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Redskins Try Out 18 Players

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Old 10-07-2013, 09:53 AM   #106
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

@ Goat.

Alllll of this started when you asserted that MS has a knack for alienating players and coaches. I asked for names and you cited one guy in 20 years. Since then you have slipped back into your generic criticism of MS, your reliance on a small sample of Denver fans as and your assertion that last year's success was due to a "gimmick".

As to the first point, I asked for examples b/c, despite having an ego the size of a small country, with the exception of Haynesworth in Washington and Plummer in Denver, every player I have seen speak about MS has said he was fair and that no one was ever "given" a spot b/c of their draft spot or their free agent contract. In fact, outside of one or two, I have never read a disparaging remark about MS from one of his players and have read nothing but praise from his former players. The assertion that he has alienated players or coaches (again, Alex Gibbs being the exception to the rule) seemed to me to be one of your unsubstantiated "I talk to Denver oil men" statements (b/c the fan base is always THE most accurate assessment of any situtation). On this first point I stand by my assessment of your statement - one or two players in 20 years who can't get along with a coach is not a "knack" for alienating players. Your assertion is baseless rumour and typical of your "MS = Bad" assessment.

As to the rest, there are lots of legitimate reasons for critiquing MS time here. At the same time, the assertion that last year's NFC East was just luck based on a gimmick offense and was divorced from MS's coaching is just such ignorant BS that it does not warrant discussion.
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

I'm with you Joe, I do not believe the argument has any factual basis either.

I've noticed that the majority of people who use the word "alienate" are usually fishing for anything they can find to criticize someone. The fall-back route is usually "alienation" accusations. It's a popular buzzword in the media and politics.

We're "disenfranchising" Native Americans from enjoying football too because we're "alienating" them by our lack of "diversity" in our identify. We need to get some "gravitas" and learn to "coexist" with the "progressive" population. We just lack "awareness" and "sensitivity" about "racial equality".
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

Originally Posted by The Goat View Post
You must know a lot of Broncos fans out there in WV.

In all seriousness though you're missing the point. Some broncos fans don't think Mike had a lot to do with those SBs. Elway and a lot of the talent was already there, and Elway has since proven to be a much better team builder than Mike and since Elway is doing it in Denver, Mike is more of an afterthought.

You can make a good argument Elway never would have won those Lombardis without Mike, mostly because of the running game Mike brought to Denver, but immediately you should realize the offense we see in Washington hardly resembles what Mike did in Denver. That team ran the ball effectively almost every game and used it to set up big plays in the air. Aside from last season, which again looks more and more the result of a gimick offense, Mike hasn't put together a dominant running game here.

I think Mike did walk into a perfect situation in Denver. The stars aligned for those two years. Since then, he's been mediocre (the AFC west was pathetic for a lot of mikes tenure in Denver) to flat bad in Washington. Last year th stars aligned such that the division imploded. It's not much better this year and mike has a chance to take advantage of it again, but anyone who says this is a serious team is on serious narcotics.

Actually I do know a lot of Bronco fans, but you can prove me wrong on that too?


I love when people try to eliminate aspects that hurt their argument. "Mike had a perfect situation to win Super Bowls" "Mike only had a running game last year"

Oh lord lol.
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

last season was not soley on the "gimmick" offense... it was griff's health/confidence, and the coaches confidence in him also... cuz the "gimmick" offense is STILL working pretty fine for the few teams that started using it after seeing how effective it was for us...

We're on to Alex Smith.
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

As we turn on GPS [recalculating]

Did the Skins actually make any offers to any of the 18? if not, I would say this thread has run it's course. [your destination is on the left]
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Re: Redskins Try Out 18 Players

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
As we turn on GPS [recalculating]

Did the Skins actually make any offers to any of the 18? if not, I would say this thread has run it's course. [your destination is on the left]
No. And I agree. Time to lock this. Let Goat ruin some other thread
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