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Where does RGIII rank?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Where does RGIII rank?

Originally Posted by rbanerjee23 View Post
I think it is even more than that -- RG3, for a guy that young, is an insanely good, sincere leader. Cam is an absolutely awful leader. The fact that RG3 is already a team captain and (at least gives off the vibe that he) loves playing football with his teammates. No comparison -- dude is a boss, here's to at least a decade of RG3 with the Redskins
Absolutely right. He's done everything right in team matters since even before they reported to camp. No comparison to Cam at all.

I wonder if we'd be wanting RG3 if we had drafted Luck. My guess is that we would have done well with Luck under center. I also hear much concern among other teams' fans about RG3s career longevity, and that Luck will be around longer than RG3. Would we see it that way from the outside looking in?

I believe that RG3 will be much more of a traditional pocket passer in the future, but will obviously always have the potential for making the explosive play. Could be an exciting decade or so...
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Re: Where does RGIII rank?

For all the worries about his size....he is 1 pound less than Alfred Morris. I know AM is shorter, stout etc, but 217 this year, probably will play the majority of his carrer at 220 - 225.

I know there is some mobile / non mobile below... but the rules were different until a few years ago. QBs used to get crushed. Robert fits right in with good company.

Favre 222
Joe Montana 200
Steve Young 215
Tom Brady 225
Dan Marino 224
John Elway 215
Fran Tarkenton 190
Roger Staubach 197
Matt Ryan 225
Aaron Rogers 223
Troy Aikman 219
Warren Moon 218

Other than Payton Manning and Big Ben, how many good QBs go 230+? Jamrcus Russell? Ryan Leaf? Dante Culpepper?

All weights taken from Pro-Football-Reference.com - Pro Football Statistics and History
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Re: Where does RGIII rank?

Luck = interception machine
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Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
I see Luck Vs. RGIII this way: Both teams picked the right player for what they wanted to do. Luck is perfect for the Colts and RGIII is perfect for the Skins. For that reason, the idea of trading one for the other must be unthinkable to most fans of both teams. I know it is to me.

Larry Bird as a Laker? Unthinkable! Magic Johnson as a Celtic? Unthinkable!
I think we have to give a lot of credit to Kyle for making the redskins offense perfect for RG.
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