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Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Originally Posted by skins89moss View Post
Is your uncle name Wayne?
Grandfather was Wayne, yes.
This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Fan since birth ('72). Family are lifelong skins fans. Spoiled in 80's. Miserable since.
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Originally Posted by skinsguy View Post
I have been a Redskins fan since about 1980. I think what helped to solidify my fanatic admiration toward the team was the fact that my middle brother was/is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. He used to pick on me back when I was little, so by him liking the Cowboys, it helped to villainize that team with that star on their helmets even further. What put it over the edge for me is when the Redskins beat the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game to head to their first Super Bowl victory. That elevated me from just being a mere fan of the 'skins to being a huge, fan of them. I consider the Redskins a part of the family. I know that sounds weird, but that team is a huge part of my life and a huge part of who I am.

When the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens, many so called Redskins fans jumped ship to the Ravens. I look at those fans as the ultimate turncoats who betrayed their own family because things were a little too tough for them to take in D.C. I actually have as much hate toward the Ravens as I do the Eagles, Giants, and especially the Cowboys. Having been one of the lucky ones to have witnessed the 80's glory years of the Redskins, I take pride to be willing to accept the frustration, the mocking, and the losing that our franchise has went through in the past few years. I say that because I know that things eventually come full circle. Us long time Redskins fans who have remained loyal to the team regardless of the franchise woes and regardless where we call home, will be rewarded for sticking with them through thick and thin. The newer Redskins fans will hopefully be able to experience what we got to experience in the 80's, and maybe they'll realize why you stick with this team for life.

So, to sum up, I'm a Redskins fan because it's basically in my blood. No matter what, I'll never be as big of a fan of any other professional football team as I am the Redskins. I don't believe I'll ever be a fan of any other team. I don't think I could ever betray the Redskins like that.
I feel you skinsguy
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Moved to the DC area when I was 6 in 1969 (Is that right CRed? - I was pretty sure I went to 1st grade in Camp Springs). The first football game I remember was the 1972 Super Bowl with Miami. Grew up in a house where we always rooted for the Skins and sort of followed them. My bedroom wall had pictures of all the 1970's guys that I would cut out of the Newspaper (the Washington Star and the Post) - Dave Butz, Mike Thomas, Hanburger, Jake Scott, Joe Lavender, Ken Houston. Just naming them all brings back warm memories. Larry Brown, Billy Kilmer, Rusty Tilman, Pete Wysocki (what a great name!), Mark Mosely, Brad Dusek ....

When I went to college, Joe Gibbs came to town and throughout my college and law school days they were a team that was easy to root for when out with my friends.

The last 20 years or so have been tough but I guess I just can't remember a time when I didn't root for the Skins.

BTW - good stories one and all.
Wow , I was just telling some friends that the 1st game I remember seeing was also SB 7 . Yes , we did have to cut pictures out of the papers back then , no internet , no espn . We did have some awesome games back then , loved RFK stadium . Actually went to G. Allens last game as coach vs Rams 1977 . The 80's were great , seemed like we were a contender every year . I just loved the game , loved the skins , and hated the cowboys from day one !
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Great stories from everyone figured this would b a fun thread thanks for sharing all..

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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

short answer: because i'm a masochist.
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Born in Wilmington, NC (moved to VA BEACH at 3 through 13) lived in NOVA until after college at GMU .. nuff said .. i bleed B&G since March 4th, 1981.
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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Grew up in G.burg MD. and really started becoming a fan in that 1977 season when we stated out 6-0. I remember that game where we beat Dallas on Mon. night and the score was something like 9-6. Theismann ran around at the end of the game and got tackled in the end zone and almost fumbled the game away. After that I was hooked. I went to my first game in 1981 during Gibbs' first year and SF killed us. The fans were booing and people had bags over their heads. I was also at the game where Theismann broke his leg and I'll never forget the people behind us had a portable TV and started freaking out when they watched the replay. I also remeber in 92 after the SB win and stumbling out of a Georgetown bar and getting interviewed on Channel 9. Got to shake Joe Gibbs' hand at the HOF weekend back in 08 and my sis took a pic while we shook hands and that pic is framed in my office. Got to meet my favorite Skin Gary Clark a few times. Was at the last game at RFK. Some great great memories this team has given me.

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Re: Why are YOU a Redskins fan?

Originally Posted by Alvin Walton View Post
After moving down from New York I grew up in Leesburg Virginia from 2nd grade to 8th grade.
This was back when Sonny Jurgensen was still playing.

My dad used to take us to Redskins park and we would watch the players practice between the cracks in the fence. (not much security back then)

Redskin players were on the Slurpee cups at 7-11, I had stacks of them on my dresser. There were huge color portraits of them in the newspapers on Sundays. I wallpapered my bedroom with them.
Everyone I knew loved the Redskins.
I met a lot of them at open houses and even at church.
They were a big deal.

My dad worked at Dulles for United Airlines and because technology was changing the world his job was transferred to O'hare airport near Chicago.
We moved to suburban Chicago, literally into the Bears den. I hated it and still do. I got beat up and spit on when I wore my Redskins coat to school but I kept wearing it and stuck with the Skins. My dad eventually gravitated to becoming a Bears fan which broke my heart but I didnt waver.

In 1978 I moved out and joined the Coast Guard and after moving around 1/3 of the world for a few years I ended up in west Michigan.
Been here since 1983. I'm still a Redskins fan and always will be and will always remember the glory days of Sonny J and Slurpee cups.
Great story! Loved the way Alvin Walton use to just throw his body around!
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