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KC Chiefs' Player Commits Murder-Suicide

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Old 12-07-2012, 05:13 PM   #136
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Smile Re: KC Chiefs' Player Commits Murder-Suicide

Originally Posted by RedskinRat View Post
And we're back to reading comprehension......

I stated "it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that an aggressive athlete that has had multiple injuries to this part of the brain may be more susceptible to rage." but thanks for the convenient partial quote.
do you not see what you said? youre suggesting something without any evidence.

If you rage you lose the ability to control, you're not about to recognize that.
I agree. But my point was that Belcher hasnt been in a rage without control his entire life. By all reports, Belchers problems with his girlfriend were ongoing and, at minimum, he'd talked to players and coaches about his problems. He could have taken actions to prevent himself from being in situations where he could get in a rage. he didnt. He's 100% responsible for his actions.

One of the most common effects of frontal damage can be a dramatic change in social behavior. A person's personality can undergo significant changes after an injury to the frontal lobes, especially when both lobes are involved. There are some differences in the left versus right frontal lobes in this area. Left frontal damage usually manifests as pseudodepression and right frontal damage as pseudopsychopathic (Blumer and Benson, 1975).

There's ton of research out there which I'm not filling the forum with, Google it yourself.
whats your point in providing that information? I never questioned that damage to any particular part of the brain could affect a persons thinking abilitiy. All i did was state there was no evidence that this was the case with Belcher. Youre arguing points you dont need to argue and thereby implying i hold beliefs that i dont.

Proving your point? No, I wasn't but if you choose to use that tired old rhetorical trick, feel free.

First you said the person needs to recognize they're raging, then you're saying "Society is to blame"? It's purely on the poor impulse control of the person, not society.
You completely miss my point. Because society is so tolerant of unacceptable behavior, becuase society make excuses for peoples behavior, because society so liberal in assigning mental illnesses to people to explain bad behavior, people dont feel the need to control their behavior. People reason, "yeah people say i have an anger problem, but its not my fault. Chemicals are unbalanced in my brain." or "Im the way i am because my dad beat me when i was a kid." People make excuses for their behavior, and so they dont get the help they need or work as hard as they should to make changes.

To take it to the extreme in the other direction, if justice were swift and harsh for minor crimes, people would get in line. For example, lets say the law says that if youre driving under the influence, and you get caught, the police will immediately execute you. How many people would drink and drive? Not many. Im not suggesting we have laws like that, but just making the point that people's behavior is influenced by what they know society will tolerate.

Should Bi-polar/schizophrenics seek out treatment? I doubt most are capable without the intervention/help of others.
True schizophrenia is extremely, extremely rare. the vast majority of people identified as schizophrenic are faking and/or mis-diagnosed. (on a side note, if you havent seen it, watch a movie called Take Shelter, which is about the disease. Michael Shannon should have won an oscar for his performance. )

There are several types of bi-polar disorder and it cant really be diagnosed until someone is in their late 30s. Psycholigists used to diagnose people much younger, but found that they ended up medicating people that didnt need it. The problem with bipolar disorder, as you alluded to, is the persons dont beleive their bipolar. Those around them have to identify the problem and basically force them to get help. Finding the right cocktail of medicines for an indivdual person takes years. I know because i'm married to someone with the disorder. I also know that there is no sense trying to reason with someone when they are in an "episode" as their brain is in a "fight or flight" mode. But bipolar people are generally non-violent (the wrong medication and/or alcohol can change that though). There is no evidence Belcher suffered from any sort of real mental disorder.

Like you, i think i'm done arguing this particular topic. As someone else mentioned, we're not going to change eachothers opinions, and, on the off chance that youre one of the small percentage of the population with an actual rage-inducing mental disorder, i dont want to piss you off
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Uncle Phil
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Re: KC Chiefs' Player Commits Murder-Suicide

I saw you wrote "if my brother was a drug dealer who was killed" but I see you also gave the "if my brother was a murderer" scenario
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Old 12-07-2012, 05:15 PM   #138
Uncle Phil
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Re: KC Chiefs' Player Commits Murder-Suicide

Anyhow, it's been suggested by a few of you and I agree that this thread is taking a turn we don't need.

So...thread locked
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Re: KC Chiefs' Player Commits Murder-Suicide

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