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How the 49ers/Texans changed my view on Football and how to build the redskins

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Re: How the 49ers/Texans changed my view on Football and how to build the redskins

Originally Posted by SouperMeister View Post
The other thing that they have going for them is their common philosophy to stockpile draft picks, so even if they miss on a few players, when you're drafting 10-12 a year, there is a better chance on hitting on more players. Of course having 10 picks in the 2008 draft resulted in abject failure due to poor talent and character evaluation by Vinny. Having top-notch talent evaluators is the most important factor, and the book is still out on Shanny. He had a spotty draft record toward the end of his Denver run.
The middle and beginning of his tenure in Denver had worse drafts. 2006 and 2008 were probably his two best drafts in Denver.
Analysis using datasets (aka stats) is an attempt at reverse-engineering a player's "goodness".

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Re: How the 49ers/Texans changed my view on Football and how to build the redskins

Originally Posted by SirClintonPortis View Post
You cannot discount the importance of draft class size, aka having more picks. Increasing pick quantities softens the blow of a "miss" because you get another chance to pick a "hit". All the teams you mentioned usually had a bigger number of picks than us for a given year.

You cannot discount the importance of draft position. Draft Position matters because later round prospects generally trash relative to the earlier round ones. Or as an example, having 10 1st rounders is going to net you a better team on average than having 20 7th rounders. Most 6th and 7th rounders WILL FAIL, and we had plenty of picks in the 6th and 7th rounds. Drafting crappy players in the 6th and 7th round is a "natural" part of the biz and not specific to the Redskins. You cannot expect to draft Pro Bowler after Pro Bowler with 7th rounders even with Bill Walsh's ghost assisting you.

Quality starters are usually found in rounds 1-3. We actually weren't that bad in the first round, but we were virtually nonexistent in rounds 2 and 3(2 especially) for the most part precisely because we did not have picks in those rounds and instead had low round picks, which are usually doomed to failure.

And our 1st rounders being that bad is NOT BS, even if they would have remained mediocre here. JC started in Oakland, Carlos Rogers started in San Fran, Sean(RIP) would have been a great one, Chris Samuels proved his worth for us, Champ was a bargaining chip for a blockbuster trade. Hell, Derrick Dockery got overpaid in Buffalo and Rock Cartwright is still in the league.
I was not discounting draft position or amount of picks. But if you do not know how to evaluate talent correctly and use the large amount of great picks you can collect, you end up the like the Detroit Lions of 1999 thru 2009, the worst Franchise of that decade. Matt Millen had no prior player development or front office experience before being hired 2001. Vinny Cerratto is boderline retarded. You have to have a good F.O.
More important then having a ton of great picks.
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Re: How the 49ers/Texans changed my view on Football and how to build the redskins

I am diehard 49ers fan. I talk 49ers all year long and a lot of draft. The thing about the 49ers is that is a team thats been mostly drafted by them.

1 starter on the offense wasnt drafted by them(Jonathon Goodwin)
4 starters on defense werent drafted by them(Justin Smith Carlos Rogers, Ahmed Brooks, Donte Whitner)
and their kicker wasnt drafted by them(David Akers)

so 6/24 starters came from different teams thats pretty damn good in my opinion.

Build through the draft and i am happy to see washington finally having plenty of picks in the draft.
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