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The Redskins had NO TALENT when shanahan took over

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Re: The Redskins had NO TALENT when shanahan took over

It's not terribly shocking that most of the Gibbs-era Redskins aren't in the league anymore, as that was a really old team. It was still pretty talented when Shanahan took over, but the Redskins needed to get younger, no argument. One thing the Redskins have clearly done in the last two years is that they've gotten a lot younger.

That 2010 offseason was really bizarre because the Redskins gutted their roster of established veteran talent and somehow managed to get older. That ended up not being a trend, because no veteran we signed that offseason is still with the team (miss you, Larry Johnson).

The last two offseasons have gone a lot better. It's still difficult to get a feel for the talent level of this team, because our hopes for a successful 2012 sit on the shoulders of a lot of the one year signings the Redskins made this offseason, as well as the development of last years free agents and draft choices, which is not a given. I think amassing talent has been an issue for this administration because you must retain talent as well as develop it, and we've been poor at talent retention the last three years, but I think they've improved leaps and bounds in talent development.

But it has to translate to the field this year.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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Re: The Redskins had NO TALENT when shanahan took over

Originally Posted by The Goat View Post
I thought he could have potentially died due to some rare heart condition that finally ended his career, but anyway I really have no idea.
If he had a rare heart condition, I don't think there's any way he would've ever seen the field. I don't think his obesity was life-threatening though. Was it a problem? Hell yes. Life-threatening? Maybe in the long run but probably not in the short term.
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Re: The Redskins had NO TALENT when shanahan took over

In Joe Gibbs last season, the Redskins did have talent on both sides of the ball. When Zorn took over, the talent was still there but there were no impact players. Mike Shanahan has done a complete overhaul of the roster since he's been the coach and it's resulted in a much younger team. The Redskins do have talent now. How far are they from competing for a division title? How far are they from being a playoff team? Do they have the correct players in place now that will enable them to have a winning record? If yes is the answer to these three questions then the Redskins would have certainly made progress.
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