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Redskins vs. Patriots Game Day Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskins vs. Patriots Game Day Thread

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Well the Pats might say that while the Colts spent all their money building a team to win one SB they spent their time and money on allot of players to win 3 SB's. We could also pick out GB and Arron Gogers 24th pick. Maybe then we could talk about Drew Brees picked in the second round. Other then the Manning boys none of the SB winning QB's have been picked in the top ten. The closes is Big Ben at 11th then Arron Rogers at 24th and the others where not even drafted in the first round. So history is on my side. Loosers loose and winners win. You never get to the top by loosing.
Technically, I only believe that we have to finish worse than Miami, and that's it, but w/e.

Tom Brady is one sixth rounder spent. How many other 6th rounders have been spent on "the next Tom Brady"? Countless. How many of those (or 7th or 5th rounders have panned out since? Uhh, I'm running a blank unless you count Fitzpatrick, who has cooled off quite a bit.

And Brees didn't even win the SB for the team who drafted him. But the Chargers did get both him AND LT thanks to ATL wanting their #1 pick.

And let's ignore the countless good qbs that haven't won the SB(i.e Phillip Rivers)
Analysis using datasets (aka stats) is an attempt at reverse-engineering a player's "goodness".

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