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London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

The home opener felt pretty loud when I attended. Specifically in the standing room in the 400's. People (me included) were banging on the metal rails(?) that separate each row. I felt like the fan noise actually caused the Bengals quite a few issues.
doing it all in the spirit of the salary cap!

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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

Meant to say home opener
doing it all in the spirit of the salary cap!
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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

if danny puts in the tent like he offered in his super bowl hosting bid, it'd be a lot louder. the way it's currently built, it's basically an open air stadium, and all those dream seat/expensive sections are the ones closest to the field, so unless the CEOs and corporate lawyers decide to go nuts, the team just isn't going to be hearing dome level noise any time soon.
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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
That's the key. The NFL has out priced the very people and fans that made the game great. Games like the Super Bowl are now full of corporate sponsors or people who mortgage a small loan just to go. Throw in the fact they make you pay full price for 2 preseason games and add in parking and it's not really financially smart(or emotionally rewarding) to invest in season tickets.
Making tickets cheaper wont keep the people already attending games from going.
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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

i live in AZ and Cardinals' games have been loud as sh** in the past especially during Kurt Warners swan song .. that playoff run was the loudest I can remember stadium and it's only 55,000. HOWEVER I fly back home to DC almost every season and did so at the home opener this year. That place was blowing up pre-game and loud as hell so I have to disagree, it's simply a matter of winning. They win, FED EX will rock. You can't complain you have a quiet stadium when you lose 8 in a row. Win games, RG3, Defense things will get rowdy and I love it.
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Re: London Fletcher - "Fans, be louder"

i hardly ever sit down, or am not screaming or banging on chairs or stomping... and alot of the 400's are like that... cuz i cant afford lower level and under the overhang sucks... go to about 3 games a year or as much as possible.... but i do agree with london sometimes.... cuz during tv timeouts the opposing offense is all huddled up plotting the play and the fans are near silent.... it sucks.

We're on to Alex Smith.
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