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Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 03-02-2005, 06:18 AM   #16
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Re: Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus

Let's just say that we are like 12 mill under the cap and we spend like 5mill this FA period, what are the possibilities of us saving the other 7mill for next year? Would it get ate up next year or would we have something saved to help out next year?
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Re: Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus

doesnt carry over, at the end unused cap space gets sent to the league and split up 32 ways between the owners i believe... danny tends to use spare space on contract extensions right at the end of the season though, and in that sense it can indirectly carry over.
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Re: Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus


OK, I'll take a shot at your projected starting line-up on offense:

QB Ramsey: Lots of potential but no track record of success in three years. The clock is ticking. It's about time to say to him win 10 games or take a seat.

WR: Coles Williams/Willaimson: Assuming that Coles is actually here - remember he can hold out until game 10 and then come in and claim his spot on the team and it counts as a year on his contract - and assuming that he plays hard all the time, that could be a very good tandem. If Coles isn't here or isn't motivated to be here, looking at either Williams or Williamson to be the #1 guy on a team that hopes to make the playoffs is a tall order.

RB: Portis: Quality RB; one of the 5 or 6 best in the league.

HB Cooley: Good but certainly not spectacular. He'll do - as long as the WRs are productive. If the offense depends on him to catch a lot of passes and to do a lot of blocking, that's not a ticket to the playoffs.

OL Samuels, Dockery, Rabach, Thomas, Jansen: Should be much improved over last year simply by the return of Jansen. Thomas is solid and dependable. Rabach is an upgrade over Freidman/Raymer but don't get carried away thinking that this is a HoF center who will make NFL fans forget that Jim Ringo and Jim Otto ever played the game. Rabach is good; he is not great. Dockery is like Ramsey. He shows potential but he has not done jack-shit yet. This is the time to do it or to step aside or to be tossed overboard. He seems coachable and willing to work but he hasn't yet shown much actual in-game skills. And Samuels has to avoid the infamous "fat wallet syndrome" or the OL might be as bad as last year if both he and Dockery hit the skids.

TE Kyle Brady: A marginal improvement over what is here already.

If all goes perfectly, this is an offense that will be better than last year's but not one for the ages. If things don't all fall in place, it will be only marginally better than last year's - - meaning they will score 19 points game instead of 18.
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Re: Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus

Rabach doesn't have to be a hall of famer to significantly upgrade our line play, all he has to do is continue playing at the same level he was at last year.

As for Coles, if he stays I think he'll get things ironed out with Gibbs and the rest of the staff. The players already respect the fact he played his ass off last year despite being unhappy, and he's already hinted that if he's here again he'll continue to play hard.

Question is will we the fans forgive him?
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Re: Skins give Samuels $15.75M bonus

Originally Posted by Daseal
Snyder while looking at recent gas bills realized it was cheaper to drive his maybach to Baltimore than gas up the jet!
Instead of taking the jet, since he was just around the corner, did they walk to sign Rabach.............
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