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Yet Another QB Rumors Thread (Volume 9)

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Yet Another QB Rumors Thread (Volume 9)

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
I'm ready to give up the bank for one player, because that one player just doesn't simply come out every year. I would give up the bank for Luck, because the risk is way smaller with the reward. Theres a reason why he's been talked about as a first overall pick since day one when he got to Stanford. Theres a reason why scouts can't find a negative on him. But anyway back to RG3.

True, we have holes in our whole team, and yeah we should start thinking more of the worst case scenarios like if London and LaRon leave, then that top 10 defense goes bye bye. Our OL has holes, yes, but keep this in mind; Our LT is considered a top ten LT by a lot of football analysts. Our LG tore his ACL last year, but he was considered to be our best OL up to that point. Our Center surprised a lot of people and played very well. Our RG was probably the most consistent player on the whole OL. Our RT is where we suck. We have depth at Guard with Hurt, Polumbus/Smith could easily be good back ups for us. Really, and this is IMO, we just need to get another guard FA or draft, and a RT which we can draft. There is a LOT of great tackles in this years draft, and RT's are easier to find then LTs.

But back to the QB, keep this in mind:

If you hit on the right QB, then suddenly all those holes on your team will disappear.

Players on your defense start playing at a higher level because they know mentally "hey if we just make a stop here, we can put our great QB back on the field to get us some points." instead of "crap, whether we make a stop or not, Rex is just gonna put us back on the field in two snaps anyway."

And on offense players try harder when they have a good QB. And OL, they look a lot better when they have a good QB who has good awareness and pocket prescience. Look at Big Ben, he, like RG3, makes plays with his feet and buys time in the pocket. There is absolutely no way you can tell me that his OL is better than ours. NO WAY. Peytons OL in Indy for many years wasn't as good as ours, but they won games because their QB was smart.

RG3 is athletic, fast, has a good pocket prescience, is smart, and is a quick passer. He's the kind of player that makes teams put 8 in the box respecting his running game, then Bam! he throws a beautiful dart downfield on play action, which forces the other team to put 7 in the box now, which gets the running game and RG3 rollouts going again.

Every team has holes, by the way. The Giants were dead last in rushing and the Pats had one of the worst Defenses in the league. Our O line was producing 100 yard rushers on a regular basis late in the season and our QBs were hardly running for their lives all year. The O line being crap is an outdated argument.

I'm not saying that we should or shouldn't make the move for RGIIi. I'm just saying that the argument about our O line being in shambles and having holes everywhere doesn't compute and shouldn't deter us from making bold moves. Good QB play makes up for a lot of deficiencies and QB is clearly our biggest need.
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Re: Yet Another QB Rumors Thread (Volume 9)

GTripp wants the home grown west Michigan product under center.
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Re: Yet Another QB Rumors Thread (Volume 9)

Let's kick the discussion over to a new thread

http://www.thewarpath.net/redskins-l...-you-want.html (QB Combo Possibilities: Which Do You Want (QB Rumors: Verse 10))
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