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New Orleans Saints/Washington Redskins: Bounty Hunters

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Re: New Orleans Saints/Washington Redskins: Bounty Hunters

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Forgot the guys name on the Rams who KILLED a women driving drunk. Went through a red light and broad sided her, yet he still played. Ray Lewis obstructed justice by lying to the feds in a murder case. Although Mr. Goodell probably thinks otherwise, lying to the feds is WAY worse than lying to him. Yet Ray Lewis is one of the most popular players in the NFL and was only fined. Banning GW for life is laughable. What he did was w/out question wrong and crossed the line. But others have done worse and got a second chance. Hopefully he'll get another chance as others have.
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Re: New Orleans Saints/Washington Redskins: Bounty Hunters

Originally Posted by MonkFan4Life View Post
I wish you all would stop trying to put Vick killing dogs and Williams directing players to test a mans concussion out by hitting his head as many times as he can on the same level. Please stop this shit. The NFL didn't warn Vick to stop fighting dogs, nope! Found out about it, he went to PRISON, and then asked to come back. Send G Will to the clink and we can talk but please stop. His situation is different. They said hey Gregg, can you stop with the Bounties? 3 times they asked and he kept doing it. I just cant understand the connection.

I have a dog BTW, and I love the Lil dude.
I also feel like because those things happened outside of the NFL, its handled a bit differently. Like the NFL hands out its own punishment along with the federal charges but GW isn't going to get thrown in jail.

I personally don't think GW getting kicked out of the NFL would be too harsh but I don't see it happening. I do expect him to be out of the NFL for a long stretch of time though, I'd be surprised if it was anything less than 5 years.

I mean geez, you saw what they did to TW and Davis and they just smoked some pot, this is actually people being physically harmed here.
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Re: New Orleans Saints/Washington Redskins: Bounty Hunters

Originally Posted by REDSKINS4ever View Post
Williams on the other hand committed a severe transgression that has everything to do with the game of professional football. Williams intended to hurt HUMAN BEINGS.

LOL...really,he did this where ever he went!It's not like he rolled through a stop sign .
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