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Brandon Meriweather, You Big Tease (Injury News)

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Old 11-20-2012, 11:43 PM   #166
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Re: Brandon Meriweather, You Big Tease (Injury News)

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
First of all I didnt love Helu last year love is a strong word - one i will reserve for players like RG-3 and Almo and 21 and 44 among others that do not include the great Roy Helu.
Second of all are u asking me to point out teams missing the exact position players we are - lmao.
Third of all the word legit and your posts dont belong in the same forum let alone the same sentence.
And last but certainly not least if my post count bothers you as much as it appears to - sleep easy tonite because this is the last time I will respond to one of your crazy rants.
You're throwing Almo in the same field as 44 and 21?


Helu had the same amount of total yards in the same amount of games played as Almo at this point..

Just saying.
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Since you seem to actually want to talk about football - i love what Almo is doing this year. I love what 21 and 44 did over their careers - am I putting them in the same class - absolutely not. I love what I see so far though. Just like RG-3 has a very small career sample rite now - but how can I not say "i love this guy" when i watch him play. Say the same thing when I watch Almo. No - I never watched Helu and said - wow - i love this guy.
Almo is a more durable back than Helu - ive mentioned Helu's durability issues several times. Also - Helu was a fourth rounder out of Nebraska - Almo was a sixth rounder out of FAU. How can you not love the guy? I hope Helu comes back strong and contributes next year.
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Re: Brandon Meriweather, You Big Tease (Injury News)

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
Not even close to being where we are at with impact injuries. Some of the guys on that list are back, and the ones that are out for the season are backups. The starters that are out this Thursday that will hurt them are:

Sean Lee -season
Tyron Smith - they'll get back
DeMarco Murray - they'll get back
Kenyon Coleman - season
(possibly Costa)

Why are people comparing our injuries to others? Most of these injuries I see are the second string guys. I mean who really gives a **** if our 2nd string OT, WR, TE, LB goes down? Sure you need depth, but the drop off in talent from the starters to backups is generally great. Who you think is going to make a team fall of the map faster? Having your starters out or having your backups out? You think having Nield out is going to be a bigger impact than having Kerrigan out?

Let me know when Dallas loses DeMarcus Ware, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Doug Free, Gerald Sensabaugh, Danny McCray,. That's essentially what we have lost and more. Hell, at least they'll get many of those starters not playing Thursday back, we won't. Not this season.

**** these shitty injuries.

Now that's funny. LOL!
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