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Did We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot??

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Re: Did We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot??

Calia there is no upside to Borrows
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Re: Did We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot??

Originally Posted by Mattyk72
Why is anybody surprised that we may lose Smoot??

Even before the Coles deal went down the likelihood of re-signing Smoot wasn't good.

I agree Matty, most of the fans were pessimistic about the re-signing. But when several CBs were signed and no one took a nibble at Smoot then some hope sprung up that perhaps we could get him back.......
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Re: Did We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot??


You hit it on the head. They could have released him and saved that $5M bonus money back in February. That is the deal Coles thought he had struck but then "things changed". Gibbs called it a misunderstanding; Coles said the Skins "reneged". But the chance for an outright release with a savings of that bonus money was on the table and the Skins' FO fumbled the ball.

Regarding the jump in the salary cap and the "Skins already planning for it", I'm afraid that all they Skins have done is spend money in that year based on the increased cap they expect to be there. They will NOT be 20M under the new cap. And by the way, think about this scenario:

The cap goes up in 2007.
The players know this.
The players know that Danny Boy did not do will with players who made big demands on him (Coles, Bailey, Smoot...)
So what stops an already signed player from asking for his release or a fat new deal as 2007 arrives? Based on what has happened here this year, what does he have to lose?

Oh yeah, I know. They'll all be "true Redskins" by then and wouldn't think of doing something like that... Maybe the Easter Bunny will be the Offensive Coordinator by then too. Remember last season when everyone here deluded themselves into believing that Smoot was such a "true Redskin" he would play here at a discount just for the honor of being with a Hall of Fame coach and a team with such a proud heritage. Don't say it didn't happen; the threads are still here.

Please factor in a sizeable contract for Santana Moss sometime soon. If the Skins don't do that, odds are he'll get lowballed by the FO next January and decide to go FA shopping. If you were he, wouldn't you?

Please remember that Sean Taylor thinks he got screwed by the contract he signed as a rookie last year and his new agent is Drew Rosenhaus. It's only a matter of time until Taylor seeks a newer and bigger deal. Don't be angry wehn it happens because it's gonna happen. Given the cap trouble the team has this year, Rosenhaus will probably not make a big deal about this just yet, but sometime next January might be when he begins to grumble just a bit...

Please remember that Patrick Ramsey's deal is done soon and they will either have to sign him to a comfortable deal or lose him and go find another "experienced QB" who will not come here cheaply.
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Re: Did We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot??

Originally Posted by Tahoe Skin
Funny thing about throwing numbers around. Your numbers seem to be higher than the ones I've seen. But perhaps you have better numbers than the Washington Times, which in today's article flatly disagrees with your assessment in stating:

"The trade of Coles back to the Jets means the Redskins will take a huge salary cap hit next season (Washington also lost a first-round draft pick when they acquired the restricted free agent in 2003)."


In any case, yes I would rather spread out the Cap hit over several years, rather than have it come crashing down as it has this year.
1) My cap figures come straight from Crazy Canuck, who pulls them straight from the NFLPA, so the figures are verified.

2) You're having a lot of trouble with your timeline. When the WT says they're taking a huge hit "next season", they mean in 2005. The Coles cap hit for 2005 is 9 million (6 million incremental above the amount previously budgeted for Coles). The cap in 2006 however goes down because Coles will be off the books by then. That's when the benefit is realized, and is when the Skins so badly need the cap help.
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