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RGIII cleared to start week 1

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-07-2013, 07:28 PM   #166
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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

Originally Posted by Giantone View Post
Still don't know why you can't defend it like you would the wishbone ?
How many wishbone teams excelled in the passing game? The problem is not defending it. The problem is defending it while also being able to defend against the pass. It wouldnt work if the ones running it couldnt pass very well. I doubt any one really needs it to still be a successful offense. I believe RG3, Russell Wilson, Kaepernick, etc would still have some success in a more traditional offense since they can all throw the ball pretty well.

I like that the Redskins run it since it slows the pash rush down some. If we get a very good RT, I think we wouldnt worry about it all that much (although we only did it 8-10 times per game last year so its not the main thing we do). Just a few times per game just to show the look and keep defenses guessing. We still have pretty good success on the stretch runs and RG3 can pass. Its not a necessity by any means.
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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

If we never run another down of the RO, it was worth it. Every play against the....boys Demarcus Ware standing flat footed and looking like Robert had just.........Rufied him.
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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Peyton said he'd run the read option
The Broncos ran some pistol, and play action last Thursday. Up to the 3rd qtr I think. (Went to bed, hate late games out west)

edit: LMAO at the suggestion this thread that to keep RG3 from getting hurt, we should have him scramble more, not run the RO.

Somebody didn't see the plays Griffin got hurt last season....

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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I fully expect a 30 year old to run the read option this year as other teams copycat by adding a small dose of our offense into theirs.

It will only be a play or two to keep defenses honest but it will happen.
Alla Mike Vick week 1. How many times will we see him run it Monday and he is... Wait for it... 33
Robert Griffin III welcome to the Washington Redskins!

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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

The hits to RGIII in 2012 - The Washington Post
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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post
Never use that Cincy game plan again. 25 hits!?!? Insane.
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Re: RGIII cleared to start week 1

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