situation | ProFootballTalk

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