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Buy or Sell?

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Old 12-28-2011, 10:07 AM   #16
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Originally Posted by celts32 View Post
1. Sell DJax
2. Sell Forte
3. Buy Vikings or any other trade up that can net us Luck or RG3.
4. SELL SELL SELL SELL any thought of Norv Turner drawing another paycheck from the Redskins for the rest of eternity! Regardless, Kyle is not the problem on offense anyway...
Its a talent issue for sure, but Shanny the second half of the season was way more involved in the offense than before.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon View Post
Rumor #1 is that the Eagles will shop DeSean Jackson unless his agent (Drew Rosenhaus) comes down more than a little bit on the amount of the signing bonus he wants in the new contract. Jackson not only wants guaranteed $$$ but he wants it up front at signing not stretched out over even 2 years. Jackson is a hell of a receiver but he is also a head-case and someone who has been known to "dog it".

Do you buy making a run at DeSean Jackson to upgrade by a large measure the Skins' WR corps even though he has some "issues" and is looking to get himself a fat wallet?

Rumor #2 is that the Bears will shop Matt Forte who will be coming off a serious knee injury and who wants to be paid the way a top RB is paid.

Do you buy or sell trying to acquire Forte coming off an injury?

Rumor #3 is that the Vikings would like to trade their #1 pick to get "a player" and a couple of lower round picks. Vikes will pick ahead of the Skins and may pick 3rd.

Do you buy or sell trading with the Vikings - - meaning you give up lower picks and "a player" to get two high draft picks in 2012?

Finally, here is one thing I would really like to see come to pass for the 2012 season. The Chargers will fire Norv Turner early in January. I would LOVE to see Kyle Shanahan decide to move on to some other challenge and for the Skins to hire Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator and the play caller. Any chance Mike Shanahan has enough stroke to get his kid the open head coaching job at Penn State?

[For the record, I would not try for Jackson or Forte but would seriously try to work out a deal with the Vikings...]

Jackson is a stud (when he wants to play) but I would just stay away from that. He is basically the same version of Moss. I like what we have in that area right now with Paul, Hankerson coming on as the young guys. He just seems to be a big ego in the locker room and I think we should stear clear of that kind of personality.

No way I go for Forte. He is one of the best every down back in the NFL, but with Helu and Royster and possibly Hightower (i think he gets released) we have a good tandem plus they are only 1st year guys.

As far as the draft picks with Minnesota, that may be the only option you pose that is realistic. RGIII will be available at that position in the draft. If that is a possibility, I think we'll get him. They like a mobile QB that can move around the pocket, perform the rollouts, so I think he is a good possibility.

As far as Kyle goes, no. We need to keep some continuity in Ashburn. He is a good offensive coordinator. It takes time people, plus it takes the horses. And we are missing the biggest horse needed to run this offense.....the QB. the offense is leaps better than last year. THe last month or month 1/2 have been a very productive period. Avg about 20+ points a game, yardage is up there, running game is up there. Just keep this ship moving in the right direction. Bringing in a different OC or DC diverts the ship and that is what we DO NOT NEED. THere is marked improvement on both sides of the ball, and more importantly the improvement has been brought on by the youth movement in DC. Oline is younger, receivers are younger, RB's are rookies. We are going in the right direction, just have some patience.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

If Norv gets fired, he will end up where came from Dallas. Garrett is currently the coach and OC and he needs help, Norv in Dallas is a marriage made in heaven.
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Old 12-28-2011, 11:41 AM   #19
Fire Bruce NOW
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Sell Headcase DJax

Sell Forte

Buy Vikes trade if the price is not too steep

If we were to land an ex-head coach, I would want Spagnuolo, not Norv. But getting Spags likely would mean re-re-tooling for a 4-3 and that is not very sensible.
Bruce Allen when in charge alone: 4-12 (.250)
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We won more with Vinny
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Sell on all but the deal with the Vikings.

To do such a deal with the Vikings, we'd first need to load up with some good, young FA talent prior to the draft in order to overcome the loss of draft picks.

I'd do the deal because we need playmakers. If RGIII is there at #3 and we could take the BPA at #7 (e.g., CB Morris Claiborne or OT Jonathan Martin) it would be well worth the deal.

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Re: Buy or Sell?

1) Id def kick the tires on D Jackson but if he wont budge from wanting the bulk of his guaranteed money up front then you run away. That has fat albert part 2 written all over it. We should never ever ever ever give a player a front loaded contract.

2) The bears did forte dirty imo. I know its a business. Forte wanted to be extended from his rookie contract, given guarantees he would make some decent coin in the last year of his rookie contract in case he blew a knee out. Bears wanted to hold out, make him play thru his final year then make a decision. Bears players wanted him extended.

Id pass on forte, i wouldnt offer a significant contract to any runningback past 3-4 years in the league. just a rotating door position imo, rotate every couple years.

3) Cant make an informed decision until eveyrhting plays out but RG3 would make this franchise a ton of money and restore alot of hype/hope that I dont think this fanbase has. We havent had an electric offensive player since . .i dont think we have ever had a truly electric offensive player.

4) I give KS alot more credit i suppose than others. He is working with crap, a crap QB, a crap OL, a bunch of late round or UFA rookie runningbacks and castoff wide receivers . . and yet the offense still puts up a decent showing. Have we forgotten just how dull and ineffective our offense has been the past decade? Checkdowns and 2 yard runs and a cloud of dirt was our MO for so long. Everyone was bitching and moaning for a modern offense for years, to stretch the field, down field passing attack, 3 or 4 wide, etc and we finally got one with this coaching staff. KS has devised an actual passing game with utter crap for talent. I cant understand the hate for KS, really cant.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Its a Fire Sale, everything must go.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

two high 1st would be great, it just depends what they want (of course), but i'd look into that.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
1. Sell. I don't see D Jax as a reliable #1 WR. He's an occasional playmaker but I can't count on him to be guy

2. Sell. Two months ago I would have said buy. Even with Hightower's injury. And even with Forte's injury. But that's because I didn't know how much of a workload Helu can handle. And he can handle more than I expected. Bears should do whatever it takes to keep him.

3. On the fence. Probably sell though.

4. Not even worth responding to

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Re: Buy or Sell?

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
If Norv gets fired, he will end up where came from Dallas. Garrett is currently the coach and OC and he needs help, Norv in Dallas is a marriage made in heaven.
Makes sense.
'Any NFL team will win with RG3. Imagine how exciting it will be watching him do it.'
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Really?? Norv Turner? Who is this guy?
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Re: Buy or Sell?

I would not make a competitive offer for any of the free agent receivers. I would either trade for a WR who fits our system, such as Johnnie Knox, or draft a receiver who fits our system. There's a lot of good receivers out there in free agency but the only one who really fits what we want to do with our receivers is Vincent Jackson. And he may not be much of a value.

DeSean Jackson isn't a fit here, but he would have been nice to have four years ago when having a receiver of his caliber was the difference between making and missing the playoffs.

The problem with Forte is that the Bears have to put the franchise tag on him to trade him, and that plays with what we can do with our salary cap, especially since we're likely to use our franchise tag this season. Forte on the open market would probably be too expensive, but I'd take a look. He's only 26.

I am not really sure what the third overall pick would get us that we need. Packaging the 3rd and 6th/7th picks are likely more than enough to go up and get Robert Griffin, but not likely enough to get Luck. So I would pass.
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Can I add a buy or sell?

Adrian Peterson won't be the same dominant running back after tearing his ACL/MCL.
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Old 12-28-2011, 02:44 PM   #29
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Re: Buy or Sell?

I wouldn't write off AP.

I could see him being a little "off" in 2012, but getting back pretty damn close to his prior self in 2013.
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Old 12-28-2011, 02:46 PM   #30
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Re: Buy or Sell?

Sell on DeSean Jackson. I can't figure out why we as fans have a "couple years and forget" mentality when it comes to free agents who are just big names looking for a payday. D.Jax, D.Bowe, I mean really why do we need to keep chasing big names from other teams instead of growing our own big names?

Sell on Matt Forte. Really? We get some good young talent here and now people are proposing ideas of bringing in big name running backs coming off horrible knee injuries?

Maybe on the Vikes thing. It depends on a few things really. First off, the Rams would have to have the #1 pick and be open to trading it. Second off, both Luck and RG3 would have to be available so we have a backup plan. Maybe then I think about getting the Vikes pick to probably be used as more ammo to move up.

And no on the Kyle S. to Chargers bs. We're not gonna get anywhere if we keep changing offensive coordinators. Why don't we give Kyle S. some talent at qb before we judge him?

And just in case 12th decides to do a buy or sell on AP, I'd say sell on that too. See #2 for reasoning.
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