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NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

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NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

The ShowGirl: Welcome to The Show! Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton will be here shortly, so send in those NFL questions now!

Gary Horton: As predicted, we are seeing a flurry of activity this week as teams start to make tough free agent decisions and we are seeing several players franchised and a lot of big name players cut as teams try to get under the cap and get ready for free agency. It is esp. tough for front office types because they are also juggling the Draft as today is a travel day for almost everybody in the NFL heading to Indy for the combine. It's a busy time with a lot of tough decisions to be made.

Kelly (Dallas): Drew Bledsoe in Dallas. Parcels last hurrah?

Gary Horton: I certainly get that feeling, that Parcells is going to leave Dallas sooner rather than later. I don't think there is any way he wants to develop a young QB. He just doesn't want to stay around that long. I think it will be very interesting to watch and see if there is any type of power struggle with Parcells and Jerry Jones. Jones has to look at the long term picture while Parcells may be looking at the short term. That can lead to different decisions and attitudes which could clash. You get the feeling Parcells wants to put together one more run. But in my opinion, I sometimes think he is the guy who would quit now if there was a graceful way to do it. I really think he looks at this Cowboys situation as a longer reclamation project than he may be willing to endure.

Regan (PA): Now that the Raiders have signed Porter, and tagged Woodson.What teams might show interest in Woodson for a trade, and what might the Raiders get in return? Thanks

Gary Horton: I don't think the Raiders are committed to keeping Woodson around. The tag buys them time to entertain offers. I don't think any team would be willing to pay what goes with a franchise guy. But I think the Raiders will be willing to take less. I would be surprised if Woodsen is in a Raiders uniform in August. He just isn't perceived as a shut down corner anymore and there are questions about his leadership and character in the lockerroom.

Gary Horton: I don't think the Raiders are committed to keeping Woodson around. The tag buys them time to entertain offers. I don't think any team would be willing to pay what goes with a franchise guy. But I think the Raiders will be willing to take less. I would be surprised if Woodsen is in a Raiders uniform in August. He just isn't perceived as a shut down corner anymore and there are questions about his leadership and character in the lockerroom.

Ryan (Rochester): Although franchised, will Alexander still be in Seattle at season-start?

Gary Horton: Yes. I was a little skeptical because I didn't know if they could afford Hasselbeck and Alexander having already paid Jones. But I think they will clear some money and try to do a longterm deal between now and the summer. I don't think this is a situation where they are just buying time. Otherwise, they would just let him hit free agency and tell his agent to get back to them once they had weighed all the offers. The problem Seattle had is they don't want to go into camp with Alexander tagged because that could lead to a holdout. A long term deal but create a better atmosphere.

Dave (Atl): With the cap hits Tennessee's taking, how long will it have these huge levels of dead money on its books?

Gary Horton: The Tennessee situation reminds me of what Baltimore went through awhile back where they had to gut almost the whole team and start over with low priced players. The Titans did a good job plugging players into holes to keep this team together but in today's NFL it catches up to you. You can't keep pushing back these big salaries. What I find interesting is the decision to cut these players bodes well for the power of Floyd Reese. But it has to be a bitter pill for Jeff Fisher who has to coach a mediocre team for 1-2 years.

mike (philly): Any word on Muhsin Muhammed? And do you think the eagles would have any chance of getting him, or are they just gonna get Kevin Johnson who had less yards than Freddie.

Gary Horton: I know they recruited him at the Pro Bowl. In fact, nobody does a better job at recruiting than Philly. I think it is a real possibility he could end up there. I can't even imagine how good they would be if he lined up across from Terrell Owens and they had Pinkston and Lewis as No. 3 and No. 4. I think Muhammad would really like to stay in Carolina and I think he is comfortable there. But we have got to the point now where we are so close to free agency that players get enamored with testing the market. Even if Carolina could work something out, they may not have his attention the way they did a month ago.

Josh ((Richlands, NC)): What is going on with the Steelers? I know they couldn't tag Plaxico Burress due to the salary cap issue, but do they really think another deep threat WR is out there with the talent as Plax? Also, is it true that the Steelers may go after T.J. Houshmandzadeh of the Bengals to replace Plax? Would that make the Steelers with the most players with difficult to spell last names? We got Roethlisberger, Von Oelhoffen,

Gary Horton: I don't think they wanted to keep Plax. I think the organization decided it was time to let him go, and not just because of finances. Despite his skills, I think they are fairly comfortable with Hines Ward and Randel El. I think they would love to add a midlevel solid receiver like a Houshmandzadeh but I'm not sure they want to break the bank. This team is back to a power running attack. We are seeing less 3-4 WR sets from them. Philosphically, they may not miss Plax as much as they would have a couple years ago.

Joe (Indianapolis): The Colts made Edgerrin James a "non-exclusive" franchise player, which gives other teams a chance to sign him. What's the chances another team out there will offer him more than the $8 million he will make if he stays with Indy? I just don't see him leaving the Colts.

Gary Horton: There are some real mixed opinions on where James is at right now in his career. A lot of people will tell you he is worth more to Indy than he is a lot of other teams. There is a feeling he is a guy that could start to go downhill quicker than you might think, even though he has been extremely productive. He is great in the Colts offense and Indy will do whatever they can to keep this group together. I just don't think other teams are going to compensate the Colts enough to get him out of Indy.

Jay (Boston): Do you think Bruschi plays again?

Gary Horton: It's almost impossible and unfair to predict. On a personal level, I'm dealing with a mother that went through a stroke and although it is obviously different from Bruschi, it is still a scary thing. It's not something to take lightly even though he is a young, vibrant human being. But to make a value judgement would be unfair not knowing the facts. There is tremendous concern over something like this. I hope and pray he can come back and be 100 percent. He is one of the most fun guys to watch in the NFL. We need more Tedy Bruschi's.

Greg (Boston): Is there still a chance that the Broncos will cut Plummer if a player like A. Brooks becomes available?

Gary Horton: I don't think there is any chance Plummer is not the Denver QB next year. Shanahan is a stubborn guy, he has committed to Plummer. I don't think there is any way Shanahan would let him go at this stage of the game. They are depending on each other.

Steve Gargiulo (Medford, New Jersey): What's the deal with Coles? Do the skins keep, trade, or cut him. And who do they get to replace him and Gardner?

Gary Horton: I would think a trade could certainly be in order now since Coles has made it clear that he doesn't want to play in Washington. I can't imagine the Skins would be happy cutting him even if they could recover a significant amount of money from his contract. I would think they want draft picks to let this guy go. It gives other teams a clear chance to go and get a marquee player. I could very easily see him going back to the Jets.

Matt (NY): I have heard nothing the Giants off season plans. Are they doing anything or is the whole front office on vacation? also is Coughlin going to be able to attrack any FA with his rep.?

Gary Horton: They are certainly not on vacation! The Giants are a team by nature that doesn't drop hints in what they are doing. I don't think they will be major players in FA. They will continue to try and draft talent and get mid-level free agent talent. They will not break the bank.

Jeff, Pittsburgh, Pa: What about Coles to Pgh?

Gary Horton: It would seem to be a little extravagent for the Steelers, even though it would certainly be a formidable rec. corp. But what they would have to pay in salary and draft picks seems out of character, esp. when they have a corp. that is already pretty good. They could put their energy and money into other positions. It just doesn't seem like a Steeler type of move.

joe burnham (radford): Since Drew Brees gets the franshise tag in San Diego and it obivious that Parcells wants bledsoe in dallas who does that leave for a good free agent quarterback for teams to pursue?

Gary Horton: Kurt Warner needs a home. I still think Brees is a guy that could possibly be had but teams would have to play for him. I don't think the Chargers are actively shopping him but would listen to offers. We could still see something with Harrington in Detroit. But Bledsoe at Dallas fills that need. This is not a strong FA class for QBs.

Gary Horton: Jeff Garcia is still sitting out there. A guy like Brad Johnson could be around. Some veteran QBs will be available. The question is are any of them potential starters and guys that can carry a team?

Mike (Dover, Delawhere?): Ok, you answered the obligatory "Muhammed to the Eagles" question....How about Cory Simon though? Did they tag him to trade him or will he be an Eagle? His production fell off last year, and he's seemingly getting wider and wider.

Gary Horton: I was really surprised they franchised him. I thought they had enough depth at DT. I just thought they would let him go. Part of me thinks they are still going to try and move him but wanted to buy time. It's just not like the Eagles to pay that kind of money for a DT when they have a pretty good overall group and can get production by committee, instead of one specific player.

Madison (Philly): What you think will happen to Marshall Faulk in St. Louis, will he be cut.

Gary Horton: Obviously it will be tough for him to be a backup. But if he is healthy, he could have a fairly productive couple of years as a receiver out of the backfield and a situational guy. For all the criticism of Martz, he can find ways to get Faulk the ball. It may prolongh is career. But that's easier for you or I than it is a proud player like Faulk. It will be interesting to see if he can embrace that role or decides to demand a trade .. or quit.

Gary Horton: Thanks for the questions! If you are a draft eligible college player, this is the biggest week of your life as the NFL has convened in Indy for the next 6-7 days. We have had our 2 weeks of vacation after the Super Bowl and now we are right back into the thick of things. That's why this is such a great game! I can't wait to see what happens in the next week! I"ll talk to you again at the same time on Monday!
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

theres no way he goes to the steelers.
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Talking Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

Never say never. Hey nobody thaught the Canes would ever win another NCAA, bu they did. Of course they had a little bit of luck.
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

he's going to someone with a pick we can use like Carolina
That got ugly fast
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

Man, the eagles getting Muhammed is a scary thought. Just doesn't fit them going after a 32+year old in FA. But, the owner got a taste of the big game and may want to take this chance.
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

though they did trade for a 31 year old last year... (TO)
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

I think Philly is going to make a big move every offseason until they win the Super Bowl. Who knows how long that window of opportunity will stay open.

Last year it was TO and Kearse and it almost worked, this year Muhammad could be their impact move.
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Re: NFL with Gary Horton 2/23/05

Besides the Eagles need a replacement when they cut Freddie Mitchell, BIG in the MOUTH, small on talent..........
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