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Gibbs to connect with the fans

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Old 02-12-2005, 08:50 AM   #1
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Gibbs to connect with the fans

Per the WP:

The team also announced that Gibbs will answer questions from fans Tuesday from 7 to 8 p.m. on WJFK-FM. Gibbs conducted a weekly show on WTEM-AM during the 2004 season, but was unhappy with recent comments made about him by its hosts and is not expected to continue his relationship with the station. Gibbs said during his most recent news conference that he is considering alternative avenues to interact directly with fans.
I missed it, who said what about Gibbs??
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Wasn't this part of the infamous "short stay in football, long stay in NASCAR" comments? Gibbs, at his rebuttal press conference, didn't name names, but I guess those in the know realized he was talking about someone at WTEM. Gibbs was pretty pissed, if you recall. THought his work ethic and committment to the skins was being questioned, etc.
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Steve Czaban has been pretty critical this season of Gibbs. Here are a couple of things from his blog:

Basically, I am paid to have opinions, and analyze what may or may not be transpiring with the teams in our market. I am always careful however, NOT to present my OPINION as FACT, and to always issue disclaimers about theories that they are just that: THEORIES. Speculation. We are in the speculation business. You can’t sit in front of a microphone, and simply say: “Well. Let’s wait and see.” You would have a 2 minute show. For example, when it looked like Spurrier was losing grip of the team a year ago, as a talk show host, you couldn’t just blindly say: “Yeah, but he’s got a 5 year contract, he’s not going anywhere.” When Spurrier said there was not much reason for hope on our show, you couldn’t ignore it. Now was Gibbs’ comments about being back with the Skins a “short time” overblown by us on the Sports Reporters? Perhaps. But sometimes small statements, body language, and other “soft signs” tell more than anything with players or coaches. You have to be in tune with them. You can’t just take the company line, or the coach at his word. Not always at least. Anyhow, I hope and pray Joe Gibbs stays with the Redskins for a full five years. I have said time and again, that if he stays all 5, then I will have limitless patience. But remember, this team has had 5 coaches in 6 years under Snyder. The two previous coaches had 5 year deals. One was fired after one. The other bolted after two. It is NOT insane to think Gibbs could step aside after two years without success, and hand the coaching job to Greg Williams. Not insane at all. Gibbs might stay with the organization as GM, or President. This could all well happen. Speculating on that possibility is precisely what we are paid to do, like it or not. We are not mouthpieces for the organization. We are passionate fans, who get excited when we see something we think is good (hiring Gibbs), and pissed off when we see something we think is bad ( trading for Mark Brunell).
Joe Gibbs has predictably backtracked on his “short timer” comments at a recent NASCAR press conference. Apparently a rookie at public relations -Gibbs was shocked that his comment about being back in football for a “short time” with the Redskins generated a lot of ill will among fans who are a bit peeved at having to “share” their coach with a major racing concern. "I signed a five-year contract when I came here," Gibbs told a news conference Monday. "Most people sign three-year contracts. My commitment to the Redskins, I want to do every single thing I can to restore the Redskins to winning football games. I'd say that my commitment is a minimum of five years. I want to get the Redskins back to winning, and that's first." Continued Gibbs: “I was joking. I was telling a joke," Gibbs said. "It's amazing how very few people evidently don't have a sense of humor. ... Our dream is to continue forever with the racing. Football, you can't do that. My time in football is going to be short -- er, I should have said, meaning less time than in racing." Gibbs touched on other matters, confirming that receiver Rod Gardner had been given permission to seek a trade and denying any interest in Randy Moss, but such mundane football topics weren't the focus of his agenda. "I guess the moral of this story is I can't joke," he said. REACT: No Joe, the moral of the story is you need to win. Every coach in the NFL needs to win. End of story. Win 12 games a year, race all you like. Lose 10 a year, nobody wants to hear about how great your race operation is.
That's actually kind of tame compared to what I've heard him say on the radio. The game has passed him by type of stuff
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Old 02-12-2005, 03:38 PM   #4
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I don't know anyone who "peeved" about having to "share" Gibbs with racing. That's probably the most ridiculous thing he could ahve said. What an idiot.
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Old 02-12-2005, 05:05 PM   #5
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what exactly does Gibbs do with the racing team, isn't he an owner or something. I thought he just makes executive decisions and watches the race how hard is that?
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Another Year, another mess.
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We should post some questions on here, and when the broadcast happens everyone should try to call and get as many of the questions ansewred possible then post the answers here. I go to school in New Orleans so I can't possibly hear the telecast.
That got ugly fast
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im sure he will go on a show or have a weekly show, coaches always do.

Im sure there will be people that live in teh area that will watch the show and post the comments on here for us to read.
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